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3 Day Special Offer With Mario & Brian.
100% REAL WORLD Training & Case Stud To Go From 0 To 500 Subscribers AND Sales In Just 10 Days No Matter What!

Quick Glance at Youtube Ads On Fire

Long story short, Brian was able to generate $3,429 in just 7 days while ALSO cracking 2 different Joint Venture Leaderboards for extra cash.

Meaning, he’s making GREAT money as Affiliate and his list is growing.

Here is the crazy part – Brian is only 21 years old (!) and he’s not been doing this Affiliate Marketing stuff for a long time.

Also – he has NEVER done a product launch before to build his list.

ALL of his small list was built using only Youtube Ads for VERY little money and then he came up with a great system to monetize his leads as an affiliate, promoting JVzoo Products to that list.

I asked him just the other day to record EVERYTHING in a training  course and to REVEAL ALL his strategies and he did!

What is Youtube Ads On Fire?

Full Blown Video Course REVEALING ALL Strategies Brian uses to build his list from nothing to something using Youtube Ads with VERY little money.

Plus, he then shows how to monetize that list the way he does as an affilliate marketer the simple way.

What offers to pick, how to communicate with your list, what Bonuses to offer, how to capture your leads PLUS his BEST converting Squeeze Page as well! (over 60% conversion)

How Does YT Ads On Fire Work?

Youtube Ad => Squeeze Page => Follow Up => $$$$$$

It’s that simple. Brian really created a process ANYONE can replicate quickly.

Remember, he’s just 21 years old and he got started with Online Marketing not that long ago. 

He had a VERY small budget to work with so if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking for a SIMPLE & PROVEN way to make money online, well here it is exclusively!

Here Is What You Get

1. Listbuilding From Scratch For Newbies OR Advanced Marketers

Brian has built his list 100% from scratch using EXCLUSIVELY Youtube Ads on a VERY SMALL Budget and yes it took a little bit of time.

His Lead Capture Page converts at over 60% with COLD Youtube Traffic and inside Video Ads On Fire he shows you EVERYTHING he does step by step, to build his list every single day.

– His Best Converting Landing Page Dissected & Analyzed
– How To Integrate Your Autoresponder The Way He Does
– How To Create Your Own Landing Page Easily (You can even copy his!)
– His Goal For Daily Leads & His Exact Youtube Ads Strategy
– The EXACT Copy He Uses On His Pages & Why It’s Working So Well
– How To Get The Most Clicks For LITTLE Money To Build Your List FAST

…and so much more!!!

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2. Monetizing Your List FAST & Making Money As Affiliate For The First Time

Well this is what it’s all about – MAKING MONEY.

Now that you know the EXACT approach Brian uses to build his lists from zero to hero status, it’s time to MONETIZE and make money the simple way offering powerful products to your Brand New List.

Brian came up with a very unique but easy to implement way to rock it as Affiliate Marketer even if you’re just starting out today. Remember, Brian is only 21 years old!

– How to pick the BEST Converting JVzoo Offers Quickly
– Brian’s EXACT Approach To Making Affiliate Sales Every Day
– How To Pick Bonuses And Where To Grab Them
– Using Your Blog (if you like) for even more sales and Leads
– Going the Extra mile doing simple and short Interviews or Videos
– The Actual Script Brian uses when reaching out to Vendors (like myself)

…and so much more!!!

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3. Become A Youtube Ads Master FAST Using Brian’s Simple System – Traffic Traffic Traffic

Brian taught himself Youtube Ads from scratch and he’s building a massive list on Youtube with a VERY small budget.

He mastered his system to perfection and now he’s giving YOU the exact step by step Blueprint so that you can build YOUR own list starting TODAY.

Look over his shoulders as he creates a Youtube Ads account from scratch, digs into how to run your first ads quickly and even covers Retargeting! (Retargeting is my absolute most powerful Secret Weapon)
– Become An Absolute Youtube Ads Ninja Even If you Never Tried Youtube Ads (like myself)
– Account Set Up – How to create your Youtube Ads account quickly THE RIGHT WAY
– Display Ads vs. Instream Ads. What the difference is and what makes him the most money!
– Campaign Set Up. Learn how to create THE PERFECT campagin from scratch the way Brian does it.
– Youtube Ads Retargeting – This is my FAVORITE Marketing Strategy!
– How to use pixels for even better results and more sales!
– Conversion Mastery – How to run your Ads for maximum conversion, leads and sales!

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4. Full Blown $3,417 In 7 Days Case Study

I also asked Brian to record a RECENT case study for you from scratch.

He covers in very detail what he did step by step to generate $3,417 in just 7 days from a  TINY list of subscribers, all generated from Youtube Ads with a TINY budget.

The offer, how he got in touch with the vendor, the follow up, the bonus page – EVERYTHING is revealed. 

Now all you got to do is implement exactly what he did, pick what offer you want to promote and you are good to go!!!

CLICK HERE TO GET Youtube Ads On Fire Now

Listen, it doesn’t get any more REAL World than this.

Brian is a fellow Online Marketer who got started recently but he got quick results with a proven system.

He’s just 21 years old making great money.

I asked him to share what he does.

No Fluff – No B.S. – No Hype

Just straight up everything he does, step by step, that got him from nothing to creating 5 figures and a great email list even though he’s so young and without experience.

If you want a REAL system that is working RIGHT NOW and that is EXCLUSIVE only to you, then this is for you.

We’ll offer this for only 3 days and then we close the doors for a couple of weeks and focus on our customers and make sure they build their list and make money.

This gives everyone taking action TODAY a great competitive advantage as they won’t have to compete with undreds until we eventually make this a big launch.

But till then, if you act today, you can jump in today and get started first!

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