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[SUPER HOT SHARE] WP – Analytify Pro 4.0.0

We make Google Analytics look EASY!

You know all about Google Analytics and love the data it provides, but wouldn’t it be nice if there is a tool to make managing all of that complex information simpler?
You’re in luck.

Top FeaturesWith over 2,00,000 + downloads, Analytify is the perfect solution for YOU. Here is why smart bloggers, Shop owners, Site managers, writers and editors love Analytify, and you will too!

Stats that makes sense

Have you always wondered why Google Analytics is so hard to understand? With so many options and reports, its now cleaner and inside your WordPress dashboard.

Enables Non Techies to understand their Stats

This plugin enables the non technical editors who maintain the areas of your site to see the traffic associated with their posts.

Social Media Stats

Your site gets traffic from social media, runs campaigns on facebook, twitter or others. Analytify breaks down number of visits from each social media brand.

Real Time Stats

We have dedicated Real Time stats dashboard which gives you detail of each current visitor you have on your site. A beautiful graph and table helps you to identify your live visitors.

Frontend Reporting

You have users you want to show them stats of their listings. We have a whole bunch of stats for front-end. However, It is being cached for 24 hours.


Want to integrate stats in your custom templates. With shortcodes, it’s easier to use them in your templates.

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

You have online shop with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. You will be able to see how many people clicked “Add To cart”, in what stage people are leaving the cart, where are they coming, how much money you are generating from which, all those data, just in a glimpse. We provide effortless WordPress integration with Enhanced Ecommercing Google Analytics Tracking.

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