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Instantly connect your business with millions of paying customers and the top performing affiliates.

Instant Affiliate Program With 800,000+ Active Affiliates

Getting affiliates to promote your offer is the absolute fastest way to get more eyeballs on your site and to start making more sales. At JVZoo we have streamlined the entire process, allowing you to quickly add an affiliate program to any offer.

Never pay for bad traffic again

Paying for bad traffic that doesn’t convert can quickly drain the profit from any offer

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Affiliate payments made easy

Every time you make a sale the affiliate commission will instantly be deposited into affiliate’s JVZooPay account. From here they can easily withdraw it to their own bank or Payoneer account; as a vendor you don’t have to lift a finger. In case of refunds JVZoo will also automatically refund the commission, ensuring that you never go out of pocket.

Product Sellers

No setup or maintenance fees – ever!

You will only pay when you make a profit.

Virtually zero risk of loss as you pay for sales, not for traffic.


JVZoo is always 100% free to use for affiliates.

You keep 100% of the commissions you earn.

There are never any hoops to jump through to get paid.

Automated affiliate payments

Eliminate most of the work & all of the risk

Pay when you make a sale

Here you’ll ever only pay when you make a sale and that’s the big advantage of using JVZoo for your affiliate program. Joining is 100% free and you’re never out of pocket either. You’ll pay for results and we only make money when you do! Everything works to your benefit.

Product Sellers

Affiliate payments are 100% automated.

You don’t have to worry about tax or KYC information.

Refunds are automatically handled too!


You’ll get paid on time – guaranteed!

You don’t have to chase down vendors to get paid.

Have all your affiliate data and stats in one convenient place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JVZoo really free to join?

You bet! Creating and maintaining a JVZoo account is always free for both product vendors and affiliates. There are no setup or monthly fees whatsoever and listing a product for sale is also always free. As a product seller you will only pay a small fee (5%) whenever a sale is made, this means that you’ll only pay for results and that every sale will be profitable.

Do I get paid automatically?

Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you are the product seller or the affiliate. Whenever a sale is made, your share will automatically be deposited into your JVZooPay account. From there you can easily withdraw it to your own bank account or to Payoneer. This means you are guaranteed to be paid for every sale you make and that you don’t have to wait around or rely on other people to do anything.

Can I sell anything from one account?

Yes, one single JVZoo account will cover everything you need! You use the same account no matter if you are selling your own products, promoting affiliate products or accessing a purchase you have made. Even better… you can sell and promote unlimited products from inside the same account!

Can I start selling immediately?

Yes! As soon as you join you can add your first product. There is nothing to install and listing a product can be as easy as entering your product name, price and download page.

Can I start promoting products today?

Yes! As soon as you join you can start promoting all the affiliate products listed on JVZoo. We’ll give you all the stats and make it super easy to search for and pick the best converting affiliate offers in your niche.

Can I attract new affiliates to my offer?

Yes! JVZoo already has over 800,000 active affiliates that have made over $1.2 billion in sales. As soon as you list your offer in our marketplace you will start getting affiliates promoting it. You will also get a convenient link you can use to recruit affiliates to your offer and to easily bring any existing affiliates over to JVZoo.

Can I use PayPal with JVZoo?

You sure can. JVZoo is integrated with PayPal, Stripe and BlueSnap. You can even use to connect your own merchant account to JVZoo. The beauty of our system is that since your affiliates will receive their commission in their JVZooPay account, they don’t even need to have a PayPal account to receive commissions from you.

Can I control who promotes my products?

Yes! Firstly you can choose to run a private, invitation only affiliate program… or you can make it visible to all JVZoo affiliates. You can also approve or deny individual affiliates and we’ll give you all the information to ensure you only approve affiliates that match your criteria. You can even fully or partially automate the process and automatically approve premium affiliates while manually vetting new ones.

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