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You, A Millionaire
Marketer or Copywriter?

Ted Nicholas

As a preferred client, I’d love you to join the ranks of numerous “regular” everyday people who I’ve helped bank over a million dollars with today’s highest paid skill—that of a copywriter!

Whether you create powerful copy to promote your own business, or write successful copy for clients.

Or instead you may want to hire a professional copywriter. But to do so requires that you have some knowledge about copywriting to choose a good one.

In all cases the result of understanding copy in any case can be a massive six- or even seven-figure annual income!

Beat the recession! Good copy is always needed, especially during tough economic times like today!

And remember this fact. No matter what business you may be in, or what product or service you market, you must employ powerful, persuasive, great copy or you will not succeed

Dear Friend,

   Do you really want massive success? There is one skill you simply cannot afford to be without. It is, of course, writing powerful sales copy.

   It makes no difference whether you are an entrepreneur or a copywriter (or want to be either one). Most are starving to death to make it without knowing how to write copy that attracts orders like a magnet.

    No other skill you may possess will bring you income and wealth. You must prepare sales copy that pulls in orders like crazy!

   The real secrets to what make sales copy successful are finally revealed in my home-study course. And four of the world’s most successful copywriters are your mentors.

   Did I actually say the world’s most successful?

   Yes, I certainly did!

   Do you wonder on what basis I make such a claim?

   The reality is there is just one basis.


   While there are thousands of professional copywriters, only a few are so successful they are in a class by themselves.

   Sales results are the only objective basis upon which to judge the abilities of a copywriter.

   Matt Furey, Bob Bly Trevor Crook and I have achieved combined sales of over 10 Billion Dollars.

   Terry Brock, our world-renowned M.C., will reveal how he routinely sells tens of thousands of dollars in products directly from the platform!

   I, alone, have sold over 7.9 Billion in sales copy via direct response.

   Compare our total with any other four copywriters in the world. I don’t believe you’ll ever find any whose results are anywhere close to ours.

Why am I telling you this?

    For one simple reason. You see, I conduct seminars around the world on copywriting. When I planned my most recent Florida copywriting seminar, I had but one main goal.

   To create the ultimate copywriting seminar! And I succeeded! It’s called the ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP.

   I invited the three most successful copywriters besides myself to reveal their innermost copywriting secrets. The goal was to share everything they know about successful copy.

   Indeed, I twisted their arm to hold nothing back. And boy did they ever deliver!

About the speakers:

   Your featured speakers on the home-study course, along with myself include:

Matt Furey

   Matt Furey – Matt is a best-selling author of numerous books, including Combat Conditioning. A dynamic public speaker and writer, Matt will share his amazing story. He’ll tell you his hard-won marketing and copywriting secrets.

   During his life Matt Furey has been a world champion in karate. He even beat the leading Asian contender. In his university days he was collegiate champion.

   Matt began direct marketing on the internet in 1995. He started with zero money. In fact, less than zero. He was actually over $100,000 in high-interest credit card debt.

    Since his standing start, Matt has made an absolute fortune selling his products on the Internet and in the process became a multi-millionaire.

   Matt is the #1 copywriter of emails on the planet!

   There are lots of ways to earn money on the Internet. But Matt used just one, writing emails, to produce his amazing success, year after year.

   Matt is certainly one of the top five most successful internet marketers in the world. (

   But how does Matt do it? With powerful e-mails that consistently produce successful results! Best of all, he’ll teach you how he does it. So you can too!

Bob Bly

   Bob Bly – Is the author of an astonishing 73 books! Bob is not only an accomplished world-class writer earning over $600,000 per year from freelance copywriting alone, without including information products. He is also a dynamic public speaker.

   He has written 70 + books. McGraw Hill calls him “Americas top copywriter.”

   Bob has written highly successful copy for numerous well-known clients including Agora, Phillips Publishing, Rodale Press, Network Solutions, IBM, KCI Communications, Crain Communications, Intuit, ITT Fluid Technology, Medical Economics, Business & Legal Reports, Brooklyn Union Gas and Allied Signal.

   Bob is particularly effective in writing successful copy for information products. He’ll share exactly how he creates profitable copy over and over again.

   Plus, invaluable to copywriters, Bob will reveal the fees he charges for various forms of copy, including e-mails, sales letters, websites, post cards and brochures.

Trevor Crook

   Trevor Crook – A former banker from Australia, Trevor is a well-known successful copywriter and entrepreneur online and offline. He can provide any entrepreneur with top-class copy.

   He has been called the “Crocodile Dundee” of direct response copywriting. Why? His copy enables his clients to slash competition with an advertising knife!

   Trevor began his career in marketing private label rights products. Today he writes for numerous industries including information publishers, real estate entrepreneurs and diet product marketers.

   He’ll reveal examples of direct response success and astronomical response rates of 8%, 9%, 18% and more. One two-page letter, for example, grossed $4.9 million dollars.

   Trevor also has a mellifluous voice and is a dynamic public speaker. To me his most outstanding quality is his terrific teaching skills. And sincere desire to help aspiring writers.

   He will share with you the most valuable lessons he’s learned about successful copywriting.

   These three guys and myself will teach you all you need to know in my new, ground breaking 2011 ULTIMATE MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING BOOTCAMP.

   Plus, by popular request we’re including an entire bonus segment. It’s called: “Secrets of Public Speaking and Selling From the Platform!” As you may know, public speaking skills enable you to massively increase your income. Especially copywriters.

   I know the secrets of public speaking, having done hundreds of live successful seminars since 1991. I’ll reveal tips that will have your pulse racing with excitement. You’ll be delighted about what can happen to you very soon – as early as the next 90 days.

Ted Nicholas

  Imagine…You, a Millionaire Copywriter!

   I’m looking for an elite group of men and women determined to be among the most successful and highest earning copywriters, authors and marketers in the world.

    Why bother listening to what I have to say on the topic? In case you are not immediately familiar with my track record, here are a few career accomplishments of which you should be made aware.

    I’ve written and self-published 15 best-selling books. I’ve sold over 5,000,000 copies.

    I’ve also published 57 best-selling books by other authors. I’ve promoted my own products or those of clients. These include newsletters, special reports, CDs, DVDs and software.

    However, the achievement of which I’m most proud is the success record of the people I’ve coached, including Yanik Silver, Andrew Reynolds, Mark Joyner, Matt Bacak and Matt Furey.

    But marketing information is not all that I do. Actually, I’ve successfully used my marketing and copywriting approach in 47 different industries.

    To date I’ve sold 7.9 Billion dollars worth of products and services for clients, as well as my own products.

    I’m extremely proud of my track record. No one, not a single marketing “guru,” can match or even come close to my revenue and profit figures.

    Does my track record qualify me to teach you? You must decide this question.

Copywriting is where the real money is. This is the time. Whether you create for outside clients. Or just for your own business, or both! .

   But one thing is certain. Of all the work I’ve performed for clients or myself, using my copywriting skills is my very favorite.

   Copywriting is also the field I most recommend that my children, relatives, friends, and loved ones pursue.


   For at least 8 good reasons. They include:

    1. I’ve learned that once you can write good sales copy, if you are interested in doing so, you can also write fabulous books!
    1. You have no competition! Under the copyright laws no one can legally copy or duplicate your work, which is your intellectual property
    1. You can live and work anywhere in the world! I live in three countries. And so can you.
    1. You can set up your business on autopilot! With royalty income from advertising and books included, you can enjoy cash flow 24 hours a day even while you sleep.
    1. You do not need employees! You can hire independent contractors for all your needs.
    1. You can begin with incredibly low start-up costs!
    1. You can get paid over and over for work you do just once!
  1. It’s the #1 recession-proof business. Clients always need effective sales copy, especially in tough times. That means you can succeed and make big money no matter the economic climate

    At the risk of sounding immodest, another hugely important reason to jump at the chance to be trained by me is simply this. I’ve influenced and mentored many of the world’s most successful direct marketers online and offline. Many started with nothing. I can help you to achieve success part time or full time at almost any level you choose!

What are the three most important skills you need?

  1. Product development — I’ll show you how to create “hot” products
  2. Marketing — you can’t succeed without it. It makes possible your “cash cow” business. The way you position your product can ignite the prairie fire of successful and profitable sales
  3. Copywriting is crucial — It is the communication skill you need to capture the attention and hordes of “cash with order customers.” Both online or offline. (I like to use multiple marketing channels and usually start with the low/no cost internet!)

Who should own my Ultimate Million Dollar
Copywriting Bootcamp Home-Study Course?

  • Copywriters and marketers who want to be more successful

  • Entrepreneurs who want to enter the profitable field of copywriting

  • Those who wish to turn their idea into a million dollar business

  • Entrepreneurs who want to make their business recession proof and to prosper even during hard times

  • Entrepreneurs who want to uncover the secret of earning more while working less

“Can you resist a Ted Nicholas headline? I doubt it. Few people can. I never could. But see for yourself. Take this short test. Just look at how this all-time master of marketing has titled some of the chapters in his new tell-all book, “Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets,” which for my money is worth its weight in diamonds.

Ready? See if you can possibly resist wanting to know: A Surefire Tip That Always Increases Sales … 11 Secrets of a Successful Ad … A Business Strategy That Can’t Miss … The Secret to a 100% Response … How to Successfully Market Your Products Around the World … 12 Little Mailing Tips That Make a Big Difference … The Success Attitude That Never Fails … The Real Secrets of Great Writing … Boost Sales the Easy Way … Tell’m What They Will Lose … A Headline Can Earn You a Fortune … Headlines That Sizzle.

And then there are: 14 Rules for Achieving Financial Literacy … The Top Seven Marketing Mistakes … How to Hire the Best Employees … An Extra $2,000,000 Profit on One Mailing … How to Become a Successful Self-Publisher … How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Causes of Business Failures … 7 Magic Words to Happiness …How to Get a Job During All Economic Times … The Top Ten Mistakes in Preparing Sales Letters … The “Killer” Order Form … Work Less, Have More Fun … How to Sell Your Business Successfully … The Most Important Lessons in My Life. And those are just a brief sample.”

-Gary Bencivenga
The World’s 2nd Best Copywriter
Editor, Bencivenga Bullets

  • New book authors who want to have a competitive advantage

  • Speakers and experts with books and other products to sell

  • Speakers who want to develop products and earn a separate income stream from intellectual property

  • Entrepreneurs with a product or service to sell

  • Publicists who want to discover more about book promotion and marketing

  • Anyone who wants to publish faster, easier and less expensively

  • Authors working on a book proposal or manuscript

  • Authors who are negotiating a book contract

  • Publishers who want to better promote authors and their books

  • Anyone wanting a real world overview of what it takes to succeed as a best-selling author

  • Anyone with a book, CD, DVD, software, or other intellectual property idea to develop into a valuable and saleable product

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