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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Typography 101

Learn the Art of Typography

And Elevate Your Designs

When it comes to motion design, every detail counts. All the way down to the font and typeface you choose. This course will show you how to create beautiful typography, plus give you tips, tricks and techniques to enhance your skillset.

Typefaces can seriously make or break your design. They give off lasting impressions, showing personality and style. Thus, they should be chosen carefully and with purpose, as the impact is long lasting. Taking this online course will enable you to grasp the principles and rules of typography to immediately enhance your design.


Get expert advice and learn how to:

Define Characteristics,

Distinguish between typefaces and fonts, plus fully comprehend family classifications.

Choose Right,

Quickly choose the right typeface for a project, thus erasing frustration.

Recognize Style,

Observe current trends and techniques in motion design to better apply to your typography.

Take Control,

Completely understand and utilize the character palette inside After Effects.

Increase Worth,

Advance your artistry and better understand how to create beautiful typography.

Advance Quicker,

Improve quicker and learn more in lessons that are fully edited and to the point.

Taking this online course will enable you to grasp the principles and rules of typography to immediately enhance your design.

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