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Take a look below at our selection of premium training products and tools, designed to deliver results in building your business, your mindset and getting more clients.

Best Selling Products

Best Selling Products

News Feed Authority

News Feed Authority hands you a proven, step-by-step roadmap for attracting your dream prospects in droves, winning them over, and enrolling them into your program with less resistance than ever before.

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The Productivity Pack

This ‘Productivity Framework’ Was Supposed To Remain The Secret Weapon Of An 8-Figure Consultancy And A Small Handful Of Its Most High-Ticket Clients.

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Turbo Templates

Get the Exclusive Collection of Our TOP-Performing 10X Organic Posts, 10X Emails, and 10X Paid Ads – Delivered as Templates You Can Swipe and Deploy Immediately!

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Check out our collection of business building books below.

The Consultant Next Door Book

The coveted ‘Consulting Playbook’ reveals how thousands have freed themselves from the time-for-money trap to live life on their own terms.

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The Intelligent Advertiser Book

In this book are the keys that will unlock unlimited customers, clients, and profits WITHOUT the guesswork.

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Wealth Secrets Book

If you currently run a client business and want to leverage your expertise to create lasting wealth for you and your family, this book is your answer.

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Other Top Sellers

The Packaging Blueprint

The 4-Step Packaging Blueprint that 2,227 Other Entrepreneurs have already used to structure their First High-Ticket Offer.


Ads to Clients

This is our end-to-end advertising system, presented in a concise 100-minute workshop that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to create high-converting ads and run profitable campaigns.

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Insider’s Access Monthly

With Insider’s Access Monthly, you’ll instantly get our digital “playbook of secrets” (we’ll also send you a physical copy in the mail every month). It’s how we’ve been able to grow a 7 figures/month consulting business.

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Insider’s Access Lifetime Bundle

Get a LIFETIME Membership to Insider’s Access: Every single month, you’ll have “insider access” to our biggest learning lessons from helping our clients achieve and sustain $50K to $100K per month + bonuses.

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Productivity Pack Notebook

Get your Productivity Pack Executive Planner today and receive Insiders Access Monthly for FREE!

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Lifetime Live Event Recording Bundle

With this Lifetime Access Bundle, you’ll get instant access to 10+ past event recordings PLUS LIFETIME ACCESS to all future Live Event Recordings.

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Masterclass Courses

Check out our in-depth masterclass courses below.

Offer Building Masterclass

The Offer Building Masterclass shares a simple (yet powerful) framework for creating an irresistible, high-ticket offer. This allows you to ethically and morally raise your prices, in a way that actually IMPROVES the experience for your clients.

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Copywriting Masterclass Bundle

With our legendary Copywriting Masterclass Bundle, you’ll learn how to make your advertising unstoppable, and how to write emotionally-compelling messages that drive consumers to take action.

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Million Dollar Month

In this legendary training, we break down some of the most advanced and nuanced concepts that allowed us to break the seven-figure barrier, and continue to do so every month.

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Free Materials

Check out our free courses and video training programs below.

Stimulus Package

A FREE purpose-built mini-course, designed to arm you with the information that will allow you to thrive in these uncertain times.

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The Evolution of Service Training

Selecting WHO You Serve, WHAT You Do For Them, and HOW You Do It

How to Charge $8k-12k For Your Offer and LOVE the Clients You Attract

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The Holy Grail Marketing System

The Holy Grail Marketing System

Creating Demand For Yourself, Your Products, and Your Brand

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