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   Tier 2 CPA 

 “Low Budget & High ROI is all we know. ” 

 “Comes in the form of a PDF so you can read from home, work or while traveling (JUST NOT WHEN DRIVING)” 

 (All Modules Are Newbie Friendly

 All You Need Is To Follow My 5 Steps:

From the desk of:
Gaurab Borah and Tom Yevsikov

 Dear traffic and commissions seeker, chillax.

The ultimate CPA marketing system is here. This gets us paid very easily, very quickly and we can rely on this for over 6 months of income AT LEAST.

It changed MY life.

Yes, I was that newbie.

Our names are Gaurab Borah & Tom Yevsikov, and we’ve found THE loophole. 

 We’ve Discovered A “Shoe String Budget” Method That Works RIGHT NOW, No HYPE. “

 Just Like Any Other Newbie, I Needed To Make Money, And I Needed It Fast.” 

But I had no idea how to do that.

I tried everything, bought endless products and for the love of god, I couldn’t even make enough to pay for dinner.

wanted it.


I Tried So Many Traffic Sources, So Many “Methods” & Bought So Many Different Products.

At times if felt like everything is for vein…my head was hurting… I felt like crying… like I’m not moving forward… It was a nightmare and I couldn’t wake up.

 ” All We Needed Is To Somehow Combine Facebook Ads With CPA Offers And Make Some Profit, QUICKLY. ” 

I was looking at all these products, all these income streams they promised and nothing worked.

So I decided to go on a path of my own, and try to find methods without the help of a product. I took my little existing knowledge and decided to do something with it.

I went on a quest that mostly involved tons of google research, trial & error…which I failed in, lol.

But then… 

 ” So We Tried Tier 2 and Tier 3 Traffic From India, China, Indonesia Etc… 

 ” We Knew That Everyone Wants The UK, US, Canada & Australia Traffic…”

 “So We Knew That If We Can Somehow Leverage Tier 2 And 3 Markets, We’ve Found Ourselves A Loophole For Easy Profit, And Cheap Traffic.”

I jumped straight ahead with a HUGE budget of $1,000.

Turns out I didn’t even need it.

It was cheap…but… 

 “Traffic Was Cheap But We Didn’t Know How To Convert It Into Profits. ” 

New prospects means new funnels means new approach.

And that’s where we failed, we couldn’t crack it and since nobody was teaching this, we couldn’t continue.

But we didn’t give up, and we used our already existing marketing knowledge to try and add something unique.

So I decided I’ll be adding my own tweaks, but I didn’t give up. HELL no.

2 weeks after trying and failing, I got my first big commissions. 

 BOOM! Our First $100 Payday & A Fresh List of 10,209 Subscribers In The Beauty & Fashion Niche.” 

 “Suddenly, It Became A Piece Of Cake.” 

You’ll see proof in a few seconds, just keep reading.

It was INSANE.

Adding my very own tweaks literally killed it.

And I started seeing results I did not expect. 

 “That List Now Makes Over $100 DAILY On Autopilot, And That’s Just ONE Niche.   ” 

 “We’re Scaling & Duplicating.  And We’re Gonna Help You Get The Same Results TODAY.”  

After applying this method, I found myself in a completely different world.

I may not be dirty rich, but I am living my life the way I want to.

And I sure as hell don’t worry about money anymore, money comes easy when you know how to generate it.

 Main Reasons This Method Is So Unique & Will Work In The Long Term:

  • Very low budget, start with $15 and scale from earnings
  • Underutilized countries nobody is competing in.
  • Completely in line with Facebook’s Rules, 100% white hat.
  • Takes Minutes a day to maintain momentum
  • Basic Hosting & Domain Needed, nothing FANCY or over-priced.
  • Very newbie friendly, we started as newbies in this, saw results fast
  • Build a massive list fast and keep making profits off of it forever.

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