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[SUPER HOT SHARE] The Entrepreneur’s 7 Day Speed-Reading Blueprint

The Entrepreneur’s 7 Day Speed-Reading Blueprint

Dear Entrepreneur,

  • Do you have hundreds of “must-read” books on your list (that highly-successful people always say you HAVE to read), and you’re frustrated you can’t find the time to read even 1 book per week…?
  • Do you struggle staying up-to-date with the constant stream of new books – that you know will give you an unfair advantage in your business if you’ve read them (or at least help you stay in business) and you fear your competitors will leave you in the dust…?
  • Have you tried speed-reading in the past but it was so damn-hard (your eyeballs bled and by the end you had no clue what the book was about) and you’re frustrated you can’t figure out how other people do it every day…?
  • Or are you just now starting to realize what miracles books can create in your life, but it takes you so long to finish a single page, that you end up hate-throwing the book away and you never to pick it up again…?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you’ll want to read this letter right now because…

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you the proven 4-step system I use to:

  • Effortlessly speed-read several books per day
  • Instantly memorize their most valuable information
  • Get a constant flow of creative, innovative, and actionable ideas to apply in my business

The great thing about this system is that it’s super easy to learn and quick to master – even if you’re still reading as slowly as a 1st grader!

(and yes… you can do it in only 7 days!)

Speed-Reading – The Million Dollar Skill

You’re going to know how to read a book from cover-to-cover in 2 hours or less without skipping a line…

You’re going to know how to quickly extract it’s golden nuggets and upload them to your long-term memory…

And you’re going to know how to read multiple books per day and utilize their highest leverage ideas in your business and life…

Look, if you’re frustrated you’ve spent years working on your business and your personal wealth, but you’re just can’t figure out what your doing wrong and feel time is working against you…

They you’ll want to read every word on this page…

Because mastering this skill will grant you a quick access into to the smartest minds in history who ever put words to a page and it will give you the ultimate edge in life.

Now, before we go any further, there’s one thing I want to make sure you understand:

I don’t believe in any kinds of techniques or strategies that involve short-term tricks, hacks, or reading loopholes. That’s why…

The System You’re About To Learn Is Probably Not Like Anything Else You’ve Seen Or Tried

What I teach is based on fundamental and proven principles, rather than the latest speed-reading trick or hack.

You just have to open YouTube to notice there’s a new “Guru” popping up almost every day claiming they’ve found a new way to read 10,000 words per minute or finish an entire book in 10 minutes.

While these fly by night Gurus always seem to be focused on teaching cheats and tricks using half-baked explanations, I’ve always been one to focus on using strategies that work for the long term.

Taking this approach has really paid off for my students, and it will for you, too.

It’s also important you know that before I really learned speed-reading, like most people…

I Used To Really HATE Reading Books

Before I developed the system I’m going to share with you, I used to have a really hard time getting myself to read books…

I moved so slowly through text that my mind would get bored and go to other places. I’d then re-read the pages over and over again, until I’d end up throwing the book on the couch and watching TV.

As a result, my life was kind of… average. I had average thoughts and average dreams. I hung out with average people that earned an average income.

Life was pretty damn boring.

It wasn’t until I discovered a very important lesson about reading (which led me to create the system I’m about to share with you) that I started to truly enjoy reading books, and things really took off in all areas of my life…

The “Speed-Reading” Super-Power… Truth Or Myth?

The article I found online seemed promising…

It went on to explain how it’s possible to increase your reading speed and retention (your memory of the book) with something called “Speed-Reading”.

So I checked out a few of books on the topic and tried did a couple of exercises that promised to double, and even triple, my reading speed.

To their credit, my reading speed did increase about 50%!… and then quickly fell back to where I started.

The exercises didn’t live up to their promise, and I fell flat on my face.

Was I foolish to believe Speed Reading is possible? Was it just another internet myth?

For a while I went back to hating reading, until…

Frequently Asked Questions

Does speed reading work? If so, what’s possible?

There’s been a lot of false claims made in the speed reading industry, which gave it a bad rep. Speed reading does work and anyone can master it, learning how to read at 600-700 WPM speeds, plus the information handling techniques, which leads to one reading most books in 1-2 hours.

How long does it take to get good at speed reading?

Depends on how you learn. Took me 2 days of morning-to-evening practice to learn it. But for most people, it’s reading and mind-mapping 3-5 books (3-5 sittings) to get good, and 30 books for full mastery, using this course.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund for the cost of the basic package.

What’s the fastest way to learn how to speed read?

There’s plenty of speed reading courses online and, possibly, even more books about it. The fastest way from my experience and hundreds of my students is to take a methodology that works and put it into practice daily. In the last 3 years, I’ve watched dozens of speed reading courses and read dozens of speed reading books, even though I already knew how it worked. This course is a distilled version of what works put into simple and actionable steps.

Can I hire you as a coach?

Yes. Because my time is very limited, I charge anything between $250 and upwards of $550 for a single session, depending on your particular needs and the length of the session.

When will get the login details to the course’s members area?

When you enroll to the course, you will get an automatic email with your username and password.

After I enroll to the PLUS/MASTER package, how do I schedule my first session?

After you enroll, I’ll send you a personal email with a link to my schedule – just pick a time-window to book your session and we’re on!

What do I have to do to access the Facebook group?

When you enroll to the PLUS/MASTER package, email me your facebook name to and you will be added to the group.

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