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Start Building a Path Forward Today with this Incredible Collection of Lessons, Tools, and Take-Away Advice

We dug deep into the SUCCESS Archival Library, uncovering hundreds of hours of rarely seen footage from Jim Rohn himself. Then, we asked today’s most successful thought leaders, motivators, and personal development experts to help us organize Jim’s lessons—turning them into a complete masterwork of actionable success philosophy.

The women and men who helped create Foundations for Success knew Jim Rohn and his lessons well—working with him personally and relying on his life-shaping lessons to transform their own careers.

Working with each of these influential thought leaders has allowed us to create a unique online classroom experience, where you learn to apply Jim Rohn’s advice through his own words and the insight of many of today’s greatest minds in personal development and success.

The Mentor

Jim Rohn’s training has radically transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people. The timeless truths, basic laws and success principles inspire the essential shift in thinking that generates massive results.

The team at SUCCESS Magazine has created FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS, a powerful 10-module video training program to teach the essential skills and fundamentals to confidently create your best life and reach the highest levels of success.
Master Thought Leaders present Jim Rohn’s life-changing training and walk through the philosophy, disciplines and processes they implement daily.


  • Understand the timeless wisdom and simple philosophies that have catapulted these Modern Masters to unprecedented success, financial freedom, meaning, and impact.
  • Maximize time, energy and resources to drive the results you want in your life. Learn how to build an affluence plan and create a life of abundance and financial freedom.
  • Master the universal laws that have catapulted today’s Masters to tremendous success.
  • Learn the philosophical shifts to create a life with more health, wealth, love, and happiness, so you never stop progressing.
  • Discover how to intelligently direct your emotions to leverage your potential.
  • Unlock the secrets to creating a life of fulfillment, purpose, and meaning that jolts you out of bed in the morning.
  • Learn how to skillfully paint solutions to keep customers happy and drive up profits.
  • Master proven leadership strategies that get noticed by employees, business partners, investors, and executives.

Plus, our most robust bonus package with over 40 hours of Jim Rohn’s best teaching.

These 10 Guided Learning Modules Show You How to Build a Foundation for Success:

Module 1: Philosophy – Hosted by Mark Victor Hansen

Orient the directional compass for your life, your relationships, your finances and more as Mark Victor Hansen, motivational speaker, bestselling author, founder and creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series guides you toward discovering the guidance system for your life within Jim’s message.

As you listen to Mark and follow video lessons from Jim, you’ll discover…

●      How to develop a guidance system to ensure your dreams become reality

●      New ways to discover, approach, and lock in opportunities to enrich your life

●      “Joining the 10%” – Learning simple truths that create massive success

●      Setting your sails for joy, pleasure, and abundance

●      And much more!

Module 2: Attitude – Hosted by Denis Waitley

Author of The Psychology of Winning, 15 other books, and 10 bestselling audio programs Denis Waitley knew Jim personally and shared the speaking platform with him at events worldwide. Denis will save one of the most critical lessons on attitude you’ll ever learn—and one of the vital takeaways Denis uses as his Foundation for Success.

Video lessons on attitude from Jim and Denis will show you…

●      Powerful, essential mind shifts that unlock your true potential

●      How to avoid the “diseases of attitude” sabotaging your success

●      Re-directing your emotions to leverage your potential for personal or financial gain

●      Master the strategic shifts necessary to live with intensity, passion, and purpose

●      And more!

Module 3: Goals – Hosted by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy has helped over 5 million attendees of his talks and seminars across nearly 70 countries worldwide set and achieve goals. Now, he’s waiting to take you on a tour of Jim’s greatest goal-setting advice. Brian will share little-known reflections and advice you’ll use to apply Jim’s message—lessons he learned over 20 years of working directly with Jim.

During Module 3, you’ll learn to set and achieve goals as you learn how to…

●      Craft strategic success waypoints that revolutionize your future

●      “Implementing a discipline is not difficult” action-plan to achieve your dreams

●      Discover how destination is determined by direction

●      Find your journey to a new direction – And why it can be anywhere you choose

●      And even more!

Module 4: Leadership – Hosted by John C. Maxwell

Let the world’s most influential leadership authority, John C. Maxwell share the most important thing any leader must do, and provide some clues about how anyone can become a better, more effective leader as he hosts Jim Rohn’s most valuable and versatile lessons on leadership.

Following the video lessons in Module 4, you’ll learn how to lead and…

●      Build an “always gets results” team around you at work, at home, or in business

●      Maximize your time while reducing the energy and resources it takes to see results

●      Master the skills of possibility, opportunity, rationality, and ability

●      Discover and hone your optimal leadership style

●      And more!

Module 5: Lifestyle – Hosted by Connie Podesta

Many of the masters you’re about to meet knew Jim personally. Award-winning author Connie Podesta never had the opportunity to meet Jim, but still knew him through his message. Let Connie show you why you don’t need to know Jim personally to be influenced, challenged, and changed by his message.

Connie Podesta will guide you through Jim’s lifestyle and personal development lessons as you learn…

●      Extraordinary life design – And how the ordinary become the extraordinary.

●      How to create a life filled with meaning and value

●      Ways you can craft possibilities, abundance, and influence

●      Responding, absorbing, reflecting and acting to transform your future

●      And much more!

Module 6: Communication – Hosted by Les Brown

Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, now popular speaker, coach, and motivator will introduce you to Jim’s powerful lessons on communication. You’ll discover how to sell anything—a product, a business, and most importantly, sell yourself—as one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world shows you how Jim’s message transformed his life.

Discover how to embrace and apply the immense power of words as you…

●      Master the art of effective communication

●      Relate to others with accuracy, sincerity, brevity and style

●      Pinpoint and hone your perfect communication style

●      Learn proven strategies to create deeper connections and greater influence

●      And more!

Module 7: Influence – Hosted by Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins, professional speaker, author, and America’s #1 sales trainer, opens this module and teaches that becoming skilled in the art of influence and persuasion is critical not just in sales, but in nearly every aspect of life. He also shares how to overcome the stereotype that a salesperson will say anything to make a sale, and tells his story about the effect Jim’s lessons had on him.

Join Tom and Jim Rohn for a set of lessons that show you how to become a more persuasive and influential person as you learn…

●      Proven “maximum impact” presentation strategies

●      How to influence others and get results nearly instantly

●      Painting solutions to keep anyone with a problem happy

●      Using authority, passion, and authenticity to persuade with life-changing results

●      And much, much more!

Module 8: Abundance – Hosted by Tony Robbins

When he was just 17 years old, Tony Robbins spent an entire week’s pay to attend a Jim Rohn event. Every day since, Tony lived Jim’s inspired message. Many of the same lessons Tony Robbins learned from Jim are contained in this module. Jim talks about his personal—and sometimes painful—journey to financial independence. He also provides some unique insight into how wealthy, successful people think and how even children can be taught to major in economics.

Inside Module 8, you’ll learn to adopt an abundance mindset as you discover how to…

●      Build a life of financial independence and freedom

●      Learn the philosophy of the rich

●      Develop a financial statement & learn the disciplines of the top 1%

●      Create an affluence plan to develop and multiply wealth

●      And more!

Module 9: Productivity – Hosted by Harvey Mackay

Join bestselling author Harvey Mackay and learn how to guard your time and increase your productivity. Fortunate to share the stage and speak with Jim Rohn, Harvey will detail how Jim’s message impacted his life and increased his own productivity. Listen in, watch, and learn all of the common mistakes you’re likely to make with your time (and how to avoid them) as you discover how to rapidly increase your productivity.

In this module, you’ll learn how to…

●      Maximize your most valuable asset (time)

●      Zero in with ultimate focus and work smarter not harder

●      Plan for your successful future so that you can create the lifestyle you desire

●      Movements VS. Achievement – Do you know the difference? You will!

●      And much more!

Module 10: Action – Hosted by Darren Hardy

During Module 10, you’ll learn to finally take action as bestselling author, CEO, and mentor Darren Hardy shows you how to apply the tools you’ll use to make the discipline required for success less painful to practice every day. Instead of avoiding the uncomfortable, you’ll learn to embrace it and use it to your advantage. After you’ve followed this set of unforgettable lessons, you’ll never have to experience the weight of regret again.

Join Darren Hardy, learn how to take action, and discover…

●      On any ONE day you can massively change the direction of your life

●      4 essential questions for instant action (just one can change your life)

●      Get 3 proven strategies to change anything

●      Why today is the day that turns your life around

●      And much, much more!

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