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In The Beginning…
You Created an Offer & A Message


 If you’re not making sales, or making less than you know you could…

Then there’s two problems you may have.
A: Your Product or Service Sucks.
B: Your Message Isn’t Connecting
If you know your offer helps people, it’s likely not problem #1…
Also, uh, if you know it sucks, why are you trying to sell it?
That leaves us with problem #2…
Your Message Isn’t Connecting“.
Why? Well, it’s a tad complicated, but here’s the basics…
ACTION: Learn while you create
 Get access to dozens of powerful, yet easy to follow copy methods that you can use right away to boost conversions….
ATTENTION In the first 4 methods I’ll break down several insane ways to brainstorm attention grabbing content that pulls your reader into your orbit.
FOCUS One “arm-twisting” strategy to push your readers past / current / future anxieties to the side so they can focus on what you have to say.
SOCIAL STRATEGY A caveman strategy you can use to place yourself at the head of the pack when it comes to authority and social proof.
CASE STUDY STRAT Simple way to generate case studies to prove your point both logically and emotionally.
THE KENDRICK LAMAR COPY RYTHM A 4 step process to transform your everyday boring copy to prophetically profound muses.


SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS  – I started this guide for you!

I have mad respect for anyone who’s managed to build their own business (online or offline)… This guide is built in particular for entrepreneurs who understand the value of great copy, but just don’t feel they have the time or skillset to create it. This guide is your marketing tool box, filled with easy to follow marketing strategies any business use to maximize profits.
AGENCIES  – I’ve been there!

Better results for your customers means higher rates for your agency, it’s a simple fact. If you want to be able to justify higher rates, your focus needs to shift from getting more clients to getting better results for the ones you have! Use this guide as a platform for boosting their sales, so you can justify higher rates for your services.
COPYWRITERS  – Obviously a powerful tool. 

This one’s pretty obvious, however something even the most seasoned copywriter will agree with is it doesn’t matter how good you are ~ you can always get better. While this guide will help improve your skills it will also do something arguably more important… it’ll help you save time. Use these methods at the start of your project to help get clarity and maximize each hours output!
INTERNET MARKETERS  – I’ve helped quite a few, let me help you! 

If you make a living selling things online than you know how important copy can be. Let this guide serve as your secret weapon to creating high converting landing pages and videos. If you hit a snag while writing simply open to one of the many methods for inspiration and starting points.


The first sale is crucial vote of confidence your audience gives with their bank account. If you’re facing this obstacle chances are you’re most likely lacking in one particular skill…
… It’s the skill that drives almost every dollar made online and off.
… It’s the skill that can transform a run-of-the-mill business into a wealth generating machine.
… It’s also the skill that many veteran entreprenurs confess is the toughest to master.
I never blame anyone for struggling with it.
It’s not a skill that is taught in school or prioritized in college.
Confession time…
and this is a confession you won’t often hear from an online entreprenuer.
Even though this skill directly generates the most revenue in my businessin reality, I’m not a “professional” at it. I developped this skill out of necessity, not out of desire. 
And one of my biggest regrets is not learning its foundations sooner.
Most people think it’s skills like…
  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  •  Money management
  •  Branding
  •  Leadership
… are the most important entrepreneurial skills.
While these are very important skills in their own way, they’re relatively easy to outsource or develop.
So what is this always in demand “profit skill”? The one skill almost all successful business owners will admit is in large part responsible for their success?

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