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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Success Productivity and Influence for Greater Performance

Success, Productivity, and Influence for Greater Performance With Eben Pagan

Episode Summary

Success, Productivity, and Influence for Greater Performance with Eben Pagan

Today, you’ll get new strategies for Success, Productivity, and Influence with Eben Pagan.

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur, author and speaker, known for teaching dating advice to men under the pen-name David DeAngelo, as well as business management, growth and personal development skills.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Eben in this episode:

  • Eben shares what causes success (and failure) in business
  • The surprising link between guilt, shame and success
  • Misguided Envy: Why social media is more about image management than reality
  • How to experience more fulfilment, joy and happiness in your life
  • A smarter, more powerful way to collaborate with other people
  • The truth about work and why everyone should love what they do
  • Accelerated Productivity: Two secrets to getting more done quicker
  • The difference between motive and motivation in influencing behavior
  • – A Telescope for The Future: How 5 minutes a day can future-proof your life
  • A key to developing your natural talents and actualizing your potential
  • The most influential force you can put into your life if you want to achieve your dreams

Show Notes

  • There are two kinds of success, for you and for your relationships. 06:10
  • Real success is where you find the balance between the two sides. 07:30
  • We all value things in different ways, physical, emotional, and mental. They are all separate but related to the pursuit of happiness. 10:00
  • Culture often teaches that satisfying your desires is wrong. 11:15
  • Every person should go through a phase in their life where the focus is making themselves successful, while keeping in mind the success of their relationships. 12:30
  • Sustainable success is more important than a one time windfall or gain. 14:30
  • Marketing isn’t an industry, it’s influence. 17:00
  • Ideally, everyone should love what they do. The modern society and technology enables this opportunity. 19:00
  • Work is about expending energy to get the results you want in your life. You have to try a variety of things before you can really learn what resonates with you and then figure out where the value is. 21:20
  • Portraying an image of a life that you don’t actually live is very destructive. You can’t live a performance. 25:45
  • The challenge is to take what your genetics gives you and figuring out a way to take advantage of your natural talents and abilities. 31:50
  • Get out of your comfort zone and see how other people live, you will discover that there are many ways to live life and succeed. 33:10
  • Some people are naturally ambitious, and others need to be around them to feel ambitious themselves. 37:40
  • You burn a lot of willpower by making too many decisions over the course of a day. Create rituals to develop positive habits. 42:15
  • If you want to have something, find someone who already has it and make them a part of your life. Seeing someone do something is one of the best ways we learn new skills. 46:10
  • Social influences are one of the most effective areas to leverage, you should try to shape your tribe. Adding a person you resonate with to your tribe once every 90 days can transform your life. 58:30
  • Look for people, projects, and objects that bring you joy. 1:01:00
  • Collaboration can create emergent properties where the group can achieve things that individually they couldn’t. Look for diverse people with complementary skills that you can work with. 1:04:15
  • We are all going through a transformation is various parts of our lives, look for ways to support others in their transformation. 1:06:30
  • We have to future proof our skills and our lives. 1:08:30

Today’s Message

A limitless number of things are possible, but your time and resources are limited. Choose one, and don’t look back.