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Story Vault is an entire YEAR’s worth of strategic Instagram Story prompts and ideas (over 800!) covering the four key seasons of business growth:


This Is For The Entrepreneur Who’s Ready To Do Fewer Things, Better

It’s time to stop wondering how others are locking in clients, leads and sales from social media.

It’s for the busy entrepreneur who wants to leverage the power of Stories without the pain-in-the-butt feeling of, “What do I share today?”

Story Vault is perfect for COACHES and CONSULTANTS (in both the B2B and B2C markets), FREELANCERSAGENCIES, and COURSE CREATORS who don’t want just random (and fruitless) Story ideas…
But prompts they can choose from based on the season of biz that they’re in.

Read on for an important message about creating Stories… to make sales, and save time.

From the desk of the laziest Social Media Educator, Elise Darma

You’re ready to break up with the overwhelm of posting to Stories.
It’d be fun, they said. It’d be easy, they said.
And yet, it seems like every entrepreneur around you is celebrating another client, another sale, another student who found them on social – BUT HOW?
The problem?
And then when the Story finally gets posted?…
Crickets. Grasshoppers. You name ’em.
If you’d know you’d be spending all this time crafting “pretty” and “on brand” Stories with zero engagement in return, you wouldn’t have EVER hopped on this Story train. Am I right?
This is exactly what I thought when Stories first came out in 2016.
I saw people around me spending soOoOo much time perfecting their Stories, editing them in 12 different apps so they looked “on brand” and I thought, “Nope! I got better things to do.”
Maybe you can relate?
  • ​Maybe you’ve tried a few of the trendy apps, but don’t see any uptick in your followers, leads or sales?
  • Maybe you’ve been too darn overwhelmed with the thought of being “camera ready” and looking “put together enough”… that you just ignore Stories altogether?

After trying all the apps and editing techniques myself, and not seeing a smidge of difference in my engagement, I almost gave up on using IG Stories entirely.

That was until one day, I noticed a peculiar pattern in my business.
Just like the weather seasons, my business had seasons of different goals.
Sometimes it was Visibility and other times it was Lead Generation
That’s when I had an epiphany.

Could I apply the idea of “seasons” to my Stories… and show up in a way that was aligned with the season that I was currently in?

I put my theory to the test, and it worked like gangbusters.
Engagement? Leads? Sales?
Check. ✔️
Check. ✔️
Check. ✔️ 
Time Is Of The Essence. Here’s Why.
Stories are growing in popularity more and more each day. And *your* people are there. Hanging out. Without you.

If you’re not showing up for them TODAY… well, waiting another 3 or 6 months to get started is only going to mean you’ll be further behind in a saturated market when you DO decide to start.

My students who see the most success are those who TAKE ACTION.
I encourage you to take action today while the opportunity is here – and while the price is so low.
 Categorized to cover your business seasons
 For business-to-business AND business-to-consumer
 For on-camera, “talking head” Stories or text-based posts
 Designed for you to use the features *within* Instagram (no extra apps or editing programs needed)
 Perfect for sparking topic ideas for other channels: blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, or LinkedIn posts


 Random, generic, or fluffy ideas
 Focused solely on “pretty” or “on-brand” Stories
 Black hole time-sucks
 An arsenal of paid editing apps that’ll keep you busy – pinching your phone – instead of selling your offers.
 Something you’ll use once and forget about because the ideas are bland or the tool doesn’t fit into your business

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A limitless number of things are possible, but your time and resources are limited. Choose one, and don’t look back.