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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Script – userTrack v2.3.2

Replace Google Analytics, Hotjar and more with

Self-hosted web analytics

Your own analytics platform to increase privacy, understand users, optimize your website and increase conversions.

What’s different about userTrack?

Private dataSelf-hosted100% data ownership.
You have full control over the data.
No data is shared with 3rd parties.
Self-hosting also reduces costs.

Download iconEasy to installOthers make it harder to self-host, so that you go with their cloud solutions.
userTrack is primarily self-hosted, ease of installation being a priority.

ToolsEverything you needMost privacy-friendly alternatives are simple and provide only basic stats. userTrack provides all the tools you need to get in‑depth analytics.

SpaceshipHighly performantYou can install userTrack on a cheap VPS or even on a shared hosting. Add a few more resources and you can track millions of pageviews.

UpdateEasy to updateuserTrack has been and still is in active development for over 8 years.
You can automatically update to the latest version in a single click.

SupportPremium SupportGet high-quality answers within 24 hours directly from the developer. Get help with installation, issues or request new features.

Find the valuable sources

Compare user categories in a single click.
Find out where converting users are coming from and attract more.

Understand user attention

See which parts of your page get the most attention.
Know what elements to emphasize and what elements to remove.

Know how users are using your site

Understand your visitors by watching session replays.
Do they try to interact with non-clickable elements?
Find the problems. Fix the problems.

Why would I use a self-hosted analytics script instead of a service?

You may already use other analytics services such as Google Analytics, Hotjar or Fullstory. They are all great services but sometimes you just want something that is entirely in your control and provides better privacy and performance for you and your users.

  • Complete privacy. No data is shared with third-parties. You have full control of all the data stored.
  • You decide what user data is being tracked.
  • No 3rd party cookies, useful for better GDPR compliance.
  • Unlimited everything: pageviews, recordings, heatmaps, segments, events, etc.
  • Your site will load faster (less JavaScript loaded).
  • Your dashboards will load faster (highly optimized), so you will be able to analyze your data much quicker.
  • You stop empowering huge corporations and competitors by not giving away your stats and your users data.
  • High quality support to help with installation and any problems you might encounter.

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