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Quantum Mind Power

Here is a Revolutionary New Brainwave Entrainment Technology–The Morry Method. It will help you…


easily and automatically get into a deep meditative states of mind faster than a Zen master can…
stop procrastination, boost your motivation and self confidence, develop laser-sharp focus  and concentration to get more things done in less time…
naturally reduce stress, anxiety, tension and worry. invite peace, calm  into your life…
dissolve the mental and emotional blocks and resistance that hold you back from  success…
create new neural pathways in your brain, change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby create new ways of experiencing yourself and your world…
dramatically increase your mental power to grasp new concepts faster, significantly increase your memory retention, boost your creativity and your mental clarity…
tap into your subconscious mind and unlock the door to your inner potential that will enable you become the person you really want to become..
Read on to discover more…

Dear Success Seeker,

magine what it feels like if you can unlock the hidden genius inside you and boost your mental power to manifest anything you desire in your life AUTOMATICALLY?

Imagine what it would be like if you can take complete control on every aspect of your life…attracting the money that you always want…having a sexy and healthy body…enjoying a perfect loving relationship…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can completely eliminate the negative ‘voices’ in your head that are holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I can place in your hands an innovative piece of new technology that can make all these happen quickly, easily and WITHOUT any effort on your part?

If you answered  “Yes!”, then you’ve found GOLD!

As you scan every word of this letter, you will begin to discover…


A New Empowering Way to Literally
Change Your Life Forever!

Just picture… 

Your brain is the seat of your intelligence and source of your emotions … and so it controls your entire life.

Everyone knows that any improvement you can make in the raw power, speed and efficiency of your mind, will empower you to capture wealth, health, happiness and everything you desire … faster than you ever thought possible.

Probably you’ve tried other self-improvement programs and products and you’re still at the same place you’ve always been—disappointed and frustrated.

Well, this system is you are going to see is completely different! …And it involves no learning nor prior experience at all.

Now, as you continue to read my words, you will discover that this system is not based on some ‘abracadabra-hocus-pocus’  method…

… but the results of 15 years proven scientific research and facts.

The discoveries that I’m about to share with you below can literally change your life… so turn off your phone… close the door so that you’ll not be disturbed as you read every word of this letter …

Yes! It’s that important. First of all, let me tell you …


How Your Life Can Be Literally
Transformed Just Like His…

What you’re about to uncover will change you at the very core forever! And how do I know this?  Because it has changed me.

But before I go any further let me just introduce you to the creator of this new breakthrough brain-enhancing system and allow him to tell you his story… first hand.


Hi Success Seeker ,

My name is Morry Zelcovitch. When I was a child, I had many problems. I heard thousands of voices in my head, and I had severe depression. I was always getting into trouble and was unbelievably accident prone.

I have dislocated my shoulders alone over 150 times. I won’t even get into the myriad of broken bones, shredded tendons and ligaments, concussions, etc.

Something inside me made me start looking into the brain wave entrainment field…

…And I began to observe that sometimes, time would seem to move faster and more pleasantly than at other times.

I eventually made the connection that when time seemed to move quicker, the sounds I was hearing were more rhythmic in nature. And when time seemed to painfully stand still, the surrounding sounds were far more disjointed in nature”.

This experience was the beginning of a 15 year odyssey of deep study and research into the field of brainwave entrainment.

After many years of using other people’s products, with some limited success, I was determined to figure out why these recordings seemed to work only in a minor way, when all of the research I read suggested the effects should be more dominant than what I was experiencing.

I decided that my best route to understanding was learning at the feet of an expert in the field. So I contacted the world’s foremost expert in the field of brainwave entrainment, David Siever C.E.T. and discovered some invaluable secrets that I just could not get anywhere else.

After several years of learning from David Siever I’m now one of the few in the world who actually can claim to be a “certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer/Specialist” and have the education to back it up!


Now I’ve conquered those extra voices in my head and severe depression. It’s become my mission in life  to help others improve their quality of life without the use of dangerous and habit-forming drugs.


Thank you Morry for your story …

And because of the dramatic results that I’ve personally received from Morry’s system, my mission is to bring this incredible tool to everyone who will listen to me.

Now let me explain how this works …

How A Scientifically Proven New Technology Can Reduce Your Stress, Boost Your Creativity And Unleash The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind

The further on you read, you will begin to understand that this is all based on REAL science.  Allow me to explain… welcome to science class.

Your brain is made of approximately 100-billion nerve cells, called neurons. Neurons have the ability to gather and transmit electrochemical signals. Think of your brain as a “super computer.”

This “super computer” is able to communicate with the rest of your body by transmitting electrical signals using chemicals called neurotransmitters. If these chemicals or neurotransmitters are out of balance, it can lead to many problems.

For a long time now scientists have been measuring the electrical current from the surface of the brain using EEG (Electroencephalography) technology.  The EEG measures these electrical discharges and records them as brainwave patterns.

Your State of Mind is Directly Determined By
Your Brain Wave Patterns

Now these brain wave patterns can be placed into groups according to the frequency range which is directly related to the state of mind of the person.  These are …

Beta (13 Hz – 30 Hz) is the state of normal, wakeful consciousness. As you are working, driving, talking, etc., you are usually in Beta. High beta activity is sometimes associated with anxiety, panic and stress.

Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz) is a state of light relaxation. Typified by a calm, focused mind. Alpha is sometimes called the “super learning state” because the brain seems to be more receptive and open to new information. Most people who meditate, do so in alpha.

Theta (4 Hz – 7 Hz) is a state of deep relaxation. Dreams and deep meditation are often associated with theta.

Delta, (0.5 Hz – 3 Hz) the slowest of the brainwave patterns, can be a state of deep sleep, or trance-like consciousness. Maintaining awareness in delta has been known to open a path to the unconscious.

* The areas “in-between” the different brainwave states are called “borders”. They represent the transition stage between the different brainwave states.

In the course of an average day, most of us spend some amount of time in all of these brain states.

Soon scientists were asking themselves, “What if we could train the brain to go into these different states at will?”  In other words, what if you could find a way to induce your brain into, let’s say, any state of consciousness you want?


The Answer? … Brain Wave Entrainment

“Entrainment” is a term from physics.  It means “the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony”.

For example, one tuning fork when struck and placed next to another tuning fork will cause the second one to vibrate at the same rate.

This was first observed by Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, in 1665 while he was working on the design of the pendulum clock.  He found that when he placed two of the clocks on a wall near each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they would eventually end up swinging at the same rate.

Now what if this same phenomenon could be repeated in training the brain to lock into the vibrations of an outside stimulus?

Well, several well documented scientific studies have shown that this is in fact possible.  For centuries people have been using outside rhythmic stimulus in the form of drumbeats, chants and singing to induce various feelings, ranging from euphoria to sadness.


Change Your World By Changing
Your Brainwave Patterns

One of the easiest pathways for applying a stimulus to the brain is through the ears.

Such a route involves presenting the ears with a steady and accurate pulsed/beat pattern. This pattern of sound works naturally with the brain and can produce amazing effects.

The tendency of the brain to tune in to and match the external stimulus’ frequency is referred to as the “frequency following response”.

To make it easier for the brain, it is important to start with a brain wave entrainment (BWE) frequency close to the state that you are in and then gradually change this frequency to the desired state.

As your brain continues to increase its exposure to BWE, the “frequency following response” becomes ever more responsible for a totally natural and fantastic change…

The brain is pushed to create new neural pathways, changing patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world.


You Can Get Into Deep Meditative States Faster Than A Zen Master


This process occurs in traditional meditation, which creates similar brainwave patterns through a process of focusing, whether on a mantra, the breath, a prayer, or some other point of focus. However, with traditional methods, you will take 15 or more years of practicing for 10 or more hours a day, to get to the levels you may achieve with our recordings almost immediately.

Our scientifically designed and professionally recorded Brainwave Entrainment soundtracks have been proven to be able to induce a deep meditative state quickly and easily.

Brainwave Entrainment has been successfully used in:

helping with achieving much deeper states of meditation
reducing learning time by increasing the power of the mind to grasp new concepts faster
reducing sleep needs and increasing effectiveness of sleep time
treatment of certain mental illnesses such as depression, low self-esteem, attention deficit disorder, drug and alcohol addiction and autism, to name a few. Also has also been found helpful in alleviating headaches and migraines.
increasing sex drive
…And much more

AnnouncingThe Morry Method (TMM) – A Revolutionary NEW Breakthrough In Brain Wave Entrainment!

This may upset a lot of people, but it has to be said. After trying many of the ‘binaural and other brainwave entrainment products’ available today,  Morry determined that the majority of them just don’t work!

Now listen to me…

Morry has the professional background to evaluate these products by analyzing the frequencies of the sounds on these recordings.  And you know what?  The claims that are made just do not add up.

Many times the frequencies advertised as being on the sound tracks are clearly absent from the products. 

Often the frequencies that are present are not stable and fluctuate throughout. There is no way around this… The brain needs 6 minutes of exposure to a steady and accurate pulse or beat in order to entrain and thus give you the benefits. 

Now the typical buyer for these products will not have the professional equipment to analyze these audios.  So they know that there is no way for you to find out that their products are bogus.

So what of all the “testimonials” you read on these websites.  A lot of these people are just getting marginal results or simply the placebo effect—they want the results so badly that their brain ‘fools’ them into believing that they are really getting the results… They are not!

After trying many of these products, Morry went so far as to contact the owners and they could not answer any of his questions to his satisfaction… go figure.

If you’ve ever used or are using any binaural or other brainwave entrainment products at this time I challenge you to try the Quantum Mind Power with TMM system and experience the BIG difference for yourself. But more on this later…

First, let me show you why the TMM method is so effective. Now, take a look at these graphical representations of some of the different brainwave stimulation types…

(These images represent a stereo display of 1 second, at a frequency of 10hz.)


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