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Whois verification is pending

Whois verification is pending

Since January 2014, all ICANN accredited registrars (like Namecheap) have been required to verify the contact information (Registrant Whois) of customers registering domain names. This includes modifications to the contact details.


Why this domain has been suspended

image description

We need email address verification from the owner

This might be because the owner has registered, but has not clicked the verification link in the email sent to them.

image description

Other domain contact details have recently been modified, but are not yet verified

This data might be their first name, last name, organisation name or email address.

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Resend the verification email

This will be sent to the registrant email address listed in your domain’s contact data. Unless you’ve changed it manually, it will be what you inputted when you first registered the domain.

You can see this email address by logging into your Namecheap account and going to the Domain Management section. You can also update this information if you want to.











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