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Overcoming Sales Objections

Turning a lead into a client is pretty challenging.

Picture this scenario: a prospect lands on your website, gives you a call, and shows a lot of interest in working with you. Turns out, they’re a business you’d love to work with. Landing this project is going to be a piece of cake…right?

It’s even more difficult if their answer is always “no.”

Have you ever delivered a pitch, only for the client to say something like, “Can’t you do it cheaper, though?” “Why does it cost so much?” “If you can cut your fee by 30%, then we have a deal.” Whoa. You thought for sure this client was interested. How are you supposed to respond?

Don’t lose the client. Win them over.

If you’ve been in negotiations before, you know firsthand how tense things can get. No matter what you’ve tried before, your prospects have always had the same answer: no. What if there was a way to respond to every objection in the book, keep your rate high, and get the job, all while keeping your cool?

Win more business, without being pushy.

Improve Your Close Rate

Learn the communication strategies and negotiation tactics to turn every “no” you hear into a “yes.”

Take Off the Pressure

Go into sales conversations knowing you don’t have to have all the answers to win the sale—you just have to know how to ask the right questions.

Know What Clients Want

Listen to understand what your prospects are actually saying, then guide them to a solution without any high-pressure tactics.

What’s Included

A tried-and-true methodology to understand clients.

Chris walks you through his essential selling technique, The Socratic Six. This framework consists of question-based responses to reframe your client’s objections and come in with a more composed approach.

Forget fear and learn how to power through sales conversations.

Tripping over your words will be a thing of the past. Practice your negotiation skills with role-playing exercises to go into sales conversations prepared, focused, and confident.

Study and practice the material on your own time.

Throughout this course, Chris will introduce many different techniques to help you become a masterful negotiator. The homework assignments are your opportunity to take the lecture material a step further and see new angles in approaching negotiations.

Inside this course

  • The Socratic Six
  • Role-playing exercises
  • Homework assignments
  • Pre-recorded Q&A with Chris
  • Bonus material
  • Lifetime updates
  • Now with revamped and updated lecture material!

This course is the missing piece to all of your sales conversations.

From my experience, I think it’s safe to assume all prospects and leads that contact you have the same default answer: no.

Yes, they need work done, but they go into conversations assuming many things already.

“You’re too expensive.”

“You’re too far away.”

“Your team is too big.”

“Your team is too small.”

And the list goes on.

Almost every client initially turns my business down and lists one or more of these same objections.

I remember pitching to a prospect here in LA and being told, “you’re not the typical firm we would call for this job.” Now that was blunt.

But instead of taking the high road, I doubled-down and said, “you’re right. We’re not the typical firm you’d hire for this job. But the only thing I need to ask you is this: do you want work from a typical firm because you want typical work? Because that’s not what we are; we’re unconventional.”

It was this communication tactic that got us the job. There’s no magic formula to this stuff. It’s the simple action of using the client’s own language to try to understand what it is that they want.

Yes, this takes practice, and yes, it allows you to expand the conversation with clients, but it’s not so simple.

In this course, I take you through the methodology of the Socratic Six (double-down is just one of the methods) to find out what clients want, and learn how to best communicate with them.

Negotiating is nerve-wracking. I know. But with the right preparation, you can take your negotiation skills to the next level, and be more confident in your communication.

I hope you’ll join me in this course. It’s an important one you and your business don’t want to miss.

If you freeze up when speaking to prospects, this is for you.

We know talking to new clients is hard, especially if you’re new yourself. It’s easy to feel intimidated and powerless in a sales situation. In this course, Chris is sharing all of his techniques so you can work through any client objection, and, most importantly, close the sale:

  • Freelancers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Directors
  • Studio Owners

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