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[SUPER HOT SHARE] Niche Post Conversion Strategies

Niche Post Conversion Strategies

13 Easy Strategies To Double – or TRIPLE – Your Affiliate Sales

simple tweaks to make MORE affiliate sales from your existing blog posts even if you get very little traffic

It all started one gloomy day earlier this year when I, along with every other Amazon affiliate, got the dreaded email:

As of March 1st, Amazon was making a big change to our affiliate commission rates – and it was NOT good.

At first, I didn’t think the change would affect my earnings THAT much.

But then, in about mid-March, after the new commission rates were in effect…

I started to see that it was NOT GOOD.

For many of my best-converting blog posts, my earnings were suddenly HALF what they used to be.

Let me ask you something:

Have you ever been riding in your car with your GPS enabled to give you directions to reach your destination?

If so, then perhaps you know what happens when you make a wrong turn, don’t you?

Your GPS starts yelling,



As I watched my Amazon affiliate earnings slowly dwindle the first few weeks of March, I kept hearing that “recalculating” in my brain.

Not to brag, but I’ve always been pretty darn good with blog post conversions –

But now that my earnings were cut almost in half, I knew I now needed my conversion rate to be at least TWICE as good just to recover from the Amazon affiliate commission changes.

Hiya =)

My name is Jennifer Ledbetter. Online I am known as ‘PotPieGirl’.

Yep, it’s a very quirky name, but hey, I’m a bit quirky myself so it fits =)

I’ve been working for myself, from my home, as an online marketer for the last 10+ YEARS.

I love dissecting free traffic sources to learn how to amplify them to their best potential, coming up with unique & effective affiliate marketing strategies, and TEACHING the things I learn.

While others enjoy teaching about building entire “niche” websites, I am a HUGE fan of what I call “Niche POSTS”

(meaning: creating profitable individual posts/pages on a specific topic as opposed to an entire site).


Niche POSTS?

I call these One-Pagers “Niche Posts” – and turning them each into highly profitable passive affiliate income streams is almost an obsession for me.

It all started way back in 2007 when I discovered a free-to-use website called “Squidoo”

(don’t look for it, that site is LONG gone now)

Squidoo would let anyone make free individual web pages about almost any topic and use our affiliate links to earn income online from them.

Yep, my first taste of making “One-Pagers” – and I fell in love with it.

It got to the point where I could make a single “One-Pager” turn into a $500+ a MONTH affiliate income stream simply by making little tweaks and edits to that one page.

Now, don’t get me wrong: EVERY “One Pager” I made did NOT turn into a massive earner like that.

It’s the ol’ 80/20 rule: for every 10 “One Pagers” I made, two would rise to the top and turn into massive earners.

But hey, even just TWO $500+ per month passive affiliate income earners is pretty darn good, don’t you agree?

I’m good with an extra $1000 a month coming to me, aren’t you? =)


What’s the Secret?

The entire secret to it is: Just get each “One Pager” Niche Post earning about $16.44 a day.

Yep, that’s it: $16.44 a day

(you can do THAT, can’t you?)

That’s the whole entire “secret” =)

Well, then you make MORE profitable Niche Posts.


How Much Can You Earn?

Now, naturally, I can’t guarantee how much YOU will earn (no one can) – that’s totally up to YOU.

But here’s an example to help you figure out what you need to do to reach your income goals.

Let’s do the math:

5 Niche Posts each passively earning you $16.44 per day = $82.20 per day

$82.20 per day times 365 days in a year divided by 12 months =

$2,500.25 a month for you and your family in passive income.


“Passive” Income?

Yes, “passive” meaning that horribly hypey saying of “make money while you sleep” (love that one!)

But yes – passive like that.

Once those One Pager Niche Posts are working FOR you, it gets to where you really only need to check on them about once a week to make sure everything is still performing at its highest potential.

Ideally, you would check on one and start a new one each day.

(start a NEW one? Uhhhh… yes. Well, IF you want to earn MORE…lol!)

So let’s jump back into my story of how I increased the earnings of ONE blog post from only earning $146.29 a month to earning $604.47 a month (and I did it very quickly!)


As an Affiliate Blogger, Wouldn’t You Love To KNOW the BEST Places To Put Your Affiliate Links in Your Blog Post so You Can Make More Sales?



That is exactly what I set to find out in my Niche Post Case Study below…

Niche Post Case Study

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know conversion rates are everything – and that doesn’t just apply to Amazon affiliates.

WE ALL want to convert better and make more sales, right?


And even MORE so when changes happen that cut into your previous earnings (as Amazon did to its affiliates this year).

This whole situation led me on a journey where I uncovered some amazing little “tweaks” and blog post changes that SERIOUSLY increased my blog post conversion rate AND my affiliate sales.

It was simply jaw-dropping as I watched this one blog post take off in a BIG way just from the minor edits and changes I was testing.

let’s take a look at the steps I took, see my stats and my earnings, etc



The Plan

Instead of getting upset about the situation, I decided to get to work and attack the situation.

The concept of my plan of attack I took is pretty simple:

Take one blog post and get it to convert to sales twice as often.

So, same traffic to my blog post, but that post makes twice as many sales.

That meant I needed to find ways to get MORE of my blog post visitors to click on my affiliate links.

And yep, MORE of them to BUY the products I linked to as well.

Ideally, I wanted that blog post to earn that $16.44 a day I talked about earlier – but what ended up happening even impressed me

Step One

The first step was to pick a blog post and set it up so that I could track the results of any changes I made on the blog post.

That included installing some free analytics for just that one page.

I needed to be able to see, in REAL TIME, what my blog visitors were doing on my blog post as I made my changes and tested them.

Step Two

I also needed to make sure I could test and track the specific affiliate links on my blog post.

I used multiple Amazon tracking IDs on my blog post so I could see WHICH links were clicked…

and more importantly, which affiliate links led to SALES.

Step Three

At this point, I started doing some intensive testing such as:

  •  I tested WHERE the affiliate links were positioned

(which helped me discover what I call my “Money Link”)

  •  I tested the words AROUND my affiliate links & keywords

(which helped me discover the words Google likes… and Google searchers want to find)

  •  I tested my entire layout/format of my blog post

(and came up with a layout/format that works REALLY well. I call it my T.I.C. Strategy)

  •  I tested my title tag over and over

(and I discovered a very effective “trick” for title tags)

  •  I tested my table of contents links

(and ended up discovering a very neat technique to get more clicks from Google to my blog post)

Heck, I even tested themes… and “social proof” techniques… and so much more.

Since my blog post was already receiving Google traffic (not a TON, but enough), it was easy to make a “tweak” and watch my traffic to test the results of that tweak.

Let me just say: It was INTENSIVE work.

But the big question is: DID It WORK?


The Results

Before I show you the results of my testing and techniques, let me show you how my stats and earnings looked BEFORE I made any changes at all.

Please Note: These stats are for ONE tracking ID on ONE blog post.

The “case study” Niche Post has MANY different tracking IDs for testing purposes, but this one particular tracking ID has been used since the post was first published (meaning I have LOTS of stats on it).

Earnings & Stats BEFORE Any Changes

BEFORE Amazon changed the commission earnings for affiliates, that one Niche Post was doing just fine, by most standards.

“Fine”, but not GREAT.

The old Amazon commission structure made me a bit lazy and “comfortable” so I didn’t really go work my posts to do better when they were already doing OK.

But then… March happened.

The new Amazon affiliate rates went into effect… ugh!

I still had not made any changes to that post because I needed to see a full month with the new Amazon affiliate commission structure in place to see where I really stood in the current situation.

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