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Discover How To Create Wealth In Any Business You Choose…Using T. Harv Eker’s Time-Proven Wealth Secrets

But conventional wisdom says that it takes 3 years (and sometimes more) to generate a profit in a new business – even longer to get wealthy (if you ever do).

That’s crazy! Why should you work that hard for that long … take that much risk … and then LOSE money in the process? It’s the opposite of creating wealth.

As our founder T. Harv Eker says…

Wealthy entrepreneurs don’t think like most business owners. They have a very different approach to business – an approach that makes them rich when other entrepreneurs struggle to stay afloat.

  • The financial goal that poor business owners share … and the 3 financial intentions that wealthy business owners focus on instead
  • The three most dangerous but common words you might be saying (without even realizing it) that may be sabotaging your business success
  • 4 critical factors that wealthy business owners focus on simultaneously … and why the one thing that poor business owners focus on keeps them broke
  • The only 3 parts of a business that matter … and why focusing on the wrong part (which the majority of business owners do) leads to mediocre results
  • The fastest and easiest way to exponentially increase your profits (this rule also explains how you slash expenses by 50% without feeling much of a pinch)
  • The #1 reason businesses get into trouble and the simple rule that savvy business owners follow to avoid this pitfall
  • The critical distinction wealthy business owners make when determining which types of products and services to offer
  • Which type of product or service to offer first – if you want to get wealthy fast
  • What research shows is the hands-down fastest way to double your profits
  • 7 ways to approach the challenges of not having the capital you need to start your business
  • Why having multiple streams of income can actually undermine your success … and what to do to ensure you don’t fall into this trap
  • How to determine where to focus your limited energy to ensure your efforts produce maximum revenue
  • The 3-word phrase that should become your mantra until you’re rich
  • How to find great people for your team who won’t cost you a fortune, slow you down or drive you nuts
  • The guiding principle to follow when setting up your business if you want financial and time freedom
  • The 3 types of business owner you can be … and the only 2 that get wealthy
  • The real reason wealthy people start businesses … and how making this decision upfront changes every aspect of your business.

You work hard for your money. It’s only natural that you want to keep as much of it as possible. Harv will spill the secrets of street-smart negotiations that work in the real world. Use these to save and make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in business and everyday life.

  • 2 huge myths about negotiation that prevent you from getting more of what you want
  • How most business owners prevent themselves from getting a better deal right from the start … and the simple (and ancient) technique you can use to overcome this obstacle
  • 2 simple ways to create affinity with the other person … and why this is critical to your negotiating success
  • How to adjust your negotiation strategy depending on which role you’re playing
  • The biggest misconception that costs businesses owners a fortune when negotiating
  • 5 proven approaches you can use to get the other party to agree that you deserve more favorable terms
  • The #1 thing most business owners focus on when negotiating and why this is a huge mistake.

Marketing is hands-down the most important business skill you can have. If you can’t market, you don’t have a business – period.

  • 4 keys to developing the ultimate marketing strategy
  • The key distinction wealthy business owners look for when picking a target audience
  • 2 big questions your marketing message must answer if you want to persuade your target audience to buy from you
  • A time-proven way to stand out in your industry … and instantly position yourself as the one to buy from
  • The worst niche you can target when trying to build wealth quickly
  • The best (and easiest) way to create a Unique Selling Proposition – even if you’re starting a business from scratch
  • The most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience … especially if you’re working with a shoestring budget
  • The most critical element to remember when building and marketing your business if you’d someday like to sell it
  • The #1 asset you have in your business … and how to leverage it to produce significant boosts in revenue
  • The FEBE model for building your database and revenue.

If you want to get wealthy in your business, you need to think big. For many, this means going far outside their comfort zone or way of thinking. Coming up with hot new business ideas is a learnable skill.

  • Ways to find – and create – dozens of fantastic business opportunities (any of which will make you rich)
  • The 5-word formula that’s key to making millions
  • How to work against the tide to uncover huge opportunities to rapidly grow your wealth
  • The easiest way to make money while minimizing risk
  • How more stringent laws can be huge money-making opportunities for the right person
  • How the behavior that got you in trouble in kindergarten can actually create business opportunities for you today
  • Which products and services are in demand right now – and why
  • How to get into a business that’s already booming
  • How to incorporate new revenue-generating elements into your existing business
  • The simple change that can open new opportunities for a proven product or service.

The strategies you’ll learn in Million Dollar Business Secrets are simple – for a reason.

Complex ideas are interesting. But they’re not useable. It’s too easy to get bogged down trying to figure out how to make them work for you. Hours spent debating, processing, planning, and strategizing easily become wasted time – and lost revenue.

The Million Dollar Business Secrets you’ll learn are easy to use – and deadly effective.

Because what we teach is simple and easy to understand, you’re more likely to use it. More likely to act quickly. And more likely to execute it well.

Absolutely. After investing years into their companies, most business owners are dismayed to discover that they really only have jobs. Self-employment has its benefits. But if you want to get rich in your business, you need to do business very differently than the average business owner.

A: The fastest, easiest way to rise to the top within an organization is to add incredible value. In today’s competitive business landscape, that means finding ways to help your employer increase revenue and profits.

No. The sooner you take Million Dollar Business Secrets, the better prepared you’ll be when you finally do start your business.

You’ll learn the unique ways that wealthy entrepreneurs think about and approach business. Use these strategies now to develop a wealthy mindset … strategically plan your business from launch to sale … target the right customers … and even to pick the right industry.

Anytime you want! Million Dollar Business Secrets is a video training program that’s delivered on demand. Access the video lessons and other resources with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – whichever you prefer. You’ll get access as soon as your registration is complete. Get started now…

Million Dollar Business Secrets separates the wheat from the chaff … giving you the most important and powerful strategies for creating big income very quickly in any industry. Many entrepreneurs believe it’s OK and normal to take 3 years (or more) to turn a profit. Million Dollar Business Secrets will give you the blueprint for generating $1 million in your first year. Get started now…

Absolutely. Register now to get immediate access to the entire course. Go through the video lessons, do the exercises, and participate in the live Tough Love Mentoring call with Harv. If you don’t agree that Million Dollar Business Secrets lives up to its promise of showing you what it really takes to earn $1 million in 3 years or less … contact our customer support team for a prompt and friendly refund of your entire investment. Get started now…

No … and here’s why: Our students achieve bigger results when the program is delivered in manageable chunks rather than a firehose of information.

The course is set up so that you receive access to one new module each week. This way you can consume and focus on one section at a time.

But don’t worry – If you’re moving through the material at a faster pace and want access to everything at once, simply contact our support team. We’ll be happy to unlock the rest of the modules for you.Get started now…

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