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Deal Maven Training — To Do Or Not To Do?

Is it a good idea to complete a Deal Maven training course prior to an SA stint or starting FT? How is Deal Maven recognized compared to TTS (Training the Street) within the banking community?

Apr 6, 2008 – 4:11pm

hey monkeyman,

you can see a good discussion on the different options here:

WallStreetOasis also just recently partnered with The Analyst Exchange to give WSO users discounts to their programs (which I have taken and highly recommend)

You can see a list of the course descriptions and details here:

The Analyst Exchange is more expensive because you have a personal instructor that trains you 1-on-1 (versus most of the other programs are self-study)

I’ll post the bios of the instructors up here later so you can take a look. They are all highly qualified with many years of experience on wall street.

Apr 6, 2008 – 5:37pm

Is it a good idea to complete a Deal Maven training course prior to an SA stint or starting FT? How is Deal Maven recognized compared to TTS (Training the Street) within the banking community?

monkeyman7, here are the Instructor Bios for The Analyst Exchange:

Trainer Biographies

  • Julio Marquez is an Advisor at The Analyst Exchange as well as Managing Director of Global Emerging Markets, and President of GEM Advisors, Inc. At GEM he oversees the financial advisory business, where he personally specializes in Latin America and the US- Hispanic market. Prior to joining GEM in 1999, he was a Senior Banker and Director of Analytics at Violy, Byorum & Partners, a leading Latin American M&A firm. Julio Marquez has 15 years of experience in international M&A, having worked at Wasserstein Perella Group, Citibank and Morgan Stanley & Co. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in Systems Engineering with Honors from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Mark Berman is a trainer at The Analyst Exchange. He was head of Tokyo Equity Research for Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest U.S. investment bank, where he helped build the company’s research department. Previously, Mark was Director and Senior Analyst for Credit Suisse First Boston’s telecommunications and media sector; responsible for sector coverage of Japanese telecommunications and media, including NTT DoCoMo (the world’s largest wireless carrier by revenue), NTT (the world’s largest telecommunications carrier by revenue) and others. Additionally, Mark held the position of global technology, telecommunications and multimedia senior analyst for New York-based Rockefeller & Company, Inc. and also worked as an equity analyst for Jardine Fleming Securities (now owned by JPMorganChase), based in Tokyo. Mark holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, and was certified as an Internal Control Manager by the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA). Mark graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College.
  • Obed Cepeda is a trainer at The Analyst Exchange. He is also Senior Partner at Green Coast Capital Inc., a New York City based Asset Management and equity research firm where he leads the Biotechnology & Healthcare division. Prior to joining Green Coast Capital in 2007, Obed was an Equity Analyst at Bank of America covering the pharmaceutical sector. In addition, he was an Equity Analyst at J.P. Morgan covering the biotechnology sector. Not only does Obed have 10 years of experience in finance, but also holds a BS in Biology from Cornell University. He has completed a prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine. Obed has published extensively in leading journals discussing Molecular Genetics and Gene Cloning.
  • Roy T.George is a trainer at The Analyst Exchange and works as Vice President at Bernstein, a unit of Alliance Bernstein, LP. The firm manages $810 billion in Debt, Equity, REITs, Commodities, Currency, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital. Previous to his stint at Bernstein, Roy worked as Director of Treasury for Blue Shield of California. In this role, he oversaw the firm’s $2.4 billion portfolio as well as monitored its capital structure. He also worked as Venture Capital and Private Equity (LBO) Manager for the S.C. Johnson Family (Forbes, Richest Families in the World). Roy is an award-winning finance faculty member for CoreNet Global, teaching Corporate Real Estate Finance. Roy holds an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.
  • Paul Pignataro is an Advisor and Trainer at The Analyst Exchange. Prior to The Analyst Exchange, Paul worked as a generalist at TH Lee Putnam Ventures. Paul was also a member of the Investment Banking Department at Morgan Stanley where he worked on business mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, asset divestitures, asset acquisitions, and debt and equity transactions covering the Oil, Gas, Power & Utility, Internet and Technology, Real Estate, Defense, Travel, Banking and Service industries. Before Morgan Stanley, he was with J.P. Morgan‘s Fixed Income Group. Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University with a BS in Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science.
  • Matthew M. Wirgau is president and managing member of Midwest Financial Service, LLC, a private boutique investment banking firm. Since 1995, Mr. Wirgau has been acquiring, managing, growing and selling privately held companies. He was President and CEO of a professional services firm, served as Senior Vice President of a real estate development firm, and was Manager of Corporate Planning and Acquisitions of a large privately held equity firm. Mr. Wirgau served as a Deputy Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration and a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation for Elizabeth Dole. He is also the Managing Member of the China Mutual Fund Partners, LLC, which owns the Halter Pope USX China Fund (HPCX). Mr. Wirgau has an MBA from The George Washington University with Honors and a BS in Accountancy from Ferris StateUniversity.
  • Roger Groh has started and managed three international investment management companies since 1986. Groh has also been a global analyst and portfolio manager for over 30 years. Consistently ranked as one of the top performing managers in the world, Groh has run a series of very large organizations and has proven to be an excellent administrator. Groh founded Montgomery Capital, Montgomery Global and Groh Asset Management. Products include individually managed accounts, currency management, and direct investments. Mr. Groh was formerly at CNBC as an Inside Money panelist, named the 2005 Business Person of the Year by the National Republican Business Advisory Council and received the 2004 Inaugural Ronald Reagan Medal award.
Apr 10, 2008 – 1:32am
  • thx wso, but if anyone else has a comment regarding whether it’s a good idea to do one of these prior to an FT stint, that’d be great. i’m starting FT in IBD at a BB in July and have a lib arts background so i’m wondering whether one of these would help me, esp as i worked in S&T last summer.

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May 7, 2010 – 6:09pm

some banks are still using 2003. They are essentialy the same with different shortcuts though.

to srr626:

if you have a good grasp of the technical background, you will learn how to model eventually. 80% of your time isnt spent on modeling though when you first start anyways. ( a lot fun playing with those pictures , pp slides, and cim…)

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