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“How To Crack The Code Of The Rich And Affluent So You Can Attract Customers, Clients, And Patients Where Price Is NO Objection…And Profit WILDLY From Them!”

If You Want To Attract BETTER Customers, Sell At Premium Prices, And Enjoy Greater Profits, You Need To Understand Where The REAL Money Is.

Discover How To Attract The Top 22% Of Income Earners That  Earn 55% Of ALL Earned Income Thanks To Understanding The Unique Psychology, Buying Motives, And Decision-Making Factors Of The “Spending Class”—Freshly Revised For 2013!

Dear Renegade Marketer,

I get a real kick of out collecting stories about “dumb criminals” who rob convenience stores in their neighborhood…where there are surveillance cameras, cashiers with double-barreled shotguns, and cash registers that are emptied every hour.

I call them the criminally stupid.  Especially when they could be robbing mansions…where there’s more junk laying around the foyer that’s worth more than the money they’re going to get at the convenience store.  And very few affluent people have shotguns.

In other words, these criminals should be focusing on where the wealth REALLY is.  And business people make the same mistake:

 Devoting Time, Energy, And Money To Selling
to People 
With Less Money…
Than People With More Money!

So most business owners have no strategy about this whatsoever.  They’re customer acquisition strategy is “whoever we can get.”   

And the problem with that is first of all it costs just as much to get a poor customer as it does to get someone like Joan Rivers…whom I did a bunch of work for. 

Joan’s advice to women is that you can fall in and out of love with a rich guy just as easily as you can a poor guy.  Pick the former rather than the latter.

But you have to know where they are and how to reach them. You also need to know their language so you can talk to them. And whole host of other things you can do.

I mean, you’re going to be talking to clients, prospects and patients anyway, right?  Why not pick out the cream of the crop and leave the “duds” to everyone else?

This is more critical than ever because the truth is:

More Than 20% Of Customers NEVER
Make Buying Decisions Based On Price!

So if you’re serious about making money, then you’ll want to read every single word of this message.

What we’ve done is shifted our mission to find the customers, clients, and patients from the top rungs of the economic ladder…the people who have money and are willing to spend it…and implemented it with our clients.

And after 40 years of testing and tweaking in our “marketing lab” we’ve discovered the secret formula–the keys to unlocking the vault to virtually unlimited riches.

This is about targeting the ideal customers, clients, and patients that are NOT price or fee resistant.  Too many business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, make the mistake of marketing to customers that barely have enough to spend on food and shelter.

They shop at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart…eat at Taco Bell or Denny’s, and stay at the Budget Inn or the Motel 6.  And their buying decisions are heavily influenced by price.

And at the polar opposite of the spectrum are the new “super” class of customers: the affluent new SPENDING class that have money and is ready, willing, and able to spend it on “premium” goods and services.

They shop at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, eat at Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris, and stay at the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton.   They want something…and they’re willing to pay ANY price!

 So, Who Are These Big Spenders…And
Why You Should Target Them?

Good question…here’s the answer:  We are in the midst of an demographic revolution with the peak of the Baby Boomers population, and the emerging MASS-AFFLUENT. 

They are creating what I call a new “Spending Class” of consumers that need to be understood and targeted by you!

You’ve probably seen all the “doom and gloom” on the TV about how the economy is in the dumps…and that nobody’s buying.  Well, if that’s the case then why do you see thousands of people lining up to buy iPhones every year or so?


If everyone makes buying decisions based on price, then
why does Apple attract hordes of people at every iPhone launch?

You see, there’s a skyrocketing demand for premium services…and the cheerful willingness to pay for them.  There’s also an explosion of affluence and a BOOM in luxury spending.

This ‘special buying behavior’ is concentrated in a minority—but a very significant minority—of customers.   And if you know WHO they are, WHAT they desire, and WHAT they respond to and how to connect your business to them, you can profit wildly!

This is important because:

 You Cannot Use The Same Ol’ Marketing Message To Attract AFFLUENT Clients, Customers, And Patients!

You need to change your bait.
  If you want to attract deer, you shouldn’t be surprised when you attract mice and rats if you use cheese as the bait…when you should have been using a salt lick.

The marketing message that attracts people to Saks Fifth Avenue is different than the message that attracts crowds to Wal-Mart.  And the message that attracts people to a Motel 6 will not attract people to a Four Seasons.

Before you sell to the affluent, you MUST understand them.  And if you get sick at the thought of spending $1200 for an elegant dining experience or paying $6000 to fly somewhere on a private jet…

…then you are banned forever from ANY future success to selling them!

What we’ve done is save you YEARS of frustration, hassle, and wasted time and money by showing you EXACTLY what bait attracts these customers, clients, and patients thanks to:

 Marketing To The Affluent


Marketing to the Affluent will give you a better understanding of the size, scope, and buying behaviors of the expanded AFFLUENT marketing segments where there is less competition and more profit.

When you take action and purchase Marketing to the Affluent, you’ll be able to transform your income, security, and business life.    No more lying in bed at night wondering where your next paycheck is coming from.   And forget about looking back wondering “what could have been” in your business 5…10…15 years from now.

You’ll understand the UNIQUE psychology, buying motives, decision-making factors of the affluent–why they prefer one seller over others…and how you can get out of your own way and get in sync with them…

…that way you can make more money with less hassle!

 Who MUST Invest In Marketing To The Affluent?

Anyone who has a strong, serious interest in reaching more AFFLUENT, less price-conscious customers and clients including:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Professionals
  • Doctors, Dentists, And Chiropractors
  • Other Health Care Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Luxury Goods Retailers
  • Anyone Marketing To Parents
  • Kitchen And Home Remodelers
  • Business to Business Professionals
  • Anyone Planning To Start A New Business
  • Internet Marketers
  • E-Commerce And Online Marketers
  • Retailers
  • Service businesses
  • Architects
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Authors, Speakers, Coaches, And Consultants
  • Information Marketers
  • Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs
  • Attorneys And Others In Private Practices

And in case you’re thinking to yourself, “But you didn’t write down my business on your list,” I encourage you to NOT exclude yourself from a PROFITABLE opportunity just because your business was not on the list.

In fact, it would be a mistake.  Perhaps you have a fear of selling to the affluent…or perhaps you make the mistake that there are none in your area. 

Marketing to the Affluent will fix that for you.   This live event was attended by GKIC’s “Superstars”…GOLD members, DIAMOND members, Peak Performers, Info-MASTERMIND members, and Platinum members who “get it”.

These people are voracious acquirers and users of information, who make more money with greater ease each and every time they pay attention and listen to GKIC and me.

And this includes the members I talk about over and over again in our Newsletter who keep getting smarter, faster, more adept, and richer month after month…year after year!

Here’s Just SOME Of what You’ll Discover:

  • What makes the affluent REALLY buy.  Most marketers make the mistake of assume that “what they like…everybody else will like too”.  That’s definitely not the case, as I give you the “lowdown” on what REALLY works when marketing to the affluent!
  • 6 Industries that are literal hotbeds for affluent people. If you’re just getting into business and are a “newbie” then this could be a goldmine for you.  I unveil 40 years of research and some updated NEW stuff based on my latest research in this area.
  • The vast “price spread” between stuff that’s sold at Wal-Mart and more upscale stuff in shops for the affluent.   I was once in Beverly Hills shooting an infomercial and there was a store with NO price tags.  When I asked the price of a jacket I wanted the clerk said, “If you have to know the price, then you don’t belong here!”  You’d be SHOCKED at the money that’s sloshing around out there—you might as well go and get some of it!
  • How to gain confidence to sell to the affluent.  This is key, and I give you some very important pointers you MUST implement if you’re going to market to the affluent…and have confidence of doing so!
  • The TRUTH about millionaires and how they think.   This will give you an unfair advantage in your market and allow you to exploit for profits. This alone will truly be “money” for your business!
  • The #1 thing you MUST do when approaching the affluent.   This is something we do all the time at GKIC…and you should do it as well!
  • The 3 “top secret” triggers you can exploit to sell more to the affluent.  And it’s not the same as people who make buying decisions based on price!
  • ….and a whole LOT more!

How Much Is It Worth To You To Acquire The
Secrets To Attracting Customers, Clients, And Patients for Whom Price Is Not An Issue?

When you consider that the people who attended this event paid at least $2000 to listen to “the best of the best” with Dan Kennedy and GKIC, the price point of a mere $1000 is a no-brainer.

Especially considering the years of trial, error, and testing it took to unearth these secrets—which are worth a HECKUVA lot more than just $1000!

This stuff isn’t theory…these strategies are PROVEN to attract affluent customers like dogs attract flies.

So if you don’t think this information is a bargain at $1000 then this is simply NOT for you.  Especially when you consider attracting just one of these “big spender” customers can be worth several times that figure.

And if you want a better deal, I’m going to give you a one-time deal to get these ALL NEW marketing to the affluent secrets for just $297. 

Sure you could spend all your time scratching and clawing with the masses to get “el cheapo” customers.   And when you get tired of that nonsense, you’re welcome to come back.

But wouldn’t it be smarter to invest in your business NOW while the grass is still greener and before your competition catches on? 

Frankly, considering the value of attracting customers, clients, and patients for whom price is not an issue—price shouldn’t be an issue for you either…

…that is, if you’re serious about attracting and doing business with the affluent, mass-affluent, and ultra-affluent that possess the majority of the spending power!

Best part: there’s absolutely NO RISK thanks to my…

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