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What Is This Course All About?
After mentoring nearly a thousand students, I’ve started to see a distinct pattern between those who fulfil their potential and those that don’t. It had to do with what they were doing outside of their business that was having a direct link to it. Things like their mindset, their health, their routines, their systems & structures and their social circle.

Kaizen cure is for those who currently have a business and want to take it to the next level, whether you’re trying to go from $0-$10k per month or from $10-50k per month. The secrets and hacks within this program are the ONLY differences between the ultra successful to those still struggling.
Week 1: Free Your Mind
  • The Reason You’re Re-Living The Same Day (CRAZY Revelation)
  • How To Break Out Of Your Viscous Loop 
  • You Are Not Your Mind (How I Disciplined My Mind)
  • Momentum Is Money 
  • The Only Variable To Your Success… 
  • You Get What You Think You Deserve (The Reason You Self-Sabotage)
  • How To Start Meditation For Beginners
  • Meditation Advice From My Coach
  • The Life Changing Gratitude Exercise (Life Changing)
  • Slow & Steady Wins The Race
Week 2: Heal Your Body
  • The Money Is In Your Sleep 
  • Intermittent Fasting Crash Course (How I Work SMARTER Than Others)
  • The Best Supplement Stack (INSANE Benefits)
  • The Cure For Cravings 
  • Hacks For Peak Energy & How It Changed My Life
  • Understanding The Thermogenic Effect 
Week 3: Secure Your Systems
  • How I Wake Up At 5:30AM With 3 SIMPLE Tools
  • My ‘Money’ Morning Routine 
  • My Night Time Routine
  • How I Plan My Days For Max. Efficiency
  • Build A Fence Around Social Media & Get Shit Done
  • Apps & Software To Make Your Life Easier
Week 4: Transcend Your Social
  • How To Audit Your Circle & Decide Who To Keep
  • How To Network With High Level People
  • How I Met My Mentors (Life Changing)
  • The Secret To Getting Rid Of Toxic People (This’ll Save You)
  • Different Friends For Different Days (How To Build Long Lasting Friendships)
  • The Easiest Way To Network At Scale 
  • How To Deal With Hate & Negativity (The 3 ‘No BS’ Methods)
Week 5: Bonuses
  • IPAs (My Secret Weapon)
  • How To Buy Success…
  • What To Do If Your Parents Don’t Believe In You
  • How I Built A Whole Ecosystem of Accountability 
 Is this program for me?
If you’re not happy with how much money you’re making, this course is a MUST – No matter if you’re making $3k or $300k per month. Buying success is easy, you just pay someone to teach you the tactics. I like to call the tactics the pot of gold. The issue is that the pot of gold is 99% of the time behind a wall. The worst part is that wall is created by you. My other programs like Six Figure SMMA & Influencer Ignited are the pot of gold… Kaizen Cure is what will break the wall you’ve created so you can get to the pot of gold.


 Does support come with the program?
This program comes with a highly dedicated & active mentorship group. I’m active and answer questions in there. Furthermore, I host a LIVE coaching call once a month. With my agency clients, I charge $750-$1k for an hour of consulting. You’re getting this MONTHLY, which is easily worth x12 the price of the course alone.


 What if I am unhappy with the course?
Refunds given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior, and has viewed less than 20% of the course. Whether or not you click on the COMPLETE & CONTINUE button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 20% of the modules in the course, whether or not you view the videos. Absolutely NO exceptions!

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