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High-Ticket Groups & Programs

The Key To High-Ticket Groups & Programs

Despite all the hype around what it takes to  create High-End Groups & Programs, like marketing and selling, the ability to design and deliver what you bring at extremely high-value to clients is what makes them work … and positions you as an expert.

Plain and simple, if you’re an expert advisor … i.e.: a coach, consultant, trainer … you may be where I was 25 years ago.

You want to build a practice/business that allows you to work with the clients you want to work with, doing what you want to do, and make the kind of money you hope to make.

Well I totally get that.

I was there once too!

In the early 1990s I had just gotten my certification as an NLP Trainer, and I remember thinking that if I could only make $50,000 as an NLP Trainer, i.e.: not having to do anything but working with clients using NLP and running NLP trainings, I would have it all.

Well, fortunately for me that happened within that year, but truth be told, it wasn’t all I hoped it would be.

So I went back to the drawing board and reviewed my thinking and my plan of action, and something became obvious to me.

I needed a High-Ticket Offering!

My Story ….

Very simply by 1995 I had developed a single High-Ticket Program for Major Sales Professionals that came from my years selling high-ticket architectural design to very wealthy clients. I knew this material inside and out, and I knew the it could make a huge difference to sales professionals who needed to sell complex, high-ticket, offerings, that were often intangible as well.

Within a year I was selling that program internationally into multinational corporations for more than $40,000/week … and I was booked for up to 42 weeks a year doing it!

Somehow I cracked the code to a multi-million dollar professional practice. The next step for me was to dissect the code so I could replicate it again. I did that and designed several more High-Ticke programs that made me millions in the years that followed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, making A LOT OF MONEY was great … but, I also love the results I was getting with my clients and the results they were getting using what I was offering them.

I didn’t know it then, but because my programs worked so well, I stopped having to really work to sell them. Instead of trying to convince people to buy what I was offering, two things happened, my reputation began to proceed me BECAUSE OF THE PROGRAMS I DESIGNED … and, the referrals I was getting exceeded by far what I could have hoped to earn if I had to constantly sell my programs to cold prospects.

Now I want to teach you the exact “code” I cracked so you can design your own High-Ticket programs that will position you as the expert you are and want to be known as, with the specific clients you want to be working with, doing what you want to be doing … and, getting paid incredibly well for it.

This is what High-Ticket Groups and Programs is all about … it’s the ultimate insider’s guide to making it big as an expert advisor!

Is this your time to exceed yourself?

The Training

We’ll cover everything you need to know in the five modules of the High-Ticket Groups & Programs to create ongoing success in just five essential modules:

  1. Finding Your Topic
  2. Designing The Program
  3. Identifying the Audience
  4. Finding Clients
  5. Selling The Package

The Nitty-Gritty Details

There is a lot of material we will cover in this program, going into deep detail to ensure that you have a step-by-step process you can follow as we build each element of the program. We will take our time over the course of five weeks so you can do the create the individual pieces you need as we go along.

You’ll also have access to my private training platform and we’ll cover the material for the module we’re working on with the specific things you need to do to make it work for you in the member’s only forum there where you can share what you’re working on with the group and me, and get feedback to confirm you’re on the right track as well as refine and improve what you’ve created.

In addition to the on-line training you’ll also get my custom designed lists and assignments that will give you the steps you need to develop your program from start to finish.

Once you’ve been through the five modules of the program you’ll have selected your topic, designed your program, identified your audience, found clients for your program and sold the program to your first clients.

High-Ticket Groups & Programs Private Access Membership

Get the High-Ticket Groups & Programs training including the entire five module video based training, access to the private member’s only platform where you can share your work and receive feedback for five weeks as you progress in the training, and all of Joseph’s additional support materials as well.

 Module One – Finding Your Topic:

In this module we will cover what may be the most essential  aspect of the High-Ticket Groups & Programs  training. You will learn how to identify a topic which has three essential qualities to it that you must have in place to succeed:

1) There’s a strong desire for it in the market, and specifically  with the audience that you intend to work with …

2) You are passionate about the topic and will be willing to invest the time and energy required to create a world-class program …

3)  You are the right person to deliver the material to the group onion the program you are designing ,and have enough expertise to be seen as a thought leader, or you are willing to become that expert.

By the end of the module you will know how to select the right topic that meets all three criteria and begin to organize yourself as a world-class expert/thought leader in relation to it

Module Two – Designing The Program:

Once  you have a topic your ready to commit to, you’re ready to begin designing your program material that will deliver the results to your participants and clients.

We will cover how to build your program so that the material is accessible, engaging, entertaining, interesting, informative and memorable.  When you hit all these points in your program design your audience will get what they are paying for and you’ll get their respect and gratitude, as well as referrals to their family, friends, colleagues and associates.

Module Three – Identifying The Audience:

This is where the “rubber hits the road” because if you don’t have an audience that matches your topic and program design you may have the greatest program on the planet, but it won’t be a High-Ticket program.

We began with you and now it’s time to coordinate and synchronize your hard work with the what your audience wants from you. We will cover exactly how to identify th perfect audience that will become your personal tribe for the High-Ticket Group or Program you have designed.

Module Four – Finding Clients:

Okay, so now you have a program that you have designed and an audience that you have identified.

It’s time to get to work on connecting what you’ve done with real people out in the world who want what you have … and are willing to pay for it.

We will present the main ways to get your message in from of your audience so they are primed to buy what you’re offering and pay what you’re asking. Setting things up right at this point makes all the difference in taking what you have done and creating ongoing success.

Module Five – Selling The Package:

Knowing what to say and how to say it when your ideal clients start reaching out to you is what moves you from almost succeeding to being able to bank on the program you’ve designed.

In this module will lay out the exact step-by-step process for converting interest into action.

BONUS: Kick-Ass Consulting Strategies

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