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About High Ticket Dropshipping Academy

High Ticket Dropship Academy is a course created by AJ Jomah, the founder of 7 Figure Skills, a training institute that teaches a variety of courses in the eCommerce business domain. He has made various courses ranging from Amazon FBA to print on demand.

High Ticket Dropshipping Academy is a course developed by AJ Jomah and his team.

High Ticket dropshipping is basically dropshipping expensive items. Items like these are harder to sell online as a brand without an established name. The course promises rapid profits and an effortless business model proving to be an instant red flag, as high profit margins are the furthest thing from a rapid profit.

NOTE: We currently recommend eCom Success Academy over High Ticket Dropshipping Academy. eCom Success Academy is one of our highest rated online courses with over 4 stars in each category. Here’s why 

About AJ Jomah, the Course Creator

AJ Jomah was previously in the restaurant business started from rock bottom in 2014 after claiming to sell his restaurants, losing money in investments, and on top of that a divorce. He gives many talks about facing his greatest fear and realizing that the only way to go from rock bottom is up. He discovered dropshipping in 2014 and within 8 months of sold his first dropshipping business for $2 million dollars. All of it seems to be too cinematic to be true.

High Ticket Dropshipping Academy Pricing

The 7 Figure Skills site has three options for the course each with different perks. The three options have changed names over the years and have also varied in price but the basic essence of the three levels of the course remains the same. The first one is the standard package called an “Everything Course” for $1997 dollars. This includes all the course material. It was previously called the “Basic Package” and cost $1297.

High Ticket Dropshipping Academy’s Curriculum

The curriculum modules have changed over time. To its credit, that means it’s being frequently updated and not left abandoned like others. In its current iteration, the course is a collection of separate modules and resources.

Phase 1- Foundation

Foundation is a kind of prepper introduction that describes the course outline and tries to get the student in the right mindset for the dropshipping journey. AJ includes his success story in this section as a way to inspire and prepare students for the challenges ahead, but more so to validate their expensive leap. It includes a goal-setting workbook that is a sort of personal checklist of questions one needs to ask themselves before setting out to start an online business. It’s a very cheap way to include course material and doesn’t provide any real value.

Phase 2- Finding Your Niche.

This module starts out by setting your expectations of time and money to run the store. It goes into detail about selecting the right niche and product for you, covering the various ways to approach analyzing a niche. There is a price estimation section that helps you pick the right asking price for your product in relation to your profit margins. Finally, it then goes into brand building and market selection, mainly taught through a case study for a million-dollar dropshipping business. It ends with a set of actionable steps to take, mostly obvious things like “research your niche” or “start a landing page”.

Phase 3-Validating Your Niche.

This module is where it starts to present value. Jomah describes a method of using Google Shopping to find the correct price range for your products. He goes into researching the details that you need to validate your niche, including average product price in that niche, target demographic, existing brands, dropshipping “friendliness” and availability of suppliers. This module stands out against typical dropshipping courses as it streamlined the thought process it takes to pick the right niche before dropping money on the enterprise. This module can be quite helpful, as researching profit margins and average price isn’t something many courses go through.

Phase 4 – Creating Your Store

Every dropshipping course has a part like this, and it’s by far the weakest of the sections. It’s just a walk through of how to use Shopify.  A technically minded person can even figure these out on their own relatively quickly. It does come with a custom Shopify theme that might be useful for some people, but nothing that makes this section worth the money. This entire section, like most, is over explained and unnecessary.

Phase 5 – Finding and Contacting Suppliers

This one is on of the more helpful modules as it includes a supplier directory that you can use. A lot of the suppliers are outdated but it still serves as a useful and unique resource. The module has some guidelines on how to find the right suppliers, basically summarized as, “pick premium ones that are reliable and a little exclusive”. The section also comes with a sample email template that can be used to reach out to the supplier. Jomah also teaches students how to begin ordering sourced products, and the various terminology associated with them.  Overall this section may help someone get started provided their niche is covered by one of these suppliers, but it’s still not something that you can’t learn elsewhere.

Phase 6- Paid Targeted Traffic

This section tries to teach a complex subject with minimal effort. By personal experience and by reading the experiences of other users who paid for the course, all show that this module only supplies students with the bare minimum. It mentions search and banner ads, retargeting, google shopping ads and facebook ads. It talks about sales funnelsPPC and SEOAdwords, Google Shopping and more. Though this is a decent technical guide, there is no advanced subject here that is not present in other guides. It still requires a lot of trial and error from the student.

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