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Hacking Google

How to Combine Amazon’s Keyword Suggest Tool With Google’s Suite of Information Tools to Increase Your Book Sales!

Why Google Helps Complete The Picture

Google has several tools that I’m going to cover inside. 

The first is their own keyword suggestion tool. Like Amazon, it provides valuable information to you, as an author, if you know and understand how it works.

It’s not like Amazon’s.

Amazon’s tool is for driving sales. Google is providing information searchers suggestions based on popularity. But there is more to it than that.

If you know how their keyword tool works, you can easily infer a lot of useful information.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Google Has a Powerful, Free Tool, That Most Authors Don’t Even Know Exist.

And Here is the Proof That It Can Make You Money:

I found that keyword using the Amazon Suggest Tool. I then used the powerful suite of tools offered by Google to see how the market is, overall, for that genre. 

And all I can say is DAMN.

Google is predicting a jump in popularity by a factor of three.
This means that this niche is exploding in popularity.
That’s not all…

I Also Discovered…

  • What STATES and TOWNS are Desperately Searching For Those Keywords (Hint: You Can Use This Information to Target Cities and States With Facebook…)
  • What BOOK SITES I Need To List Books In (Amazon, Nook…and another one I was shocked by)
  • What Exact TITLES Readers Are Searching For and WHY.

All this means I can now turn my flopped promotions into sales…or I can build an entirely new series of books around this information, virtually guaranteed to sell!

Imagine Turning Your Flopped Promotions Into Winners, Overnight

Imagine finally knowing what is WRONG with your book promotions…

Imagine finally knowing what keywords to use, when to promote, and where you should promote your book.

Imagine not stressing over your book, trusting it’ll sell because you finally have access to the vital information you need.

And knowing what to do with that information.

Inside Hacking Google, You’ll Discover:

  • How to Combine The Amazon Suggestion Tool With Google’s Own Tools For More Book Sales
  • How to Spot Trends BEFORE They Are Popular
  • Why Google ______ Might Just Change Everything You Do With Your Books
  • How to Turn A Flopped Book Promotion Into Pure Gold
  • Where to List Your Books (Not Always Amazon!), WHEN To List Your Book (Not Always When You Think!) and What Keywords to Use!
  • Gain New Book Ideas Instantly
  • Case Study Examples!
  • And Much More!

I JUST Discovered a SECRET Google DOESN’T Want Author’s Knowing…

…They are Telling You EXACTLY WHERE and WHEN To Sell Your Books For MAXIMUM Book Sales!

  • Just Like Amazon, This POWERFUL Tool Is Free and They DON’T Talk About It!
  • Hidden In Plain Site and COMPLETELY Free
  • Discover Hot Selling Niches/Genres and Keywords BEFORE Any Other Author!

Rob here and last month I showed you the power of Amazon’s Keyword Suggestion Tool with Hacking Amazon.

By understanding how the keyword tool works, you are able to gather information on low-competition, selling book keywords which you can use for book promotions or the discovery of new niches!

Hacking Amazon Was Just the Start

Since my eyes were opened by paying attention to the inner workings of Amazon’s tool, I started paying attention to OTHER tools, offered for free, by big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple and more.

Next on my radar? 


Ever Have a Flopped Book Promotion?

Now before I get into Google and some magic that I’ve discovered with them, I want to ask  you something.

Have you ever been frustrated by, or worried about, a flopped book promotion?

You know, spending money on an ad, or book promotion site such as BookBub, or anything else and it being a complete waste of money?

Yeah. We all have.

And it’s frustrating too. We spend time writing our books and we want to see them sell. But we can’t always guarantee book sales with our promotions. 

Sometimes, things flop.

In fact, things flop a lot.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

When I was Studying Amazon’s Keyword Tool, I Realized Something

And That Revelation Nearly Knocked Me Off My Feet

What was this revelation?

It started with realizing the keyword tool frequently changes what it returns…which led me to discover the trend spotting capability of the suggest tool.

But more than that, it reminded me of ANOTHER tool that I can use to verify the growing demand of a book, a genre/niche or keywords….Google and it’s suite of tools it offers up, for free.

Immediately I went to several of my authors I work with and Sarah ran with it.

Sarah Took This Trend Spotting Information And Reran a Book Promotion that Flopped.

The Result Was a Night and Day Difference

Going from a flopped (zero sales) book promotion to suddenly selling over 70 copies… well let’s just say it verified everything I was seeing.

So I began paying attention to Google as well. 

And that leads me here today.

What if You Could’ve Discovered Adult Coloring Books BEFORE It Became Popular?

Remember that crazy trend? 

What if you could’ve gotten several coloring books out before competition was fierce? Before the trend was set?

Imagine having optimized coloring books waiting inside Amazon right as the niche was exploding?

What difference do you think that would’ve made for your bottom line?

Not just coloring books, though.

What about BDSM romance/erotica right before 50 Shades of Grey became popular?

Or a new diet fad that sweeps the world?

It’s Better Than That Though…What If Your Flopped Book Promotions Could Turn to Gold if You Only Knew WHEN and WHERE You Need to Promote?

You see, they say timing is everything. And sometimes the issue with book promotions have little to do with your book, and more to do with when the market is hungry for your type of book.

You would want to know that information, right?

As soon as Sarah used what I was finding, she discovered she borked up her promotions badly.

Wrong keywords, wrong locations to promote and most importantly, wrong timing.

She zigged when she should’ve zagged. 

But when she fixed it, it made a HUGE difference.

And I’m going to show you everything inside…

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