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[SUPER HOT SHARE] From Single to Scale

Take your single person business to scale.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your business. To small to grow or scale. Not enough time to develop your business. This is exact book you need to break the cycle and grow your business, from single to scale.

Scale Your Business To Profit

  1. Generate more profit and income by following the 3 laws of scale
  2. Consultants, freelancers, directors and micro-businesses can ALL scale
  3. Give yourself more time back and increase your profit
  4. Find more customers and increase the size of your audience
  5. Create multiple products easily and fast without investing anything


Do I have to do the work or can I outsource it to someone else?

You can’t scale if you’re building and doing everything yourself. Are you a working in your business or working on your business? Find out how to remove yourself from the process.


Can I receive 1000 orders tomorrow and handle it?

Could you even receive 2 orders tomorrow? No matter how many customers you can service, you need to be able to deal with more. We’re going to show you how even therapists and consultants can increase their capacity.


Is the process/delivery repeatable so anyone can do it?

If you can’t repeat a process then you can’t scale. Custom built furniture? Can’t scale. You have to be able to get anyone to deliver your results to customers. We’re going to show you how.

You Must Scale Your Business

From Single To Scale walks through the entire process of building a scalable business from the seemingly impossible place of “being just one person”.

If you know that you need to earn more, give yourself more time and keep more profit, this book will show you how.

If you’re tired of eating petrol station sandwiches and working crazy hours to satisfy low value customers, you need this book.

We’ll explore how to beat that feast and famine cycle of work and how to hire staff without taking on permanent and expensive hires.


I have followed Mike for a couple of years buying everything that he comes out with. This book does not disappoint, I can’t say enough amazing things about this book and about Coach Mike. Stop reading and start buying.


Michael’s book, whilst potentially not being aimed at someone like myself who has been in business for over 11 years – still contained many eye opening moments. I am well aware that I need to properly scale what I’m personally doing and his book has given me a huge kick up the backside. I was hesitant to buy it, thinking that it wouldn’t be for me – but actually the book was aimed at someone like myself far more than I could have ever realised.


This book does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ (book cover). A fabulous resource for any single person business/entrepreneur. Includes an an abundance of real-world, tried-and-tested, and most importantly, immediately implementable tactics, to grow and scale your business. Highly recommended.


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. You can really connect with Mike and his story telling. It touches on so many aspects of running a business that, unfortunately, very few SME’s realise they need, especially the sections on profit and systemising processes. I have already recommended his book to several people and will continue with that.


From Single to Scale is more than a book, it’s a roadmap that’s packed full of so much information that you almost feel like Killen is giving away the farm.


How single person, small and micro-businesses and entrepreneurs can scale their business to profit.

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