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The Levels of Energy Video Course

The Levels of Energy Online Course takes 10 weeks as internal life-coach Frederick Dodson presents a step-by-step path to ascending levels of emotion and consciousness all the way to the highest states possible in a human lifetime.

The Levels of Energy Live Course as taught from 2006 to 2020 has now been encapsulated into this lovingly crafted, online video course. Based on the bestselling books “Levels of Energy” and “Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” and the fruits of 25 years of Coaching, the Course offers a clear guide and a step-by-step path to ascending levels of emotion and consciousness all the way to the highest states possible in a human lifetime. While it is not claimed that Spiritual Enlightenment can be taught online, this process provides very explicit glimpses of higher states beyond the ordinary. Those who haven’t been able to visit live seminars can now gain a direct experience of ascending them from their own homes. Those who have attended the seminars can repeat and deepen what they have practiced.

The Levels of Energy Online Course is meant to be studied and practiced for 10 weeks, in which you learn:

* How to release negative emotions

* How to gradually rise on the scale of energy.

* How to generate boundless creativity, productivity and zest

* How to remain fully present, even in difficult situations

* How to move from past-programming to the eternal Now.

* Stop over-analyzing life and start receiving it intuitively

* Experience glimpses of Spiritual Enlightenment

* Break through Mental Limitations

* High awareness of your own state and the state of others

* Increased ability to help people

* Explore Higher Realms of Consciousness

* Meditate while walking, talking and doing

* Attracting a Soulmate

* Clearing Stuck Emotions

* Effortlessly allow a state of lasting happiness

* Become an expert at consciousness levels so that you can integrate them into your own work, in your social life, in Business and your relationships.

Contained in this Course are also a full days worth of Footage from the Levels of Energy Live Course, Training Videos and Downloadable Worksheets as well as the Bonus Materials “Attention Training”, “Emotional Clearing” and more.

The Reality Creation Video Course

The Reality Creation and Manifestation Online Course summarizes 25 years of Live Seminars into 10 Weeks in which Frederick Dodson presents a step-by-step path to the speedy Manifestation of your goals and dreams.

For the very first time the contents of Reality Creation Retreats and Live Seminars and the fruits of 25 years of Live Coaching is wrapped up in one intense, super-efficient and timeless Online Video Course. This is a simple, clear and flexible life guide which you can use and go back to whenever you need and want.

The Reality Creation and Manifestation Online Course summarizes 25 years of Live Seminars into a step-by-step path to the speedy Manifestation of your goals and dreams. If you have not been able to visit Reality Creation Retreats or Live Coaching, these Videos will give you the most direct experience of the awesome effectiveness of Reality Creation.

The Course contains 14 (not publicly available) Training Videos (HD Quality) and Downloadable Worksheets. The Course also contains footage from Live Reality Creation Retreats.

The Reality Creation and Manifestation Online Course is split into Segments in which you learn:

* Which goals are uniquely right-for-you

* How to use Imagination not for Fantasizing but Real-Life-Results

* How to convert Fantasy to Belief and Belief to Reality

* How to wipe out Doubt and build true Confidence

* The best manifesting techniques demonstrated

* Examples of some of the most amazing real-life goal-manifestations

* How a radical overhaul of your self-image leads to speedy reality-shifts

This Course is founded on 30 years of experience, intense study, experimentation and results-orientation. It is easily the best manifestation-course on planet Earth.

Start the journey of creating a new reality that suits you now.

The Money Training Video Course

Money Training is a 3 Week Video Course that summarizes 30 years of coaching work on financial abundance into an easy-to-learn, speedily effective program to help you get richer.

The program is created and presented by Frederick Dodson, author of “Prosperity Consciousness” and “Success Attracts Success”and “Magnetic Wealth Attraction. The Course is presented in 12 Videos, several Audios and Worksheets.

You will NOT learn about the usual new-age tripe on “positive thinking” which does not lead to wealth What you are instead learning in this Course is:

* How Identity, Character and Self-Image attract Wealth

* How to build and Celebritize your Public Image

* How to perceive, create and offer Value

* How to think, feel, act, dress, walk and talk like a Billionaire

* How to become well-known and respected in your field

* How to increase your sphere of influence

* The power of creative Pioneering

* How and Why to generate passive Income

* How to read the markets as a game-of-energy

* How to fully restore Integrity and what this has to do with wealth attraction

* How and why to benefit and empower others

* Why most of what you think you “know” about money is wrong

* How to access deep-layer Core Beliefs about Reality and change them

This Course summarizes my lifes work on “Money Coaching”. It is stripped of all excess info-baggage and cuts to the core of what does and does not generate financial abundance. As such, it will save you a lot of time, energy and money because you will not need any further general training on money. The 3 Week Video Course contains teachings that have made many of my students quite rich throughout the years.

Knowing that one can only become successful by making others successful, it is my intention that you get much more long-term benefit out of this Course than you expected.

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