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Here’s The NEW WAY  To Get As Many Customers, Clients, And Sales As You Can Handle.

…Even if you hate selling,
even if you hate writing copy,
and even if you’ve struggled in the past!

Dear Friend,

This letter is about a completely different approach to marketing that virtually eliminates the need to be “salesy”, eliminates the need to make huge crazy promises, eliminates the need to be a virtuoso marketer, and quite frankly …just may work better than anything you’ve ever seen.

To Make Money So Easily?”

I almost fell out of my chair when he asked me that.

The guy was a sales rep for a major magazine and his job was to sell horribly overpriced advertising to big, dumb companies who didn’t know any better.

We were taking shop and after a great deal of prodding from him, I’d finally showed him a recent campaign I’d helped a professional services company with.

The campaign brought in over just over $1 million dollars in about 14 days, and the marketing cost for it had peanuts compared to what he was charging his poor clients.

Here he was selling millions of dollars to big corporations who rarely (if ever) saw a return on their investment …and one of my little homespun creations had just cracked the million-dollar mark and showed no signs of slowing down.

He was shocked, flabbergasted, skeptical, and desperate to know more.

It Started With A Discovery
I Made Three Years Ago

I was 38 years old, and was looking at early retirement because I’d just finished a string of multi-million dollar promotions and product launches …and had stockpiled double-digit millions at a breakneck speed.

I was in a great place financially, but the road that got me there was completely crazy!

Let me give you a quick rundown of what happened.

My first quick million came in 2006 when I sold 100 seats to a seminar at $10,000.00 each.

I’d never actually held a seminar before and I’d certainly never sold anything for $10,000.

I Was Terrified!

But I went for it anyway. As they say …nothing ventured, nothing gained.

To make a long story short, I sold all 100 seats in a grand total of 54 minutes.

I’m pretty sure it was the first (and maybe the only) time in history anyone ever sold a million dollars in seminar seats in just 54 minutes.

After that, I decided to break history again by writing a campaign that brought in …

$1.4 Million Dollars
In Four Hours.

Now this was crazy.

It was the first time I’d ever had a private client.

Up until then I always sold my own products …but all my heroes like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Gary Halbert, had ALL been marketing consultants and …well, I wanted to be just like them.

So despite my complete lack of experience or credentials, I somehow managed to get my first client.

I was so nervous that I didn’t even charge money up front. I just agreed to work on a percentage of sales.

Anyway – to make it even crazier, the product we were selling was something I was totally unfamiliar with.

It was all about …

How To Pick Up Women!

Oh man. I was very shy growing up, and at that time I’d already been married for about 7 years.

And it wasn’t even a happy marriage! In fact, it ended a few short years later.

So I was far from an expert on the topic.

I didn’t know a thing about dating, my marriage was falling apart, and here I was – expected to sell a product on dating for men.

It was like a fat guy at a pie eating contest being asked to sell a course on becoming a triathlete.

Not pretty!

And did I tell you the product was $3,500.00? There had never …EVER …in the history of the “dating advice” market been an information product that cost that much.


So it was intimidating to say the least.

But to make a long story short, we worked hard for about six weeks and when it came time for the product to go on sale, we SOLD IT OUT in four hours.

When the dust settled, the sales total for the day was $1,400,000.00.

Not only was this the first time anyone in the “Internet Marketing Community” had done over a million dollars in sales in one day in a “non marketing” niche, it was also the first time anyone in the “Dating

The cheap Ikea desk and laptop used to sell $1.4 million in four hours.

Now, by then it was 2007 and I was just starting to get “known” as the go-to guy for really successful campaigns.

In fact, right after the “Pick up Girls” promotion, I wrote a campaign for another client and they ended up doing just over …

$18 MILLION In Sales
In A Total Of 24 Hours!

They were a company that taught SEO optimization to small businesses and I’d taken them as a client in the summer of 2006.

By that Christmas, we’d wrapped up the highest grossing campaign in the history of the Internet Marketing industry.

And would you believe that because I was new to consulting and didn’t really know what I was doing, I only charged $25,000.00 for that?

I laugh now but at the time, it was a hard pill to swallow! Obviously I was glad to have done a good job for my clients, but man! I made them $18 million bucks!

I probably could have charged more lol.

Anyway, by now I was starting to have the same thought you might be having which is …

“Why Not Sell Your Own Stuff
So You Can Keep ALL The Money?”

And that’s exactly what I did.

I decided to teach the marketing techniques I’d been using for these crazy campaigns that were breaking records and making history …so I created my first blockbuster product.

It was called Mass Control and you’ve probably heard about it.

In fact, if you check your inbox and take a look at what the today’s marketers are sending you, chances are it’s heavily influenced by what they learned from me in Mass Control.

But that’s not what this letter is about. Mass Control was created in 2008. Five years ago.

That’s an eternity in “Internet Years”.

The only reason I mention it is because it did …

$9,291,664.00 In Sales!

That’s over NINE MILLION DOLLARS! And it was still just me …writing from my laptop on my same little Ikea desk.

And here’s the crazy part – if you add up all the time the product was ever available for sale, it’s a little over a week.

After that, I created and sold a newsletter called Mass Control Monthly that grew to six figures per month in recurring revenue.

Next, I created another product called List Control and it did just over FOUR MILLION in sales.

And by the time 2011 rolled around, I’d sold close to $20 MILLION DOLLARS of my own products …and had brought in an additional seven figures per year in affiliate sales …and in fees and royalties from private clients.

So that’s why I thinking about retiring at age 38.

But there was another, darker reason I was looking at retiring as well …

Advice” industry had ever sold anything so expensive!

So all the hard work paid off, and my share of the profits was just over $300,000.00.

Not bad for a few weeks of hard work with just a laptop and a chep desk from Ikea!

Terrible Danger Was On The Horizon

Marketers from all kinds of niches were getting “slapped” by google – having their accounts banned for life …just for using an opt-in page!

And it wasn’t just Google.

All major search engines and ad networks were flat out refusing to send traffic to sites that actually tried to make a sale.

So if you used an opt in page, had a sales video, or God forbid …a long form sales letter …you risked being labeled as a scammy, spammy huckster and being banned from your traffic sources for the rest of your life.

And if you think about it,

Trouble Was BOUND To Happen.

Things had really gotten out of hand.

I first started noticing it when the whole “Launch” frenzy was born.

Now – product launches are a staple part of any good marketing plan. I’ve had three of them in the course of my career and they’ve made me millions. So don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan.

…But there came a time when there was a new product launch every single day!

People were coming out of the woodwork to try to get anything and everything they could into the hands of the hundreds of affiliates who’d happily pummel their lists with an endless barrage of overblown hype …just to make a commission.

As a result, the market became angry, jaded, and skeptical.

This Was A One-Way Street To DISASTER.

…And I wanted no part of it!

The Internet Marketing community had been incredibly good to me, and I wasn’t going to participate in the “slash and burn” marketing that was giving our business …our very way of life … a bad name.

So I did what any red-blooded young man with a pile of new money would do …

I Quit!

I stopped selling products, I stopped participating in promotions, I stopped emailing my subscribers, I stopped writing blog posts, I stopped making videos …I basically vanished.

Plus – on a personal note, I’d just gotten through a divorce and had finally started dating again.

I met a really special lady named Natalia and knew – without question – that she was “the one” …and I wanted to focus on having a life with her.

So that’s exactly what I did!

I ended up taking the better part of a year off traveling the world with Natalia and using all the “persuasion” skills I could muster in an effort to convince her to marry me.

Lucky for me, it worked! (In fact, we just had our second baby – a girl!)

The Discovery That Changed Everything

Natalia and I were in Amalfi, Italy on one of our trips and I was reading a book on the balcony of our hotel.

Now just because I was out of the “Internet Marketing” world didn’t mean I’d given up the art of marketing. That was, and will always be a passion of mine. (What can I tell you? I’m weird! Some guys like sports. My “thing” is marketing and advertising.)

Anyway – this was – naturally – a book on marketing. A very rare, very obscure out of print book that was almost impossible to find.

And man, was it hard to read! The guy wrote like a trigonometry professor on valium. Super dry and very boring.

But he made one point that reached out and hit me like a slug to the chest.

He said that a true master doesn’t even have to try to sell.

He said that a true master makes his advertising …his marketing …his entire pitch …a thing of value to the prospect.

And he said that if you make your marketing itself something that’s valuable and helpful to your prospects …

You won’t even have to try to sell them because they’d beat a pathway to your door!

He went on to give all these classic case studies and examples from the 1900’s where people sold gazillions of dollars worth of just about everything from toothpaste to beer …and they did it by doing the exact opposite of what we’d been seeing in “Internet Marketing”.

Seriously. It took “soft sell” to a new level. And back then, it worked like crazy.

But I’ve got to admit …at first I didn’t really pay it much mind.

I thought,

This Won’t Work Online.

I mean c’mon.

It wasn’t the early 1900’s anymore.

You and I have more competition than ever. Our prospects see hundreds …if not thousands of emails, banners, PPC ads, facebook posts …you name it … they’re constantly bombarded with the “latest and greatest” marketing methods.

And besides, I’d already heard about (and was using) the old “move the free line” approach that everyone in Internet Marketing has talked about for years.

As cool as it sounded, I thought it was a little too simple and out-dated.

So I put the book down and Natalia and I went out for ice cream.

Now here’s where it gets weird.

Remember when I told you about how in 2006, I helped that one client do $18 million in sales with one promotion?

And remember how I told you how little I charged them?

Well, I guess they felt I was underpaid because a short while after that massive success, the client surprised me with an unusual and unexpected gift. It was …

A $40,000.00 Gold Watch!

Holy crap! That thing cost more than my first house (literally) and to tell you the truth, I was a little intimidated to wear it.

I looked like a rapper or something with it on.

I remember showing it to my father and he said it looked like “a big gold biscuit”!

Anyway – it’s a super nice watch that spends most of it’s time in a shoebox because I’m afraid to mess it up.

Now – why am I telling you about this, you ask?

Because This Watch Led Me To The
Amazing Discovery That Can
Change Your Business Forever!

I’m terrible at packing so I asked Natalia to pack my stuff for our trip to Italy.

She’s not a “watch person” and to her, they all kind of look the same.

So guess which watch she packed?  Yep. The Big Gold Biscuit.

“What The Hell Is This Guy Doing??”

Keep with me just a little longer here – you’re about to hear something really weird.

OK so remember I told you we went to get ice cream?

Well, we walk down to the little village and made it to the ice cream (they call it “Gelato”) place right as the owner was closing it up for the day.

I thought we were out of luck , but he let us in and even served us himself.

And as I’m handing him my money, he breaks into this big smile and says, “Heeeey! Nice watch!!”

“Thanks, it’s a …”, I said, as I began to tell my story of how I got it.

I was going to say “It’s a gift from a client” but before I could get the words out, he yells …

“Cartier Pasha Seatimer Chronograph! The 42.5 millimeter in pink gold!”

“Rare watch …” he says. “Rare watch.”

“Really? I don’t know much about watches”, I tell him.

“I’ll buy it from you right now”he said.

And before I could say anything, he lifts up his sleeve and says, “I have the same watch in yellow gold …and I’ve been looking for the pink gold version for years!”

I was floored.

Not because he had the same watch (which, admittedly, was a little weird) but because the guy’s watch was worth more than my first home …and here he was …trying give me money for another one like it!

But that’s not what got me going. It was the fact that apparently, this guy was making a fortune …just selling ice cream.

“There’s gotta be more to it than just ice cream”, I thought as I very, very politely bid him good night and walked out the door.

“Maybe he’s in the Mafia.”

A surprise gift from a client, this watch would later become known as “the Big Gold Biscuit”, and spark a chain of events that changed my business forever.

So I Decided To Spy On Him.

OK that sounds a little weird.

I didn’t hide outside of his windows or anything but I did stake out his store several times a day. I couldn’t help it! (And hey – it was a good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream.)

Anyway, I had to figure out how this guy was making so much money. Who knows? Maybe I could learn something.

Natalia and I on one of our many “spy missions” to the Gelato place. You can see the owner behind us, in his usual spot in the doorway.

And that’s exactly what happened.

See, he really was making all that money selling ice cream.

Here’s how he did it.

In Amalfi, it gets really hot.

And the tourists just aren’t used to it.

So this guy would have his employees “patrol” the area by his shop and just give away these little sample-sized cups of ice cream while he stood in the doorway and waved at everyone with a smile.

They had trays with all these tiny little cups of ice cream on them and they’d just go up to people who were visibly hot and sweaty and say, “This is for you from the Gelato shop over there. It’s really hot today and I looks like you could use it.”

As they said it, they’d point to the owner standing in the doorway and he’d smile and wave.

That was it!

And here’s what I saw.

About 75% or so of the people who tasted the little Ice cream sample would immediately go in and buy a full serving.

And they’d buy a drink. And they’d come back later and do it again.

I tried to count how many customers but it was nearly impossible because there were so many! As best I could tell, he was doing about $6,000.00 a day selling ice cream. That’s …

Over TWO MILLION a year!

And that’s when that old marketing book started to really make sense.  I decided that in todays world, we have to do better than to just make our marketing valuable.

We have to have …

The Internet Equivalent
Of Free Ice Cream On A Scorching Hot Day

And that’s exactly what Mass Conversion is like.

It helps you create marketing that’s the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Instead of being pushy and salesy, it simply draws them in by helping them.

Just like the ice cream  in Amalfi, it satisfies your prospect’s immediate desire for results and satisfaction …and causes them to want more.

The First Test

When I returned from Italy, I went in search of all the old marketing guides I could find.

I decided that if they had over $100 million in sales under their belt, I wanted to study them.

I bought one out-of-print book for over $1,000.00. It was by a guy who …in one campaign …sold over $50 million dollars of health books …through full-page newsletter ads and direct mail letters. (And that was just one campaign. His life-long sales were in the hundreds of millions.)

I found a “bootleg” set of videos where the head of a $100 million per YEAR marketing company was teaching his marketing team how to write winning ads.

It cost me $5,000.00.

I dug up a field-guide by a man who made millions during the depression by selling little books about gardening and other hobbies.

When he started, he had to write his ads (and his books) in a tent …but his marketing was so powerful that it worked even when the country was in the throes of economic disaster.

All in all, I spent a fortune and the better part of four months locked away …learning what these “old school” masters of marketing had to share.

Finally, when I emerged from my “cave”, I had a plan to test these methods in today’s market.

I’d come up with a “template” for a promotion that utilized the common approaches shared by legendary marketing campaigns that …all combined …were literally responsible for billions in sales.

But There Was A

I know this is going to sound crazy and I sincerely wish I was making it up. But unfortunately, this is the truth.

I knew I’d stumbled on something big.

The more I studied these old ads, and the more I read the teachings of the men who wrote them, the more obvious it was that I’d stumbled on “The Holy Grail Of Marketing”.

I was so certain that I decided to use these forgotten marketing methods to sell another $10,000.00 seminar to my marketing list.

It was a pretty big gamble for a few reasons.

First, it was a $10,000.00 seminar …and that’s a pretty hard sale to make. Second, I’d basically abandoned my market for a the better part of a year.

For all I knew, they’d forgotten about me.

But I’ve always believed that if we GO FOR IT, we’ll probably make more money than we would if we did nothing …so I decided to give it my best.

And at first, it was going pretty well!

I started writing the promotions, I emailed my list, I told them to expect a big announcement from me, and I even decided to hold a webinar to sell seats to my seminar.

People were registering for it, they were emailing me, and everything seemed to be working!

But then my Natalia, who was now pregnant with our son, got sick.

Natalia on her first day in the hospital. Little did we know that 48 hours later, she’d be in a coma and on life support.

Within 48 Hours,
She Was In A Coma

She had pneumonia …and that turned into something called ARDS.

That stands for “Advanced Respiratory Distress Sysdrome and whatever you do NOT Google it.

That’ll totally freak you out. Trust me.

It’s a really bad respiratory problem that kills 40% of the people who have it …fast.

And the ones who do survive end up hooked up to a breathing machine for as long as a year or more …unable to even walk across the room.

So this was no joke. And the doctors had to put her into a medically induced coma and place her on life support. I’m talking about full-on breathing apparatus, ventilator, everything. It was beyond scary.

I sat by her side all day every day, and after a while …out of sheer nervous desperation and a need to occupy my mind with something besides fear and worry, I began working on the campaign.

It Was Grueling

Can you imagine?

But what else could I do?

desperately needed to keep busy so I wouldn’t freak out and have a total meltdown …so I worked on my sales presentation and all my marketing.

Now, I’d love to tell you that it was brilliant marketing and that the unbearable pressure brought out my inner genius …but that’s not what happened.

My Marketing Was Terrible

Oh man. It was obviously written by a man in shock …and I thought there was no way it would sell.

But hey …at least I’d had something the keep my mind occupied while I sat by my wife and unborn baby.

At least I had something to keep me from coming totally unglued.

And I really would have come totally unglued but thank God, she started to get better the very next day.

Within 3 days, they’d brought her out of the coma and taken her off life support. Keep in mind, most people with ARDS are in a coma and on life support for months …but she was only out for less than a week.

Tough, tough lady.

I’ll never forget her standing up on her own and taking those first few steps. She could barely talk because the ventilator and breathing-machine had torn her throat up pretty badly …but after she’d been up for a few hours, she asked me about the campaign.

“How did your work do?” she asked. I told her I wrote the promo and the sales presentation but I hadn’t released anything yet because …well …my pregnant wife was in a coma and I was totally freaking out.

“Go do it.”, she said. “The nurses told me you’ve been driving them crazy.”

So I did. Two days after she got off life support, I released the marketing and the sales presentation.

Two weeks later, I’d done …

In Sales!

It worked! I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I was a basket case when I wrote it …and it still worked!

And I’d been out of the picture for almost a year …and it still worked!

And I was selling a $10,000.00 seminar in the middle of a recession …and it still worked!

I knew I was on to something …and I’d just gotten $650,000.00 in sales to prove it.

But I couldn’t help but wonder …

If It Worked Under The Worst Circumstances Possible, What Would Happen Under Normal Conditions?

And if you thought it was working before, get a load of this …

Here’s What Happened On The Second Test

This was amazing.

The second time I tested this new approach, I decided to see how far I could push the whole “non-salesy” envelope.

So I created a sales presentation that was 100% pure content.

Literally. There was no intro, no story, no emotional stuff like we’ve been taught to do …just pure content.

I wanted to make the marketing so valuable that people would write me and say,

“Your Free Content Was Better Than
Everything I’ve Ever Bought.
Thank You!”

And to tell the truth I thought I might have gone a little overboard because there wasn’t really even a sales pitch!

Seriously. I was selling another $10,000.00 class, and in order for people to buy, they had to leave a deposit, talk to me on the phone, and then I’d interview them.

And what’s really crazy is the interview wasn’t even a sales pitch either! I ultimately ended up just giving them free advice on the phone and then at the end of the conversation saying something like, “oh yeah – do you want to take the class or what?”

I thought I’d fail miserably but …

It Did A Total Of
$1,145,695.00 In Sales!

And keep in mind …this was just on my own!

There was no launch, there were no JV’s, there were no affiliates, and there was no hype!

Plus I’d just started communicating with my marketplace again …remember, I’d been “missing” from the market for almost a year!

And what’s really crazy is that I didn’t have to “go nuts” and email my list all the time. In fact, it was the opposite!

It’s send a few emails, makes some sales, and then I’d relax for a month or so and spend time with my wife, my two daughters, and our new baby son.

Then when I felt like working, I’d basically run the exact same promotion again! It just kept on working like a machine.

But the best part was getting the floods of emails from people who were genuinely helped by the marketing itself.

Every day, people would reach out and tell me that just the promotional materials alone were worth more than the actual products my competition was selling.

And I knew I was planting the seeds for …

A Solid Stream Of
Continuous Sales And Profits!

In my next experiment, I decided to try something new.

Instead of teaching a class or selling a product, I decided to sell consulting and coaching services.

I created programs ranging from $3,860.00 per month …all the way to $9,750.00 per month.

The reason why is because of a few things.

First, I have a big family …so a continuous stream of steady monthly income is really important! And I wanted to create that for myself in a hurry.

Second, I’d had amazing success using my early Mass Conversion techniques to sell “one-off” things like a class …but would it work to sell a program where the customer paid me every month?

I decided to test it out and see for myself.

It Worked Way Better Than I Thought!

I ran the first campaign in January of 2013, and I used the same process I used for the other two.

I created a campaign that was basically 100% pure content. No hype.  No big, crazy promises. And no real pitch either!

I simply used Mass Conversion to genuinely deliver value, and then I let prospects know that if they wanted to talk to me about becoming a client, they could fill out an application and we’d take it from there.

By the end of January, I’d already built it up to …

Just Over $68,000.00 Per Month!

And remember …this was continuity! My customers gave me permission to charge their credit card every single month until the program ended.

By February, I’d decided to start testing new ways to get customers.

What if people didn’t have time to sit through my long presentations?

What if they wanted a faster way to make a decision?

So I created a new approach that simply involved a 5-page PDF.

It wasn’t really even a sales letter because they couldn’t actually buy anything from it!  All it did was offer a conversation with me, and invite them to apply to become a client.

Again absolutely no hype, no pressure, and nothing even remotely close to what you’re used to seeing from everyone else.

And again, it worked!

By the end of February, I’d built the program up to $195,760.00 in sales …for the month!

And remember …this was continuity income, so the money came in every month …until the program ended.

All in all, I collected …

$1,781,840.00 And Counting!

Check out this timeline.

We were in Italy in early September when the Ice Cream Incident occurred.

From late September to mid October, I spent a fortune on studying forgotten marketing campaigns that sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products.

I worked around the clock like a man possessed.

This is when I began formulating the methodology that became Mass Conversion.

Natalia went into her coma in late October.

I did the first experiment and sold the seminar in mid-November.

I taught it in December, and our son, Alexander, was born in January.

We didn’t have a spare moment to breathe!

But even in the midst of all this intense activity, I was working on perfecting what I’d learned.

Like I said, I really believe that what I discovered is the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing.

That’s why I didn’t wait to do another experiment. In February, I was back at it …and boy did it ever work.

Now – in order for me to explain these experiments to you, I need to clue you in on …

The Guiding Principle Of Mass Conversion

Mass Conversion is dramatically different to anything you’ve ever seen.

It’s different from anything you’ve ever been taught.

And It’s different from anything you’ve ever tried.

Imagine having customers chase after you …having people flock to join your list …having your emails read and passed around …coveted like gold, your sales letters devoured, your products snatched up and flying off the shelves faster than you can stock them …and all of this without having to be even remotely salesy, pushy, hypey, or any of the tired old “marketing” stuff you and everyone else is so fed up with.

Imagine being in such high demand that customers are willing to happily pay you even more than you’re asking …just to make sure they can buy from you before someone else does.

And imagine a marketing method that does this for you …while simultaneously providng real and genuine value to people through out the entire sales and marketing process.

Imagine you prospects writing you and telling you that just your marketing alone is more valuable than the actual products your competition is trying to sell them!

Imagine marketing so strong and genuinely powerful, you don’t even have to try to sell! Your customers show up ready to buy …with no convincing, no arm-twisting, no pressure, no crazy promises, no “social proof”, no prodding from a million emails, and no scarcity.

This is the core of Mass Conversion.

Creating systems that predictably pull customers towards you while sincerely helping them and adding value to your entire market.

Creating systems that trigger such huge demand you don’t need all the traditional sales stuff that everybody uses (yet nobody likes).

Then she got sicker.

And sicker.

I rushed her to the hospital and…

Eventually, I got retained by one big client and was given a small fortune, plus equity, plus royatlies …so I began winding the program down so I could focus on that one client.

So now I have the one big “mega-client”, and a handful of “original clients” who still pay me six-figures …just as a result of that one experiment!

I’ll tell you about the crazy stuff that happened with the “mega client” in a minute, but needless to say, I was thrilled! (And still am!)

But as well as everything was going, I still wanted to keep testing. This obviously worked selling classes, coaching, and consulting …

But Could It Revive A Dead List?

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever made an offer and had a lot of people NOT buy it?

Of course, right?  Well, you’re not alone.

I had thousands of people who’d seen COUNTLESS OFFERS for my flagship product, Mass Control 2.0 …and they just refused to buy it. (The nerve!)

Seriously – it was created in 2008 and I’d done two product launches for it, had a zillion affiliates emailing about it, created a huge series of videos for it, ran ads for it, and sent these folks at least 30 emails about it. Maybe more.

But They Still Hadn’t Bought It!

And I figured, “man – if I can use Mass Conversion techniques to get them to buy this …even though they’ve said NO to it at least a dozen times already, then I’ve really stumbled over the holy grail.”

So I got to work.

This time, I created a series of free videos that simply taught them a few ways to increase their sales.

I showed them how to write like a best-selling author.  I showed them how bond with their subscribers. And I showed them how to make a sales pitch without getting (or sounding) nervous and afraid.

And then I just gave these videos away to all the people who’d said “no” to me dozens of times.

The last video was a description of my product and how it might help them. Nothing fancy. It was just me talking over a Powerpoint presentation.

But even though the videos just taught them and didn’t try to sell, and even though the “pitch” was just me talking over a plain-jane powerpoint presentation, and even though they’d already said “NO, I WILL NOT BUY” over 12 times …

I Was Still Able To
Make $488,584.00 In Sales!

Can you believe it!?!

That’s almost half a million dollars …and these folks had told me NO more than twelve times before!!

I knew Mass Conversion was special before …but now I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And It Just Kept On Working!

That summer, I sold another class and brought in $890,880.00 in sales.

Oh – and remember that client I told you about? The one that gave me equity plus royalties in exchange for deploying Mass Conversion style marketing in their companies?

I created the first test for them in October.

By November it had brought in $959,138.00 in sales. (That’s money collected and deposited in the bank, by the way. Not “on paper”.)

I created another one for them in December.

It brought in $726,619.00

In January, I worked on a series of presentations and created a direct mail piece for them …all using the Mass Conversion framework that I’ve since perfected.

They brought in $935,162.33 that month.

The campaigns brought in so many sales and so much business that we actually had to turn them off!

But since we stopped running them in February, the business has still taken in
$1,308,029.65 …without any additional promotion.

I also created a little campaigns for my own business. One was to sell a learning-program on how to use Webinars in your marketing.

It brought in $343,284.00 and counting.

But that’s not all. After all these campaigns and all this testing and refinement, I was able to develop a framework …you could even call it a blueprint …of exactly how a Mass Conversion campaign should work.

I was able to make it all process oriented so I could create campaigns even faster …almost like a “paint by numbers” approach.

And since then I’ve created a campaign that gave away a book for $5.60, a campaign that sold an inexpensive training for $68, a campaign that sold a “mid range” product for $297, another one for just $97, and another one for $1,904 …and guess what?


In total, they’ve brought in $1,079,014.00 and counting in the past few months.

And if you add all these campaigns I told you about together, you’ll get …


The exact number is $10,308,245.00 …and counting.

All because of this new approach to marketing called Mass Conversion … and approach that’s proving itself to be way more effective than anything we’ve ever seen.

And ultimately, that’s what this letter is all about …

How YOU Can Learn Mass Conversion
For Your Business!

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Mass Conversion is a five-week class that I’m teaching you LIVE.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to leave home or worry about interrupting your schedule.

I’ve broken the class down into five modules for you so you can go through it easily …without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down.

And they’re all stored online for you, in a members’ only website that you can access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone …from anywhere in the world – whenever you want.

Every week, I deliver a new module that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, how to do it, and why.

This way you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You just see what’s been working, learn how to adapt it to your business, and put it into action so you can start testing fast.

And everything is broken down into “bite sized” chunks.

So even though you’re getting a lot of tactics, techniques, and strategiesit doesn’t feel like work when you’re learning it. It goes by quickly …without being overwhelming at all.

This way, you can absorb everything as efficiently and easily as possible …so you can actually implement it fast!

So with that in mind, let me show you …

Exactly What You’re Getting!

When it comes to Internet business, there’s really only three areas we need to focus on.

They are …

Building A List.

Turning Them Into Customers

Turning Them Into Raving Fan Repeat Buyers.

And Mass Conversion has systems for all three.

It starts with …

Modules One and Two:
20X List Building

As soon as we begin in Module 1, you’ll immediately see how Mass Conversion is different from anything you’ve ever tried (which is why I think it works so much better).

Here’s why.

You know the typical formula for list building?

It goes like this:

You create a free bribe, you offer it to the world by sending them to an opt in page, and if they opt in and request it …they’re on your list. Right?

OK so you’ve seen that before. That’s what everyone does.  I set let ’em do it because …

Mass Conversion Works Much Better (And Faster)

Here, specifically, is how:

First, we’re going to approach your market from at least four different angles. And we’re not going to create “bribes” to get them to opt in.

We’re going to create something I call “money magnets” which are way more powerful, way more valuable, and infinitely more appealing to your prospctes (which, of course, makes them want to opt-in to your list even more!)

So while your competition is going to advertise one tired-old bribe, we’re going to have a bare minimum of four easy money-magnets …each solving a specific burning problem your prospects are faced with right now.

(Don’t worry – it’s beyond easy to create them – it only takes a day or so and you don’t even have to do the work yourself.)

Anyway, that’s not even what makes this so cool.  We’re just getting started.

See what people don’t realize is there are also

Five Different Types Of Web Pages
That Pull In Subscribers

And you can literally create them by clicking buttons.

Gone are the days of complicated and expensive systems that leave you frustrated and empty handed. Now you can create amazing web pages that convert …even if you have zero technical skills …and it doesn’t even matter what kind of computer you’re on.

In fact, I do all the “web page stuff” myself in my business …and I’m a 42-year old guy from Georgia who still can’t figure out the TV remote half the time.

So the “tech stuff” isn’t an issue anymore. It’s all about the fun stuff like the marketing 🙂

OK, now picture this.

Your competition is doing it the “old way” … advertising a “bribe” and sending traffic to a plain old “opt in page” just like everyone else.

Their way looks like this:


Here’s How You’re Going To
DOMINATE Your Market
From The Very Beginning.

Your list-getting system is literally going to be TWENTY TIMES more powerful than what everybody else has.

Here’s why.

First, you’re not using boring old “bribes” that everybody else is using.

Instead, you’re going to have “money-magnets” – which are highly tailored tidbits of valuable information …each helping your prospects solve a specific problem they’re dealing with now.

Then, each money magnet is going to have five different easy-to-make web pages that uses it to pull in subscribers!

By the way, one of the reasons this is important is because everybody knows the more specific you can be when talking to a prospect about their needs, the more of a “match” you are …and the better conversion you’ll get!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because check out what this looks like when we put it all together …

Our way looks like this …

And as you can see …we’ve literally created TWENTY TIMES MORE opportunities for a prospect to opt in to your list!

So which way do you think is going to get you results the fastest?

One boring old “bribe” being pushed on people with the same old opt-in methods that everyone else is using?

Or twenty different, tailor-made, specific solutions that reach out and make your prospect say, “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

Oh and by the way …none of this is hard to do.

The diagram might make it appear complicated, but it’s not.

In fact, you don’t need to create any of the money magnets yourself …and all the special web pages you’re going to be using are based on super-easy templates that I’m going to show you!

So you could literally press a few buttons and get this whole thing set up in an afternoon.

…And that’s what module 1 and module 2 of Mass Conversion is all about:

Pulling in scores of white-hot, ready-to-buy leads and subscribers in the fastest way possible.

And once we’ve got that all set up and ready to roll, it’s time
for …


Now that you’re getting leads, it’s time to turn them into money!

And this module is yet another example of how Mass Conversion is completely different than anything else you’ve ever tried.

The reason why is because one of the many reasons Mass Conversion works so well is that it deploys a rock-solid scientific formula for bringing in sales.

Here it is:


And in Module 3, I show you how to deploy this formula IMMEDIATELY after your prospect joins your list.

Let’s start with …


First, we create desire and trust by actually demonstrating we can help them.

And you know how we do that? By actually helping them!

But you can’t just go crazy and overload them with information.

There’s actually a specific way to do it, and I’ll show you exactly what to do, exactly what to say, and exactly how to say it.

This is the easiest part, and it already puts you head and shoulders above everyone else. But we’re just getting started. Now it’s time for part two of the formula,


We’ll deploy three formulaic ways to create positive emotion and cause your prospect to link that emotion to YOU and what you’re selling. (This, of course, makes the desire for your product even stronger.)

We do it through:

STORIES: This is one of the oldest and most effective ways in the world to create emotion, create trust, and bypass your prospect’s “sales radar”.

But hardly anybody uses stories in their selling! (And when they do, they do it wrong!)

I’ve identified TEN different “story angles” that you can use immediately to bond with your prospects, trigger their buying emotions, and make them want to run to your order form time and time again.

IMAGES: This is another “weapon” you’ll have that nobody else really knows how to use.

I’m not talking about “graphics” and I’m certainly not talking about logos.

Instead,  I’m talking about near-subliminal images that trigger buying impulses in your prospects’ minds.

If you’ve been a student and customer of mine for any amount of time, you’ve seen me deploy this over and over.

In fact, every multi-million dollar campaign I’ve ever created and deployed had strategic use of “money images” in it that definitely gave me an unfair edge over my competitors, and I’m going to “transplant” that same ability to you.

But that’s not all.

I’ll also show you how to create “word pictures” that cause your prospects to step into another reality …giving them the sense that they’ve purchased from you already, and that they love what they bought!

And if this sounds like something that’s almost dangerously powerful, that’s because it is.

So I’m expecting you to use this wisely …and only use it for the benefit of your customer and your entire marketplace.

HYPNOTIC SALES PATTERNS: For the first time ever, I’m going to pull back the curtain on the NLP-like language patterns and hypnotic phrases I’ve secretly been using for the past 15 years.

There’s NOTHING that can help you bypass your prospects’ sales radar, eliminate skepticism, and anchor positive-emotion to your products than hypnotic language patterns.

So if you want to make sales in a way that never, ever feels like a “pitch”, then this is for you.

It’s been one of my “secret weapons” for 15 straight years, and for the first time ever, I’m giving you every single pattern, every single script, and every proven technique that’s helped me (literally) influence hundreds of thousands of people from every country on the planet.

I’m literally telling you exactly what to say, how to say it, and even what tone of voice to say it in!

You can use this in webinars, on videos, on podcasts, and even in writing like in sales letters, blog posts, and emails.

And once again, I insist you promise to use this with kindness and use it responsibly. It is very, very powerful …and very dangerous in the wrong hands.

So now that we’ve flooded your prospects with powerful, positive buying emotions by using stories, images, and hypnotic language, it’s time for the third part of our formula:


And this is the part that your competition almost always forgets.

You see, every buying decision MUST be rationalized in your prospect’s mind in order for him to actually make the purchase.

In fact, giving your prospect a way to rationalize his purchase is the single most important thing you can do in terms of making the sale.

If you don’t do it, your sale will fall prey to sales killers like, “what will my spouse say?”, “am I rushing into this”, “will buying this make me look foolish?”, “am I paying too much?” and all the other last-minute worries that can come between you and making the money you deserve.

And that’s why it’s critical that you create and control a process for your customer to rationalize his purchase from you.

Think of it like this.

The “rationalization” part of this process is like triggering something in the prospect’s mind that’s the equivalent of getting a “doctor’s note” with a permission slip  …no, a prescription – doctor’s orders – to buy from you.

It helps eliminate any fear, any skepticism, and any doubt that buying from you right now is the right thing to do.

And in Mass Conversion, I’m going to show you how to create that “mental doctor’s note” and turn your new prospects into buyers like never before.

But we’re just getting started because everything we’ve done so far has just been to make immediate sales.

We still have so many opportunities to make your cash register ring, and that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in …


This, really, is where the rubber meets the road because chances are, there’s a hidden fortune lying in your business right now …just waiting for you to tap into it.

Here’s an example.

A few years ago, I created a campaign that was doing OK.  It was a fairly simple promotion and it was going well.

Then I got an idea to add an automated “sales amplifier” campaign that would be deployed – on autopilot – to all the customers.

This wasn’t simply a decision to add a “back end offer”. It was smoother and more elegant than that.

The customers didn’t feel like they were being re-sold.

In fact, the entire promotion felt like an added value that came with their purchase. Almost like a bonus!

But that one shift brought an extra $300,000.00 in revenue.

So I decided to test it again.

I had a small list of 1,000 people who’d purchased something from me almost 18 months before.

Now, in Internet years, that’s like a lifetime, right?

So the list was certainly nothing special.

Anyway – I wanted to test this “sales amplifier” technique out and I chose that tiny, neglected list to begin with.

So I used the same approach …but I didn’t even make a campaign out of it. I just created something called an “amplifier offer” and told them about it in a sales letter that took me about an hour to write.

In the very first week of doing this, I’d brought in just over

 $215,000.00 In Sales

…from that one technique alone!

(And I went on to sell just over $2 million dollars worth of that “amplifier” product over the next 10 months!)

Look, there are so many ways to take the customers you’re getting now, and turn them into much bigger buyers …we could talk about it all day. It could literally be the one thing that makes you the most profits out of anything else you do, ever.

Take the three campaigns I did this spring.

They all started out selling a simple, easy-to-sell “front end” product that was under $8.

Everybody thought I was crazy for selling something so cheap …especially since all the products were really, really good.

But I didn’t care because I knew something they didn’t.

Through a unique upsell process, I was able to take every $8 customer, and instantly turn them into a $30.00 …right there ..within minutes of their initial purchase.

But then tacked on another “sales amplifier” technique that, on average, brought in an additional $350,000.00 per campaign …all in the first 45 days.

But It Gets Better

…Because for some customers, I added an additional “amplifier” and that process brought in an additional $750,000.00 in sales.

And it all started with a super-cheap offer that was under $8!

Do you think you can sell something really cool to your marketplace for a super cheap “no-brainer” price?

Well, with these sales amplifiers …that might be all you have to do to hit your sales goals because they work incredibly well.

But there’s so much more you can do.

Here are a few examples of the actual case studies and tactics I’ll be walking you through:

The “before you buy” upsell that spawned a $100,000 per MONTH newsletter business.

The three page direct mail letter that went to customers only, got 16% conversion, and sparked a $2,000,000.00 sales bonanza.

The “triple threat” one-click-upsell formula that (in the past four months alone) has brought in over $1,000,000.00 in “upsell” money alone.

The “liquidator” technique that turns webinar registrants in to buyers …before the webinar even begins.

The “Columbo Method” that generated a $30,000.00 per month windfall …by giving a new product away for free. (No, it’s not a “free trial”. Those almost never work. This is better and people love it!)

The “Lawyers Be Damned” offer structure for ultra-high ticket sales that, on it’s first test, brought in a client who paid me just over $400,000.00 in fees over a three month period.

I’m telling you …in modules 1, 2, and 3 …I show you how to attract leads and turn them into customers fast.

But in this module …Module 4 …we’re gonna blow the doors clean off and show you how to amplify every aspect of your selling process like you’ve never even imagined.

This is what really separates the wheat from the chaff and the best part is, everything I show you is designed to be systemized …meaning you create it one time …and then it all works like clockwork in the background …sending the right messages to the right prospects and customers …at the right time …so you can have the confidence that comes with knowing your entire business is powered by a dependable system that consistently gives you predictable and dependable results.

And once we’ve created that for you, it’s time to unleash the floodgates in …

Module 5: Getting Buyers To Your Websites

You’ll notice it’s not called “traffic”.

That’s because “traffic” is worthless.

What we want is BUYERSand that’s who we’re going to target.

I’ve spent over $300,000.00 on PAID ADVERTISING recently …and I’ve cracked the code on attracting BUYERS to your site …not just traffic.

For example, did you know you can target other people’s CUSTOMERS?

That’s exactly right.

You can legally, ethically, quickly, and easily put your site in front of people who have already proven themselves to be BUYERS of products just like yours.

Also – did you know you can target your competitors email lists?  And no …I’m not talking about staeling their data, and I’m not talking about targeting their facebook followers, or any of that “amateur” stuff that everybody does.

I’m telling you – flat out – that you can put YOUR ads in front of THEIR email subscribers and turn them into YOUR customers.

But it’s not just about who you can target, and how.

I’m also showing you proven NLP techniques to get people to feel like they like and trust you …before they even click on your ad and go to your site.

And you’re going to learn how to get the “big players” to promote you to their very best customers …for free.

That’s right …forget begging for “JV deals”.

That’s kid stuff.  I’ll show you a way to have the huge players in your market send you their very best BUYERS …for free …and THANK YOU for letting them do it.

Oh – and if all of this sounds like a lot to take in …and like it’s a lot of information, that’s because it is. 

This definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. After all, we don’t find massive success by sitting around goofing off.

HOWEVER, I’m making it as easy as possible for you to “get” all of this …and most importantly to IMPLEMENT all of this because I’m also giving you …

FIVE LIVE Q&A Sessions
With Me Personally!

Remember when I told you we’re doing this LIVE?

Here’s how it works.

Every Tuesday for five weeks, I’ll “unlock” a new module for you so you can transplant these methods into your business and put them to work for you ASAP.

And every Thursday of that same week, I’ll jump on a LIVE conference call with you and your fellow classmates …and answer your questions so you can get up and running even faster!

Need help with something? No problem.

Want an idea fort a headline or a new campaign?  You got it.

Want feedback on your marketing? It’s yours.

Have a question about something we went over in this week’s module? No problem, I’ve got you covered.

Now – to give you an idea of how valuable this is for you, let me tell you how much others have paid JUST for the conference calls alone.

At the beginning of the year, I had a small group of clients who paid me $3,860.00 per month …each …just to get on the phone as a group once a week and ask me questions.

They didn’t get this class, they didn’t get what you’re getting, they just got on the phone for about an hour …as a group …and paid $3,860.00 per month for it.

And you might be wondering …why? Why would someone pay so much …just for a conference call every week?

Because they understood the value that just one good marketing piece could bring them.

After all, as the old (and true) saying goes …we’re all just one good marketing piece away from a fortune.

And I’ve got the years of experience and the stacks of winning campaigns to help you get your marketing to it’s maximum money-getting potential as soon as possible.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Every Thursday during the class …like clockwork.

Oh – and if you can’t make one of the calls, don’t worry about it. They’ll all be recorded, and you’ll get the recordings the very next day.

Plus, if you need to, you can send in your questions in advance and I’ll answer them for you on the call ...even if you’re not there!

So there’s no need to worry about moving your schedule around.  I totally have you covered.

With this, plus the easy-to-follow videos and the coaching and Q&A sessions, you’re bound to implement what you learn and get a ton out of it.

But, of course, it gets better because you’re also getting …

An Ultra-Rare Bonus Worth $10,000.00!

Remember earlier how I told you about all those crazy campaigns that brought in double-digit millions and shattered marketing records?

When I was creating them, I kept a “marketing diary” of what was going on …meticulously documenting every trick, twist, technique, and tactic that worked.

I also created videos where I walked the viewer through specific tactics and entire promotions …highlighting what what to do, why to do it, and how to do it fast.

This went on – every month – for almost three years.

And during that time, I published my findings as small monthly updates I sent to a selected group of customers and clients.

The cost was $297 per month and it was strictly limited to a small handful of elite marketers …and membership was always full.

And what I’d like to do for you – as a means to really give you as many weapons in your “marketing war chest” as possible – is to flat out give you every single issue, and every single video that I ever published.

That’s just under three years of complete issues …three years of behind-the-scenes marketing magic that subscribers paid a total of almost $10,000.00 for.

But you get it all, free, as my gift ….just for joining me in this class.

In these ultra rare and coveted journals, you’ll discover secret campaigns I designed for celebrities (one of them did over $800,000.00 in under a week).

I’ll show you a weird little “grass roots” flyer I designed for a client that got handed out live – in person – to seminar attendees and helped build a multi million newsletter business. (It’s still being handed out today because it keeps on working!

There are TONS of ways you can model this one.)

And these are just TWO of the heavy-hitting, top secret campaigns that you’re getting …in addition to THREE SOLID YEARS worth of hard-core, real time, money making case studies, examples, and marketing blueprints.

When you have these, it’s literally like breaking into my desk – finding my “secret drawer” with all my proven formulas, and having free reign to swipe and deploy them in your business as you see fit.

And when you consider the real-world $10,000.00 value of this gift alone, and you add it to the incredible value of the class itself …the five weekly step-by-step modules, the LIVE Q&A sessions that others have paid $3,860 per MONTH for, and the sheer power of what you’re getting …you might be thinking …

“Sounds Great, Frank – But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?”

In my opinion, it should ultimately cost you zero …even if I charge a fortune – assuming you put it to work for you, follow the instructions, and start getting the results I want for you.

Like the old saying goes, it only takes one good campaign to change your life forever …and I’m not just giving you one …I’m giving you the blueprints to create as many as you want, and showing you how to tie them all together to create a finely tuned “perpetual selling machine” that cranks out happy raving-fan customers like crazy.

So obviously my goal for you is to bring in scores more than you invested …thus making the cost completely irrelevant.

And I’m literally doing everything in my power to stack the odds in your favor.

I’m teaching you everything I know.

I’m keeping the class small so I can give you the attention and help you need, and I’m even getting on the phone with you and your classmates every week to personally help you.

But hey – I don’t pretend to have a crystal ball so I won’t begin to predict what you do with this education. That’s entirely up to you.

Education itself won’t make you rich. Some guys go to Harvard and become billionaires, and some guys go to Harvard and work at Starbucks.

At the end of the day, you’re the boss. You’re in control of your future …so only you can tell what’s going to happen.

And I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pretending otherwise.

So let’s talk about this from a practical “dollars and cents” standpoint.

In the past 18 months, I’ve only taught two LIVE classes like this.

The first one was a flat $10,000.00 and I taught it the same way you’ll be experiencing in this class you’re enrolling in today.  

Every week, I released a new training module, and every week, I got on the phone with students and answered their questions, reviewed their work, gave them advice, and helped them get rolling.

The second class was $7,800.00 and I taught it the same way as well.

The class you’re taking is actually more thorough, more robust, and more specialized than either of those two …so a similar (if not higher) price point could easily be justified …and easily received …especially from repeat customers. Then there’s the intensity of the weekly coaching that I’m giving you.

Like  I said, I’ve had scores of clients happily pay me $3,800.00 …per MONTH …just for those phone calls alone.

So at the very least, based on what people have paid for LESS information and hands-on help, this class could easily sell for a minimum of $7,800.00.

But You Can Enroll Today For A Fraction Of That

I’ve made this a complete no-brainer for you because you can get started today for as little as $680.

Here’s how it works. You have two easy choices for tuition.

You can enroll for $680 today and then 4 monthly installments of the same amount, or you can …

Save $540.00

And enroll for just one tuition payment of just $2860.

Either way, this is a fantastic bargain – and it will NOT be repeated.

In fact, I haven’t offered a class like this for such a very low price in over FIVE YEARS.

And you might be wondering why I’m offering it for so much less than what others have paid in the very recent past.

Here’s why:

This is an unusual price test.

See, I have a strange theory (and I’ll explain it more in the class) that by letting a small group of people take this class – knowing that there’s a huge demand, and knowing that it’s worth significantly more, they will get better results than if I charged full price.

And (yes, this is a little self serving) I believe that if you get the great results I’m betting on, you’ll be “hooked” – in a good way – and you’ll be first in line when I have room for consulting, copywriting, and campaign-building clients.

So it’s a win-win-win 🙂

But with that said, please realize …

This Is VERY Limited AND You’ll Never Have The Opportunity To Get It This Cheap Again, Period.

Look, I’m not going to play up the scarcity thing because nobody likes that.

I’ll just point out the facts:

  1. Because this is being taught LIVE, I can’t take very many people.

    I’m keeping the class small so I can give you the personal attention and help you need …so you can get the results you’re after as quick’y as possible.

  2. This is the first “launch” I’ve done since 2010, and people are coming out of the woodwork. (I know it wasn’t necessary to do a “launch” but I felt like making cool videos so it all kind of lined up.)
  3. As a result of this, over 31,978 (and counting) people have placed themselves on the “interest list”.
  4. Over 4,801 (and counting) people have joined the early-bird list – specifically asking to be notified early so they can “jump the line” and enroll before the public can.

So to say there’s some pent up demand would be an understatement.

But here’s something to consider …all these people were expecting the class to have the usual high tuition that all the other classes have had.

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