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They get more done (and make more money) while working fewer hours.

As you well know, if you’re an entrepreneur (or want to be), you are no longer paid by the hour, or even on a salary. You are paid based on what you create – on your performance.

Entrepreneurs are creators.

We develop and market products, build businesses, and then watch as the businesses we grow become living, breathing entities that pay us handsomely.

shutterstock_147735065The more productive and effective you are at building those creations, the more money you tend to make. The universe doesn’t care about how hard you work, or how many working hours you put into growing your business.

If you are able to build an entirely new business from the ground up in only a few hours…you can be paid as if you had spent 40, 80, or 160 working hours or more.

You may have heard the term “Money Loves Speed.” It’s absolutely true.

This is the raw power of personal effectiveness…

Your Results WILL Compound

The powerful result of increased productivity speaks for itself.

Let’s assume that you own a small business, and you secure a mere 10% increase in you and your team’s productivity for a period of one week using just ONE of the simple techniques we show you.

At the end of the week, when you run the numbers, you’ll find that small 10% productivity boost usually means you end making far more than just 10% additional income. 

shutterstock_93708739You’re going to discover that you actually increased your dollar-per-hour output.

You don’t have to pay a single dime (or waste any time!) for that additional income.

When you replicate those results, week after week…and watch your income grow… you’re going to see a compounding effect. (This is like compounding interest – month after month, you earn more interest as your account grows from in value.)

Just one technique from our arsenal can provide a far, far higher boost in your productivity.

The truth is, right now, you’re simply being held down… 

Are You Being Held Back?

You may believe that being a highly effective person and producing income is a matter of luck, privilege or super-intelligence — that “average people” can never hope to attain it.

But that myth is holding you back.

Being focused and productive is not a personality trait, or something that you’re born into.

In truth, it isn’t something you need to gain.

You need only learn to unleash your existing productivity that is being held back.

Consider that almost all of us in the modern world face a great deal of stress each day. Entrepreneurs usually even more than most due to the high-risk and demanding nature of our career choice.

shutterstock_132360467Stress is a severe snag on your productivity. It stops you in your tracks.

It affects nearly everyone. During an 8 hour workday, by the end of your shift, you’ve likely slowed down to molasses. At hours 6, 7, 8 and on your performance grinds to a halt and you lose focus. (Just try to work on your side business after a long workday and see what happens…)

But how much more could you get done if you were able to FOCUS whenever you needed to?

What if you came home at the end of a workday and you were EAGER to work on your business, rather than feeling like you’re carrying a sack of bricks when you get to your door?

There is a way. I have no doubt that it will surprise you.

I Was Initially Very Skeptical, But…

A member of my team recommended this technique and I was initially very skeptical…but my personal results and the irrefutable scientific proof have made me a convert. Don’t be fooled by the fact it’s in “herb” form – the results are 100% clinically proven.

There are safe, scientifically-verified plants (I share the specific scientific studies that prove this later in this letter) known as adaptogens that can help mitigate and delay the physical side-effects of stress by hours.

shutterstock_143049421If you find your productivity sagging to less than 100% due to fatigue after the first 4-6 hours each day, taking 500-1,000mg of Rhodiola Rosea root will make it so you don’t get tired until after 6-8 hours instead.

What would the results be for you if you could be productive for hours longer?

Remaining at 100% productivity for 2 extra hours per day (instead of dipping down to 60-80% of your A-game) would mean a significant improvement to your overall productivity and effectiveness for the week. Not to mention the fact that being tired degrades your performance in a myriad of other ways as well.

This isn’t just “pie-in-the-sky” guessing or my “personal results.”

This is scientifically proven. In fact…

This Method Is Used By The U.S. Military!


If you think this is some “pie-in-the-sky” theory or that it won’t work for you, consider this…

The U.S. Military has tested the effects of Rhodiola Rosea!

In a test of 161 military cadets performing ordinary night duties, Rhodiola Rosea significantly reduced total fatigue and improved well-being when measured against a placebo. (The exact study is listed in the footnotes.)

It’s obvious why the U.S. Military was willing to invest the time and money required to carry out this study. The results speak for themselves.

The effects of being able to FOCUS and being on your “A-Game” for 2+ hours longer can be profound. This is especially true if you own and operate a business.

The larger your business gets, the more of your time is spent as a strategist and decision-maker. Decisions made while both mentally and physically tired will generally be compromised. I don’t need to tell you that a single decision can have far-reaching consequences both in the short and long-term.

Look…it’s really simple.

The larger your business grows, the more important it becomes to be on your A-game 100% of the day.

The same is true if you’re just starting out and have to build your business after a long day at work… or if you’re trying to grow your business on the weekends.

If you’re like most people, your energy is already depleted by the time you get home from the day job. Taking Rhodiola Rosea in the morning (it must be taken prior to stress-inducing situations for the best effect), will mean you finish the day with more energy to spare … so you can get your start-up off the ground as soon as possible.

shutterstock_165864071If it hasn’t become completely obvious yet, the effects of Rhodiola Rosea for reducing fatigue are very well-documented.

A study published in the International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology found that, when participants took Rhodiola Rosea, the time to exhaustion was significantly delayed … and, more importantly, they also noticed a 20% improvement in work-related performance.

Another study published in the same journal tested students during intense exam times (long hours, lots of studying and pushed to their max in terms of stress), and found that not only did Rhodiola Rosea reduce fatigue, the students taking it also scored an average of 8.4% higher than those who weren’t taking Rhodiola Rosea.

(If you’d like to read these studies as well as others for yourself, I’ve included references to them below this letter.)

Honestly, this is just one small example of the numerous productivity boosting techniques that you’re going to discover inside Fast Focus Formula. Before I tell you about it, let me tell you just one more thing…

Success Happens Slowly, Then Suddenly

Success needs to be gained, then maintained. You need to understand the crucial fact that your productivity is the single most important thing that matters most to your business. You will need to put consistent work into your business to make it grow!

shutterstock_194348486Real success is a long-term affair.

That’s why it’s crucial to consider the long-term effects of everything you do. For example, there are several reasons that we recommend you try Rhodiola Rosea, instead of suggesting that you just drink “another cup of coffee.”

Caffeine may appear similar in their ability to give you an extra couple hours of productivity per day, but caffeine, other stimulants and the “just suck it up and do it” mentality often only lead to burn out and exhaustion in the long run. It also tends to ruin your sleep (especially caffeine) which makes you far less productive the next day.

Just as the positive results of productivity compound, the negative consequences of lack of energy, sleep and motivation can also compound.

Please note: I do support using sources of clean caffeine for the boost, but only in the morning, and only in limited quantities. Consumed in the afternoon, the net effect is negative overall due to losing sleep. If you need more of a boost than a single cup of morning coffee can provide, then the techniques you’ll learn inside your copy of Fast Focus Formula are right up your alley.

Fast Focus Formula is designed to help make you more productive, boost your energy and reduce stress. Everything we recommend is designed to improve your well-being, while giving the tools you need to be more productive.

There are other courses out there that claim to do the same thing. But we’ve already done all the research you and found out what works…and what doesn’t.

These 4 Bonuses Help You FOCUS…

Fast Focus Formula

In addition to the Fast Focus Formula Core Manual, you also get SEVERAL bonuses that reveal simple productivity boosters you can implement instantly:

Bonus #1: YOU GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Focus Formula
 Step-By-Step Sequenced Plan.

shutterstock_69648940This simple checklist shows you the exact sequence to apply these tips for the maximum effect. I created this by scoring each technique on the following criteria…

Overall impact on your productivity and effectiveness, how easy it is to do it, how quickly it works, the financial cost (if any), and the additional residual benefits (the positive, long-lasting effects.)

Then…I sequenced the list putting those with the best scores right upfront … so you can start applying our best techniques right now, in the most impactful and easy way possible.


Bonus #2: YOU GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Focus Formula “Pearson’s Law” Improvement System.

shutterstock_144543284Inside the core manual, you’ll learn about what is perhaps the most powerful technique for personal change: “Pearson’s Law.”

Pearson’s Law is this:

  • When performance is measured; performance improves.
  • When performance is measured and reported; performance improves exponentially.

You won’t reach your full potential unless you track your results over time. Indeed, most people who try this are amazed at the seemingly magical leaps in the results they get each day, each week, and each month.

To assure you get the maximum benefit from this high impact, almost-zero-effort practice, I’ve included a set of “trackers” you can use to easily track your performance over time.

Plus, inside the core manual, you’ll learn an additional technique that takes the results you get from Pearson’s Law even further. This is something I rarely hear discussed in the entrepreneurial community, but that has incredible results for your overall focus, effectiveness and productivity.

Bonus #3
YOU GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Focus Formula Kanban Boards Companion Videos.

shutterstock_194762612Kanban boards are perhaps the simplest yet most effective tool for project management. Any time your project becomes larger than a single report (I suggest using Kanban boards to organize your business), these become absolutely necessary.

Not only do they greatly increase overall productivity and return on investment for large projects, but they also greatly lower the stress of managing projects … by making it simple, straight-forward, and easy-to-manage. In practice, simply using this method automatically prevents at least 50% of the problems that would otherwise arise.

(An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.)

Plus, the free software you’ll learn to use in this video allows collaborators. So you can invite your team to the Kanban board and use it to manage your team.

Bonus #4
YOU GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Focus Formula “Systems Shortcut” Worksheet.

shutterstock_125541191Effective systems have a number of wide-reaching and intangible benefits… over and above simply improving your personal productivity and effectiveness. Plus, they also greatly improve the productivity of the members of your team.

This is perhaps the most powerful technique overall that you’ll learn inside your copy of Fast Focus Formula for rapidly growing your business and raising yourself to the next financial plane.

This companion worksheet seamlessly synergizes with what you learn in the manual, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from effective systems as soon as possible.

We documented exactly what processes my team and I follow to FOCUS and become more productive.

NOTHING is left to chance!

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