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You Are Given Several Strategies That Can Be Applied To Start Making Money From Any Ecommerce Product Campaign.
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Once You Understand Facebook Ads For Ecommerce, You’ll Find Ways To Use Them For All Of your Business Ideas.
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Hi, I’m Robert V. Nava.  A.K.A #MillionDollarFelon

When You Purchase FaceBOOM Ads Acedemy You Are Going To Learn The ONE THING That Took Me From Broke, Ex-Felon, College Student, To Generating Millions Of Dollars In Sales Online WITHOUT Prior Experience.
How To Build Your Marketing Profile, WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget.
You don’t have to invest huge, thousand-dollar sums into plans that might not work. We’re giving away every secret we have on creating effective social media campaigns, from the very basics on creating effective ads to the industry secrets on driving traffic that pays for itself.
If you’ve never sold with targeted ad copy before, don’t worry about it. We’ll get you up to speed so you always know what we’re talking about, guaranteed.
How To Establish A Brand And Build Your Own Audience
It’s the marketer’s dream come true – well, sort-of. We’ll show you how to create a brand beyond just the products you’re selling, and build an audience for your products so every click is warm traffic.
A Constant Stream Of Case Studies
We’re not just about showing you what we’ve done that works, we’re dedicated to showing you why. These vetted case studies will provide up-to-date information on everything that’s working in the industry right now – and everything that isn’t.
Cutting-Edge Campaign Scaling Techniques
Think selling to an audience of 1,000 is the same as an audience of 1,000,000? We’ll show you how to go beyond building a product, and how to move into building an empire.
Creating Long-Term Ads That Keep Paying
Creating viral, new content is important, but so is building content that you can fall back on – ad copy that can last you for months before needing a revisit. This program gives you the tools to create long-lasting tools to keep your store running indefinitely.


 What Is FaceBOOM Ad Academy?
FaceBOOM Ad Academy is a program that includes every bit of advice, training and tools that I have at my disposal to help you go beyond just profiting from Ecommerce, and begin building a brand that can last a lifetime. A truly unique marketing campaign attracts not just customers, but investment and even buy-out offers, and a respectable marketing campaign is something that you can show to your family and friends. This academy will show you how to build a brand that you can pass onto your children. I’m giving you EVERYTHING I have in order to be able to do this – because I want to see your success as much as you do!
 I’ve already taken one of your courses – will this one teach me anything new?
Absolutely. Although I go over Facebook marketing in some of my other courses, this is an in-depth and detailed look in a way that I’ve never done before. It’s my hope that even if you’re a veteran to Facebook marketing and Ecommerce, this course will still be able to teach you something new.
 I’ve never done anything like this before – can I still do this?
Yes! A lot of this training has been built from the ground up, specifically for you. We’ll show you how to quickly get the essentials down to a science, so that you can move into building a better, more complete campaign and brand. Every step is built on the last, and by starting at the beginning, we’ve taken special care to make sure that nobody is left out or left behind.
 What do I get with FaceBOOM Ad Academy?
This course is designed to be comprehensive, which means that it has every tool that I have at my disposal. You’ll go from getting a beginner’s look at Facebook marketing, to a master’s tips on making the most out of your money, and easy tricks to help your ads pay for themselves. You’ll also be getting an updated stream of case studies to help guide you into the future of your business, and my personal tips for scaling a $1,000 marketing campaign into a $100,000 one. You’ll also be getting extra content from my friends and employees, who are even more specialized in this field than I am!
 How much is it?
For this class only, and just to cover costs, I’m offering my FaceBOOM Ad Academy course for ONLY $XXX.xx. This is a one-time investment for the entire course, so you don’t have to worry about making payments, and it comes with my personal satisfaction guarantee.
 What is your personal satisfaction guarantee?
I’m committed to making sure that you get the value that you want out of your money, and that means offering a money-back guarantee. If, within 30 days, you think that you haven’t gotten your money’s worth out of my course (whether it’s because you didn’t improve as much as you wanted or you just didn’t have time to finish the course), I’ll offer you your full amount back, guaranteed, with no questions asked. Well, I might ask if there’s something that I can improve on, but you won’t have to answer.
 OK, how do I get started?
Just click the button below to get started, while the spots in the course are still open. It’s risk-free and includes everything you’ll need to become a successful online marketer. It makes the most sense for you to join me, right now. I can’t wait to start working with you.

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