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Etsy Printful Success – Launch Your T-Shirt Business Today

Shortly after opening an Etsy store, much to my delight, my T-Shirt Business sales skyrocketed. I made more than 1,000 sales in just under three months.

Naturally, I was excited to share this great success with my online communities, and just as naturally, I quickly started receiving many requests for Etsy coaching. Shortly after I started coaching, I realized that people who followed the steps I recommended were soon able to match and in some cases, even surpass the ongoing success I had achieved. That meant my system was duplicable.

However, there are only so many hours in the day, and I wanted to help everyone trying to build out great Etsy Print On Demand stores and not just the handful of coaching students I’d been able to squeeze into my busy schedule. I wanted to share my knowledge and the step-by-step keys to success that the Etsy-Printful integration made possible for me, with nothing held back. So, I made you a roadmap akin to a fully loaded Angus Beef burger drenched with Secret Sauce.

I walk newbies step-by-step through setting up their Etsy stores and making them attractive to buyers. I thoroughly explain the listing process, finding great keywords and fertile niches, the importance of attractive photography and mockups, and the all-important Etsy-Printful integration and how it works to boost your sales and save you tons of time on the back end by automatically processing your orders. I share my Etsy POD advertising philosophy, including the exact cost per click CPC bids I use and my daily budgets to help you achieve similar results in your own stores.

I also explain the recent Etsy changes and how I believe they will help all of us achieve even more outstanding sales results. Finally, I include a series of videos I instructed Jason Huesgen to take what I teach and put it into some videos. You can access these videos simply by clicking on the hyperlinks included in the book.

If you’ve been wanting to open an Etsy store and didn’t know where to start, this book is for you. If you have an Etsy store, and it’s just limping along making the occasional sale, this book is for you. Buy your copy of Etsy-Printful Success – Launch Your T-Shirt Business Today and start reaping the benefits of owning an attractive and successful Etsy store as soon as you post your first listing.

Please note: This book has been completely revised, updated and professionally edited. It covers many new topics and more fully explains the topics we originally discussed. If you’ve already purchased this book, you will automatically receive this updated version.

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