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“You’ve Just Put a Lot of Money In My Pocket”

Those are the words of one of my students, after checking out just one of my domain flipping methods.

Gene Pimentel

You already KNOW there’s a TON of money to be made with domain names. You’ve seen others raking in hundreds and thousands of dollars on a single, hand-registered domain name that cost no more than $10.

Heck, I routinely register amazing .COM domain names for as little as $1 each, and flip them for huge profits.

Domain Flipping is one of the most profitable and STABLE businesses online. The same basic formulas have been used for decades, and will be reliable for years to come.

Yes, You CAN

I don’t care if you’ve “tried” domain flipping before. If you didn’t make money, you did it wrong.

But that’s okay, because it’s probably not your fault. You probably just did what others seemed to be doing, without having the inside knowledge.

NOW is the time to take advantage of FIVE of my best courses on domain flipping, and get all three for LESS than half the normal price during this sale.

HERE’S the Proof

Forget about what I say for a moment, and scroll down this page to see a few of the hundreds of people I’ve taught over the years.

Every one of the testimonials you see are completely unsolicited, from REAL people. That’s the only proof that matters.

What I Say Shouldn’t Sway You

I’m NOT a salesman or a “guru”. And I didn’t hire a copywriter to create this website. These are my own words. I’m a regular guy who loves doing business online.

I have made domain flipping my primary business for the last 15+ years. I’ve sold readily available, hand-registered domains from several hundred dollars to $24,000.00, EACH. None cost me any more than the $1, $3, or $10 registration fee.

Want to See Some Actual Sales?

Here is a very random list of just a few of the domains I’ve sold. Keep in mind that I only paid between $1 and $10 for each one.

Your results will vary and I cannot guarantee you’ll see similar results as I get. This is a real business that requires effort and learning. Your results will reflect your own efforts.

John Carter (bought a domain for $3.17 and sold it for $550)

Jonathan Sherman (recently sold a domain for $10,000)

Willie Crawford

John S. Rhodes

Jonathan Heusman

Brad Spencer

Fair Disclosure:

While all of the sales shown above generated amazing profits, there will ALWAYS be many, in fact most of the domains I register that never get sold. Shocked? Don’t be. REMEMBER: Each domain name registration is only $1 to $10. If I sell just ONE domain out of every 10 I register, the cost is a drop in the bucket.

The cost of registering 10 domain names will be between $10 and $100. By selling just one of those domains for $500, the profit is a very nice $400 minimum.

Where else can you FAIL 90% of the time and still see outrageous profits?!

That’s why I love the domain flipping business so much and have been passionate about it for 15+ years.

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Why am I doing this? Because I want to, and because I can. There is SO much opportunity in domain flipping, and there is SO much room for everyone who wants a piece of the pie.

You Get All Five of my Best Selling Courses Shown Below:

Expert Flips

Crank Out High-Demand Flippable Web Sites in Minutes and REALISTICALLY Sell Them For $97, $197, $297 and even $497. TWO Web Flipping Experts Come Together to Create This Training Course and Reveal Their Insider Secrets to “EXPERT FLIPS”… Now You Can Copy Their Exact Blueprint and Do It Yourself!

Domains To Gold

This 17-Module Expert Training is Perfect for Those Who Want to Know Exactly How the Domain Selling & Flipping Industry works, and How to Profit Big in the Industry. You’ll learn Many Closely Guarded Industry Secrets as taught by Domaining Professionals.

Same Day Domain Profits

Of all the methods of Domain Flipping I’ve used over the past 15 years, THIS is one of the quickest and easiest I know of. You’ll be able to put this system to use immediately. I’ll Show You How I Turn $1 Domain Names Into $125 Quickly and Simply.

Instant Domainer

Start Selling YOUR Domain Names Now, Faster and Easier With My Exclusive “Instant Domainer” Sales Page. As a Domainer, I Needed a VERY fast and easy solution to create a great offer page for my domains for sale, So I created the solution myself. I’m Now Making my Instant Domainer system Available to You. It Takes a Mere 15-Seconds to Install.

Local Domain Empire

I will Show You How I Turn $3 Domain Registrations Into Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars Like Clockwork. Copy The EXACT Method I Use to Turn $3 Domain Registrations Into Valuable Web Properties in Seconds.

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