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No Other Letter I Have Ever Sent You Has As Much Potential To Dramatically Change Your Life For The Better As This One…

…If You Are Involved Or Very Seriously Interested in Direct Marketing Or The Business Of Publishing And Marketing Information Products

Who else wants to be an info/direct marketing millionaire?

… You Will Be Fully Equipped To Launch OR To ‘Super-Charge’ Your Own Info-Business.

“Anybody can slap together product. But there are dozens and dozens of ‘little’ nuances and tricks I’ve learned — or invented — that impact on everything from price and margin to refunds to up-selling. You need a complete strategy for putting out a product that will be ‘hot’, eagerly accepted, have staying power, provide maximum profits. There are several very smart questions that ought to be asked and answered before putting together any info-product, that rarely are.

With what I can tell (and show) you about product alone will be worth your investment to acquire this system. You might double the profits from a product you were going to do anyway… you might save a lot of cost or agony… OR you might get a whole new product idea that’ll turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I believe you will be INSPIRED by this ‘picture’… you will PROFIT from this comprehensive inside-look, more detailed understanding… you will be fully equipped to launch OR to ‘super-charge’ your own info-business.

— Dan Kennedy


If I don’t make at least a $1,000.00 a day from my information products, almost all of it arriving through my mail, my Websites, the fax machine, I’m very, very grumpy. And I do make that – and more – nearly every day, whether I do any work or not. Last year, my wife, Carla and I took a 7 day Alaska cruise, several other vacations, I took over 70 days off to “fool” around with our racehorses, Carla visited our daughter and new grandson in Washington, D.C. almost every other week for a few months – and the money kept streaming in. The point is – this type of business offers not only the income, but the freedom to live as you please.

And I have dozens and dozens of clients who’ve “modeled” me, and created millionaire lifestyles of their own as “info-marketers.” WHY NOT YOU?

Imagine….. joining me and many of my clients, “students”, and Platinum Members in an ideal “business lifestyle”… owning info-products that once birthed, for as little as a few hundred dollars of investment and a week of work, deliver income year after year after year……orders arriving via the Internet, mail, a phone service, orders being shipped for you, and huge profits flowing into your bank account every day whether you even drop by your office or not, or on a cruise, a beach, in a mountain cabin……having other info-entrepreneurs engaged in joint ventures with you, doing all the “heavy lifting”, selling your info-products to their customers, and sending you big checks……

And note, I’m talking about YOUR OWN PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS that you create, own and control – and I promise, even if you can’t write a grocery list or are “all thumbs” at the computer, you CAN quickly develop very valuable info-products of your own.

With my life’s blueprint – and my client’s examples – to follow, you CAN develop your own “perfect business”.…. Few or NO employees, NO office overhead, most “work” done FOR you by outside vendors, sales done AUTOMATICALLY, little or no personal contact with customers, multiple streams of income from your products – from your own advertising, mailings, Internet marketing AND from distribution by many others..… every time the FAX beeps, money for you! The day’s mail, money for you!

Why wouldn’t you want to live such a profitable business lifestyle to the greatest extent possible?

So, let me tell you about this “home study package” based on my once-in-a-lifetime, tell-it-ALL seminar you missed, entirely, exclusively and totally devoted to the a-to-z’s of making money with direct marketing and in the information business:


No, I will NEVER present this seminar again. People who were there got my entire “bag of tricks”, and no one else ever will. The next best thing is this Highlights Package – and it, too, is going to be released ONLY ON A LIMITED BASIS. I have authorized Michael to sell only 500 of them, period. Why the limit? Well, I just prefer the idea that we are sharing secrets.…. at least information known to and used by a select few, and I’m able to afford and indulge all my eccentricities. You’ll even find a Non-Disclosure Clause on the Registration Form. You must agree to it, to obtain this package.

If you procrastinate, you may very well have your order refused – and find everything “sold out.” Reserve Now!

We Will Dissect The Frog And Leave
No Body Part Whole

We looked at every single aspect of making money with info-products in minute detail. From market selection to media and list choices to product development to the back-end business and multiple income streams. To every question you can imagine bringing to the table. (With one exception: database management, technical computer stuff.)

Think about “product development” just for example. Heck, anybody can slap together product. But there are dozens and dozens of “little” nuances and tricks I’ve learned — or invented — that impact on everything from price and margin to refunds to up-selling. You need a complete strategy for putting out a product that will be “hot”, eagerly accepted, have staying power, provide maximum profits. There are several very smart questions that ought to be asked and answered before putting together any info-product, that rarely are. With what I can tell (and show) you about “product” alone will be worth your investment to acquire this system. You might double the profits from a product you were going to do anyway… might save a lot of cost or agony…..OR you might get a whole new product idea that’ll turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Or “direct mail” — is there anybody around who has created as many successful sales letters for as many different info-products, year in, year out, for 25 years? I doubt it. And I will show you and hammer home just THREE “SECRETS” you must incorporate every time you go down this path, that provide iron-clad insurance against failure. While others admit to “batting averages” of one success out of dozens of attempts, I hit base hits virtually every time at bat, and giant home runs about 25% of the time. (That’s why, as a hired-gun copywriter, 80% of all clients who’ve used me once have come back and hired me repeatedly. BUT these three secrets do NOT require masterful copywriting to pay off for you.)

I’m also going to tell you what I’ve learned by carefully studying a number of legendary info-product marketers, some you’ll know, some you may not have heard of (but should have!)…….like Dean F. DuVall, Jim Straw, George Haylings, Alan Shawn Feinstein, Joe Karbo, Harvey Brody.

I’m even going to unveil brand new ideas for info-product marketing, that you’ll be the first to hear about and consider.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things You’ll Discover On These 21 CD’s


  • The only 2 real ways you can make money… and why 96.4% of the people in even the most developed nations in the world never break free of the “average income” syndrome! (Pssst! Here’s the secret to creating a lifetime of riches – no matter what your background!) (04:50)
  • Why hiring people and having them work for you is clearly NOT the best way to make a fortune in business! (Watch for it! Even McDonalds is working on a prototype location that requires just one employee because it’s way more efficient and profitable!) (06:55)

  • The one absolute, undisputed, greatest asset any business can have! (It’s NOT what you think — in fact, this key component is more important, far more important than ANYTHING else. But… here’s where MOST people get it wrong and miss out on the millions that were well within their grasp!) (08:10)
  • 8 all too common ways people get themselves into serious trouble the information marketing business… and how to guarantee without a doubt that you NEVER fall into these same costly traps yourself! (09:05)

  • The NUMBER ONE research tip that’s so blatantly obvious and brain-dead easy that as many as 75% of new info marketers completely overlook it! (Even more surprisingly… you can get this moneymaking research delivered right to your door!) (17:00)
  • How to avoid being a “crash test dummy” in your information marketing business and capitalize on the testing efforts of other people! (This one secret along can kick-start your success right out of the gate!) (21:30)
  • The 3 types of markets… and the 20 MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS to consider BEFORE choosing your specific target market! (Wow! When you ponder these key ideas, you’ll instantly have a better understanding than virtually anyone else – even competitors who are already open for business!) (22:15)


  • Why size matters… but why it’s NOT the most important factor! (Here’s where most people are dead wrong in their market assessments… and how you can find hidden gold in some of the most unexpected places!) (02:00)
  • How changing trends can put you out of business – if you don’t stay up to speed! (When you keep your eyes and ears open at all times and you go with the flow of the market – you’re giving your customers exactly what they want!) (02:17)

  • An often overlooked, yet blindingly-obvious key to your longevity and success in a particular business! (If you don’t consider this CRUCIAL FACTOR, your business could easily become a dinosaur!) (04:40)
  • The one secret to success in almost any market… and why you’ll want to steer clear of some niches – even when all other indicators point to huge potential profits! (Without this factor working in your favor… you’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot!) (05:38)

  • The undisputed, #1 champion characteristic of a winning market! (If your prospects have this quality, there’s virtually no limit to how much you can make from them!) (10:12)
  • 10 laser-pointed questions to consider before you even think about creating a product or offer! (Run through this list EVERY TIME you’re considering a new market and you’ll know within minutes if you’ve got a winner!) (26:50)


  • A remarkably easy way to effortlessly capture BIG SALES with HUGE PROFITS that practically everyone overlooks! (Check this out at the next conference or seminar you attend. If a merchant isn’t using this technique — I guarantee you they’re leaving easy money on the table!) (01:16)
  • How to use “air” to add immense value to your info-products and send profits through the roof! (This teeny, tiny secret could easily be worth MILLIONS to you!) (03:46)

  • The secret tactic for taking the same basic product and making it perfect for a niche market… and how to do it over and over and over again (with the exact same product) so you can easily rake in multiple fortunes at the same time! (08:03)
  • 3 simple steps to surefire sales success! (Get this almost magical formula right and your prospects will literally be driven to buy from you instantly!) (12:30)

  • How to take a proven BEST SELLER and legally acquire the rights to it dirt cheap – even from a giant publisher like Prentice Hall! (This is the exact same success strategy Melvin Powers used for the past 40 years to earn an incredible fortune as an info marketer!) (15:12)
  • The 3 basic types of licenses and the CRITICAL details you must know about each! (Licensing can be HUGELY profitable – as long as you know these inside secrets!) (22:04)

  • 3 “pure profit” reasons you should strongly consider licensing products from other publishers, authors, and product creators! (PLUS… what to look for so you extract the maximum value every time!) (27:08)


  • The underlying secret to long-term success not 1 in 100 info-marketers really understands! (Most people do the exact opposite and as a result, they struggle just to survive. But understand these secrets and you’ll be positioned for long term success and infinite info-riches!) (01:10)
  • How to get started from scratch in information marketing… and build a thriving business – even if you don’t have your own list… have little or no business experience… and not much money to get started! (04:10)
  • Want to sell your own intellectual property? Here’s the ultimate, worry-free way to collect your money in full! (This approach is ALWAYS your best bet – here’s why!) (11:20)
  • Your “perfect world” payment plan! The ideal way to set up your business… to protect yourself against potential losses… and to allow for runaway profits with every winning product! (13:00)

  • Where the TRUE VALUE lies in your information marketing business! (It’s NOT what you think! Most people figure they need to be a writer to create info-products and make millions! Nothing could be further from the truth – here’s why…) (19:00)
  • How you can bring “added value” to any product license you offer, making yours far more appealing than anything else a buyer might be considering! (27:00)


  • How to produce a book of your own that will rival anything found on bookstore shelves! (There’s really no magic to it – here are the key elements you need to look like a “published author”!) (00:17)
  • Why it’s almost always better to pay a higher per-unit cost and to create your own products on demand – instead of opting for a lower price on a quantity purchase… (03:20)

  • How to create a “no-frills” audio product that can earn tens of thousands of dollars – without a recording studio… without any fancy recording equipment… and without even a quiet place to record! (Admittedly, this isn’t the best option – but it does mean that there’s no excuse NOT to start creating your own products today!) (08:00)
  • The shocking truth about packaging and pricing! (What you discover here will rock you to the depths of your soul… but it’s great news for every serious information marketer who ‘gets it!’) (08:59)

  • How you can create your own 6-CD album in just one day! (Imagine the possibilities… you ‘work’ one day and you profit for years! How cool is that? Here are the exact steps to planning and creating your own multi-volume moneymaking info-product in just hours – without breaking a sweat!) (15:50)
  • 3 additional ways to bang out your own, 100%-original info-products in one day or less! (Everything you need for fast product creation – served up 3 unique ways!) (20:50)


  • The single, biggest expense you’ll ever have as an info-marketer… and why it’s exactly where you should place most of your attention! (00:25)
  • 2 major factors that can drive up your costs of acquiring customers… and proven strategies to succeed in spite of these obstacles! (Knowing these potential dangers before setting foot in a niche market is half the battle!) (01:00)

  • How to step buyers up from one product to the next and how to make it so easy that there’s virtually no selling involved! (When you do it this way, you can make incredible guarantees fearlessly – try it and you’ll see for yourself!) (05:50)
  • The deadly mistake made by anxious marketers who go for the big fish right away… and the 3 hidden hurdles you MUST overcome BEFORE you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams! (06:07)

  • How one direct marketing pioneer repackaged his offer to satisfy postal authorities (who had shut him down earlier) and went on to build a fortune selling the simplest of information products! (09:30)
  • The one closely-guarded secret that every insider knows… but hopes you never discover for yourself! (At last! The magical formula to blockbuster success in information marketing revealed!) (17:00)
  • Proven techniques for magnetically attracting Joint Venture partners who enthusiastically endorse your product, fueling additional sales and funneling more customers your way! (26:10)


  • How an “average Joe” sold 23,000 copies of his book just by getting on the radio… and how he became an expert at teaching others how to cash in LARGE from short, ‘talk-radio’ segments! (01:05)
  • The only 2 things you really need to bring to the table to get tons of free publicity on the radio! (With just these two, you can get booked at practically ANY radio station in the country and sell a boatload of books without ever leaving home or even getting dressed – just as our expert did!) (02:45)

  • What you should NEVER do during a radio interview! (It’s got nothing to do with marketing or manners… but nearly every new guest falls into this trap, making their interview noticeably less energetic, less edgy, and less effective!) (03:25)
  • Think you need to pinpoint individual stations and carefully target those you approach? Think again! Here’s the brain-dead easy way to get regular bookings without breaking a sweat! (04:40)

  • How to absolutely guarantee the listening audience knows where they can buy your product — even if the host tries to scam you by not setting up your pitch! (Watch out — it happens all the time. Guests appear… deliver great content… and then that’s the end of it. But you’ll never get ripped off with this powerful secret!) (08:00)
  • 3 key qualities radio producers look for when selecting guests to be interviewed! (Show up with all three of these and you’ll be a shoo-in!) (15:40)

  • One ‘dirty little secret’ to getting automatic bookings the easy way — as soon as you go off the air! (There’s only one reason you should follow this strategy and that’s because — it works like magic!) (28:55)


  • The hands-down, single BEST PIECE OF ADVICE you’ll ever get about how to make a fortune the easy way in the greatest business on earth! (Not only will this one simple concept increase sales, boost profits and exponentially help you build your business – it will also help you maintain trouble-free operations!) (01:40)
  • The one-two punch you need for explosive success in the info-marketing game! (If you’re weak in either area, you simply MUST improve… or find something else entirely to market!) (03:45)

  • The one stubborn action that lies at the root of every ‘horror story’ you ever heard about info-marketing or direct response – and how to easily avoid this disastrous pitfall that has even brought giants to their knees! (06:45)
  • 3 super-effective and easy ways to strengthen ANY guarantee! (Any one of these could profoundly boost your sales! And the best part is… you can do any of them yourself – in just minutes!) (07:37)

  • Copywriter’s ‘inside secret’ – How you say it is at least as important as what you say and why it’s absolutely crucial to remember this when crafting your guarantees! (07:55)
  • Why thinking “My market has seen already this before” can either help you or hurt you. (Hint: most people make the WRONG choice here and this one fatal mistake means they’ll leave untold fortunes on the table!) (09:15)


  • One largely overlooked advantage of having other people sell your products for you – even if you’re forking over super-generous commissions and feeling the sting of these high payouts! (Hint: it’s the secret to building an EMPIRE instead of simply generating some instant cash!) (00:40)
  • The most valuable customer you’ll EVER have! (One of Dan Kennedy’s customers first discovered him in a $3 book at a closeout sale… yet this same customer has been worth more than $100,000 to Dan!) (00:55)

  • How to breathe new life into aging products and create whole new income streams for years from products that were practically cast-offs! (06:55)
  • How to sell literally thousands of copies of your info-product by getting it featured in one or more catalogs! (Catalogs are HUGE… and more of them are accepting info-products than ever before! Here’s everything you need to know to cash in big-time with catalogs!) (7:40)

  • Why YOU have an almost UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over practically everyone else pitching their products to the exact same catalog publisher! (Give them this in addition to your quality product and your success rate will soar instantly!) (14:55)
  • How multiple marketing strategies reinforce one another, boosting your sales and profits exponentially! (Info-product giant, Guthy Renker does this very well – you should too!) (17:00)

  • Another shocking discovery! Did you know that libraries could be a hugely-profitable outlet for you? It’s true! Libraries buy information products of all kinds… but almost every “infopreneur” ignores this huge market – leaving untold fortunes left behind for the smart marketers like you!) (28:27)


  • Why newsletter publishers are hungry for information products… where to find them… and how to get even the giants of the industry to partner with you! (Could this be another newly-discovered gold mine for you — as it has been for others? Here’s all you need to know to cash in large with newsletters!) (03:10)
  • Another untapped market you can find in every city and every town, not just in America but in many nations of the world! (Not every info-product is a perfect fit here – but you’d be surprised just how many are! And you’ll be positively floored to discover the quantities being snapped up!) (04:15)
  • How to recycle old, seemingly useless products and turn them into a river of gold! (Opportunities are everywhere… you just have to open you eyes to them!) (09:00)
  • Amazing! You can take every other info-marketing strategy and toss it out the window when you get this one POSITIVELY POWERFUL strategy working for you! (There’s nothing easier and there’s nothing as effective as this! You simply MUST see this one now!) (14:45)

  • How to easily – even effortlessly – breeze past the gatekeeper, and get your offer straight to the decision-maker whenever you’re looking for a joint-venture partner! (One famous info-marketer achieved a 33% response rate in just two weeks!) (18:50)
  • Why your first joint venture is critical to your success! (Here’s how to get other marketers to literally line up, hoping for the chance to market your products!) (26:30)


  • The absolutely shocking sales statistics from TV ‘home shopping’ networks! Get into this game and… you’ll need an armored vehicle just to make your bank deposits! (Get the inside scoop here on what it takes!) (04:25)
  • Why today’s ‘home shopping’ is like yesterday’s “Tupperware party”… but about three million times MORE EFFECTIVE! (The numbers are staggering – even up to $100,000 per minute – AND MORE – can be had with the right combination… and here’s how to get it! (06:00)

  • Warning: The ‘home shopping’ networks are well aware of their power in the marketplace… but what you need to know are the rules they play by! (Here’s everything you need to know to crack the code and get in on he most lucrative promotional opportunity since the discovery of direct mail!) (15:20)
  • Why 620 of your first-time sales are completely insignificant – except for this one factor! Once you ‘get’ this… you’ll be on the fast-track to building an information marketing empire that can give you everything you can possibly imagine! (18:00)

  • The ULTIMATE CUSTOMER… who they are… what makes them so valuable… and how to create more of them in virtually ANY market! (You’ll swear that you’ve never seen money come in this easily and effortlessly before!) (18:25)
  • How to turn a simple information marketing enterprise into a perpetual, moneymaking EMPIRE that gives you ever-increasing monthly profits on complete autopilot! (24:42)

  • Proven approaches that work like magic for selling newsletter subscriptions! (Here’s the inside secret about human nature you MUST know if you ever want to succeed on a huge scale with newsletter subscriptions!) (25:40)


  • The one hidden secret that has put more money in more marketer’s bank accounts that anything else! (It’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to guaranteed cash – at practically 100% profit!) (06:00)
  • The single word that’s pure music to the ears of accomplished marketers everywhere! (You’ll definitely want to include this strategy in your business because it can guarantee your cash flow and make you incredibly wealthy at the same time!) (07:15)

  • One reason why info-marketing is the best business in earth – bar none – for establishing and strengthening the bond you have with your customers! (Ultimately, they’ll think of you as a friend – if you do this right!) (09:00)
  • The only 2 things you should NEVER delegate in your info-marketing business – and why! (Yes, the unlimited freedom this business provides is fantastic… but if you want to continue to enjoy your runaway success for years to come – you MUST NOT do this!) (14:35)
  • 18 AMAZING ways to find more easy money in your info-marketing business! (Just one of these beauties could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you… and you get all 18 of these powerful cash-finders to use as you please!) (16:47)
  • How to make your information marketing business 100% bullet-proof! (This is really the ONLY way to prevent others from ripping you off on a large scale once you start to have some success!) (26:50)

**** Do NOT Wait Or Delay ****

A Final Thought….

To paraphrase that Cuban baseball player John Belushi used to imitate on Saturday Night Live, info-marketing been veddy, veddy good to me. I cannot imagine how else somebody with my background could have created financial independence from scratch, so early in life, had as much fun, and even had as much positive impact on the lives and fortunes of others. I’d sincerely like you to have a similar experience; to be able to use my bank of knowledge about this unusual specialty to dramatically accelerate your achievement of whatever goals you have. That cannot occur if you miss out on this. It is up to you.

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