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But first, a quick introduction…

I’m Mike Paul. A local marketer, father, researcher, and serial entrepreneur.

For the last 7 years I’ve been using those skills to create in a number of successful niche markets.

I started a successful real estate career and later moved into commercial banking and most recently Local Internet Agency Consulting.

My motto has been, “Make Things Happen” and I’ve succeeded even when the odds were against me (which was most of the time).

I’m An Average Guy

Believe me, I didn’t have any advantages getting started as a local consultant. I’m an average guy with no ‘special connections’. And lest you think I’m mistake-free, think again. I’ve screwed up and ‘stepped in it’ as much as anyone I know.

I consider myself a work in progress. You’re getting to know someone who is as much a student as he is a teacher. If you share a better way to do something with me, I’m all ears.

But I have managed to do one thing…

I worked around the clock testing local marketing methods. Its my passion…and my specialty is…


Why? Because every consultant rises or falls on their ability to generate a steady stream of leads.

Now, I’m on a mission to share with my fellow consultants these tactics, strategies and never-revealed secrets for building a ‘Lead Machine’ with the best Media Platform Yet.

The HUGELY lucrative, misunderstood media I’m talking about today is…


It’s such an insanely profitable opportunity, yet your local competition is usually asleep at the wheel… leaving you more running room than an NFL star in a game with high school kids.

Before you let any erroneous notions about Craigslist cloud your thinking, note the following…

According to Internet Intelligence Reports, Craigslist is…

  1. #1 in Local classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide – community moderated, and mostly free.
  2. More than 9 billion page views per month!
  3. Used by more than 30 million each month, 25 million in the US alone.
  4. Self-publishes more than 30 million new classified ads each month

Craigslist Media Will Never Die.

Their power basically destroyed local newspaper classifieds and now they rein supreme.  Now when people think of selling almost anything, they immediately head over the Craigslist.

This should come as extremely good news for you…

IF you have the vision to start or re-start your lead business using CL, you’ll be rewarded almost…

Like a Mega Lotto Prize Winner!

After more than 9 years doing Lead Generation I’m finally spilling the beans about all my hard-won secrets to success.

A small sample of what you’ll discover…

  • The most profitable discovery about Craigslist that nobody talks about. This will transform your thinking and expectations about running ANY ads.
  • How To Get a predictable and reliable auto-pilot cash-generating machine…in just weeks.
  • How To spin $5 into thousands with the new Craigslist
  • The biggest DOWNSIDE to CL can also be a major upside.
  • What sections should you target? What Cities? What sells best? Get this right and you’re on Easy Street.
  • How To Leverage Your ‘Old Ads’ For More Profit
  • How to write your ads like a Pro Copywriter. Most rookies get screwed by this as they think little tweaks in the their ad won’t matter. And they have no idea what gets replies and what gets ignored…hint: its not what you think.
  • The surprisingly simple way to stay compliant with CL’s rules and Terms Of Service. THis is very inside information based on our testing.

I Reveal Even More…

I decided to reveal my unique method for posting ads on Craigslist and getting my own clients AND customers for my Local Clients.

Why should you pass up the best media online today, just because you’re not sure how to approach it. I don’t want YOU to waste time and effort (and Money) like I first did.

But that’s not all I’m revealing, you’ll also discover…

  • A dirt-cheap way to do your testing and continually tweak your ads until they ‘crush it’.
  • All the templates and systems you need to get a jump start with Craigslist ads. I’ve personally made ALL of these and used them myself.
  • My Secret to keeping my ads on Page 1 Longer.
  • “How To Get The Most Calls & Replies” revealed! Do what I show you and you’ll beat most of the competitors consistently.
  • The 10 Best Craigslist Hacks
  • How To Beat CL’s No URL rule* (Super Important)

Get this wrong and you’ll waste tons of time and never understand why your ads aren’t working.

I Don’t Stop, There’s More…

  • The fastest and BEST way to get 100+ leads per month spending WAY less than any Facebook or Adwords account.
  • Why Craigslist would still be a bargain at TEN times the cost!
  • Want the BEST chance of success? Build a CL advertising division right inside your own consultancy.
  • My big early mistakes that still embarrass me.

Following the crowd to Facebook and ADwords advertising is a recipe for disaster. Let your uninformed competitors try to squeeze a measly profit out of Facebook & ADwords…

While you use CL media ads to give yourself an unfair advantage over your competitors…and save huge dollars.

When it comes to clients, they don’t care where the leads come from as long as they convert and…


Q: Is this similar to any of your previous courses?

A: No, absolutely not. This is the first time I’ve taught this topic. I’ve been having exceptional success with Craigslist ads…so much so I figured why not tell other consultants about it. If you’re not doing this, you’re missing the boat!

Q: Is there a lot of competition?

A: All media have some competition. But the good news is, CL has LESS competition today, imo. Particularly in the paid sections.

The audience of qualified prospects on CL is huge so even a tiny share will yield you regular lead and sales.

Q: Why would a business need my help with leads?

A: Most local businesses simply have no idea how to set up ad campaigns that WORK…and are profitable. They do almost everything wrong! …including sending traffic directly to their primary website. Using CL, you’ll be able to beat their competitors …even if their ads are right next to yours!

Q: Don’t businesses already know about Craigslist ads?

A: Yes, probably most do. But ‘knowing ‘ about something is not ‘succeeding” with something.

They know its usually free, but are surprised some sections are now paid. They can’t write good ads if their life depended on it. They are usually disappointed in the poor response. They are definitely open to getting help.

Q: Won’t all my ads get flagged anyway?

A: No. First, that’s not so common today, but there’s other reasons.
Paid ads are always subject to review of flags to see if its justified.
So a couple competitors cant just harm your campaign. Even free
ads that get flagged are automatically checked for flaggers IP addresses and
may not be removed if the flaggers are excessively flagging others ads.

Q: Will businesses pay me to manage their campaigns?

A: Yes, happens all the time. Not all will, of course, but that’s to be expected. The results (more calls, visits and sales ) are what keep you in the loop and keep you getting paid.

Q: And You’re saying I can get good paying clients for my digital agency as well?

A: Yes, absolutely!…and they’re not all low-ball, difficult cheapskates. I’ve gotten some great clients with CL and they were the least costly to acquire.Sometimes businesses cast a wide net to see whats out there in the way of services.

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