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Message From Anik Singal:
CEO & Founder – Lurn Inc.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re here. For two years, it plagued me every night that our students were missing the #1 skill needed to succeed: copywriting.

Most people think of copywriting all wrong. But, it’s actually very easy and formulaic, once you know the steps I’m about to share.

Just go through these videos below, you’re about to take a huge leap. Then, make sure to join us for the Free Workshop Training too!

My 5-Step Formula To How I’ve Used
Words To Sell Millions Online!

This is a truly unique opportunity. Firstly – I’m going to do some amazing training – I’ll reveal my BEST case studies that you can copy and give you the entire 5 step formula.

Also, then, I’ll officially give you a chance to
become a Founding Member of Copywriting
Academy (at a BIG discount)! Save your
Free Seat & join me for the training!

One on One Coaching

#LurnNation CoachesSee If You Qualify!

When I first started my online business, I failed over 50 times (in 18 months). It was incredibly hard to figure out how to finally create a successful business. However, here’s when I had my First big breakthrough – One on One Coaching.

Someone agreed to invest 24 hours in me – answering ALL my questions.  Well, it’s no surprise, just 12 hours into that – I had my first sale!  I never looked back.

Because of that, I am excited to bring to you our – One on One Coaching and Done For You program.  Click the button below to learn more.  Basically, we will spend days with you – hands on – and you’re guaranteed to have a business up and running before we’re done!

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