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Learn how to make  your own Book Empire
by looking over the shoulder of Bonnie
as she teaches the lessons you need to know!

These Are The Video Training Courses In The Series

Simple Training That Quickly Teaches You How to Make a Living Writing Fiction

Writing Superhero Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Mysteries, Romance Novels, and Science Fiction

The Failure Prevention Checklist – Learn 8 ways to prevent your book from flopping and insure future success.

The Character Arc – Explore the techniques professional authors use to create characters that engage the reader right from the start and make them want to keep coming back for more.

What’s in the Background – Help your readers to visualize the action and relate to your plot and characters by creating backgrounds that enrich your story and don’t get in the way.

Intelligent Project Choices – This success of this unique Book Empire system relies on choosing projects that have the best chance for success. Learn how to use the tools professional writers use to choose the genre, topics, settings, titles and placement of their books before they every write the first word.

The Plot Thickens – Having amazing characters who resonate with your audience is useless unless you send them on an adventure that captivates the imagination and emotions of your readers. This step by step walkthrough of the basics of a great plot is a step-by-step guide to writing fiction that sells..

Richard Lowe Jr is a professional writer, ghostwriter, blogger and LinkedIn branding expert. He’s published over 60 books, ghostwritten sixteen, and written hundreds of articles, cases studies and blogs.

Richard’s goal is to help writers understand how to improve their skills so they succeed.

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