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Blackroom Blog Profits Summary

The secrets Jon reveals are new to most bloggers. They write day in and day out, thinking their content is worth nothing.

Jon shows you that every piece of content published online is valuable. You just have to find the right audience to talk to.

Most bloggers are already writing for a niche audience. They just don’t know how to advertise to those followers. Jon shows you how to do this.

Most bloggers don’t understand how to promote their blog. They sit passively waiting for followers to find them. Jon shows you how to turn your blog into an advertising machine that reaches new audiences every day.

So how does he do this?

·         Learning your niche audiences and leveraging content to them

·         Building your followers, the way magazines build circulation

·         Creating ad channels to distribute your content daily

·         Connecting with followers through messaging and emails

·         Creating a platform that interests advertisers to place ads

What Jon teaches is how to see your blog as a business. Start reaching out to build your audiences so that advertisers will see you as a valuable influencer. How do you do that?

Jon outlines social outreach plans that tap into the rich social media landscape. Find your audiences and bring them in!

Once advertisers see you have a huge following, then will want their ads on your page. Jon shows you how to negotiate with advertisers to get the best price on ads.

Start earning cash for every blog post. Every click on those ads is money in your pocket. Jon also shows you how to leverage your niche audience for even greater revenue.

He explains how to build content around advertisers. Give reviews of new products as a powerful influencer.

Thanks to my decision to go through with this program, I’m now earning $50k in passive income!

How it works is very simple.

Businesses usually struggle with finding a way to market their services to a wider audience.

For example, say a gardening service is looking for new clients.

Would they rather build a website from the ground up themselves…(even when they do this, sure, they may end up with a nice site, but can anyone actually FIND them when looking on Google? 9 times out of 10.. The answer is.. no!)

OR would they rather pay someone for the business in hand!

Imagine if you could be trained on exactly how to accomplish building a site and ranking it on Google to get leads for businesses?

How valuable would you be?

Plus, think of how much you could increase your income by having multiple sites ranked up on search engines in multiple industries… with each one producing leads all the time?

It is a fantastic way to win!

It’s a simple process, and businesses desire it intensely.

You become very respected and valuable to any business owner with these skills.

This is one limousine service that I’m still getting paid by today:

Your Instructor

Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra

I’ve been publishing profitable niche sites full time for several years. My blogs and niche sites attract over 1 million monthly visitors.

My ultimate aim with any niche site is to get them to passively earn income by growing them and training a small team to take them over.

I have insights into many facets of this business because of my fleet of websites in different niches.

I actually do this this stuff for a living.

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