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Welcome JV Partners!

“I’m a New Face But Not New To Offline Marketing”

Hello JV friend,

Thanks for checking out my most anticipated launch yet! Launch details are covered here, but of course, if I missed something, go ahead email me or Skype me anytime.

We have been waiting and waiting for this method to come to fruition and finally two major platforms have paved the way to higher quality and steadier lead generation for the local consultant’s own business.

“Bingdin” is NEW and will attract the attention of offline consultants right away.  Why? Because they are constantly looking for the right approach to getting clients faster and more consistently in the offline space.

This new method addresses one and only one hurdle for local consultants… Client Getting!

What if… Getting Laser Targeted Leads for The Consultant’s Business Came Lightning Fast?

Defeated Consultants are constantly searching for that “magic bullet” software or marketing strategy only to strike out over and over again…  I say get ready to get rid of the “Lead Problem” so that you can experience…

..steadier client getting & faster payouts.

I’m talking about two platforms that have, in a sense, converged to form the ultimate client getting weapon.  A hybrid of all hybrids so to speak.

And this “hybrid” will substantially shorten the time involved with client getting… resulting in a much happier and fulfilled consultant.

Since the acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft, this parent company decided to leverage Linkedin’s data for consultants looking for a better way to target hungry business owners.

And they did this by making “Linkedin Profile Targeting” available within the Bing Ads platform…

… a combo of the “best of both worlds”.  The most concentrated hub of Business owners and professionals coupled with a more affordable and less stringent search ad platform!

Easier TARGETING means Better Results!

  • How to “manipulate” Bing Ads to bring Jaw-Dropping results on a shoe-string-budget.
  • How to secretly arm yourself with Linkedin’s targeting vault to get leads for your OWN business.
  • How to get online leads like an expert without any of the “expert” experience!
  • How to get rid of the local consultant’s #1 problem – Getting Clients..
  • How to skip all the trial and error of “targeting” to bring in hungry business owner leads on demand!
  • How to only talk to business owners who are “ready, willing, and able” & have a keen interest in your service..

Thanks so much for your support, and lets ROCK this launch!

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