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Hello & Welcome to Amazon Sharks!

Would you like to: 
  • Start your own business…
  • Quit your job…
  • Pay off debt…
  • Take holidays whenever you want…
  • Spend more time on things you LOVE doing…
  • Have less stress & more money…
Does this all sound like a late-night commercial for a shady multi-level marketing program?

It sure does!

I did this on purpose because—as cliche as this all sounds—it is truly achievable by creating a successful Amazon operation that sells your own private-label products on the world’s fastest- growing eCommerce platform!
If you’ve ever ordered anything from Amazon, you’ll have noticed that they actually only sell a small portion of the millions of products available on their website. Most of the products you see on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers—just ordinary people like you and me! Amazon takes care of the warehousing, order processing, shipping, and even customer support, meaning your only job is to source products and promote your listings!
In the US, this business model has become extremely popular. Thousands of people have taken advantage of this opportunity, and there are sellers who make seven and eight figures in sales on Amazon alone. Some have even become multi-millionaires along the way! It has never been a better time to get into this game by taking advantage of Amazon’s fastest-growing marketplace—Amazon UK!
Personally, I have been selling on Amazon for last three years and, in this time, I have launched three separate Amazon businesses—all of which I’m proud to say have been profitable from day one!
In fact, I recently started a brand new Amazon business from scratch and made £320,000 in sales in first 18 months!
And the good news is, I have documented it on my blog, so you can see all the details of that venture firsthand:


Here are just a few advantages
of selling on Amazon:
  • You can start out with very limited funds;
  • You don’t have to deal with warehousing, order processing, or shipping;
  • You can work at your own pace to expand and grow your business internationally;
  • You can make money while you sleep, watch TV or eat donuts;
  • You can finally be your own boss and set your own schedule, and you can take a day off whenever you need to;
  • You can work from home in your pajamas—or not wear anything, if that’s your thing!
No other eCommerce business model is so accessible and provides so many advantages at the entry level. The best part is that right now, at this very moment, Amazon is still in a growing phase, which means there are thousands of great product opportunities that sellers starting out can create very profitable businesses around.

I won’t bore you with my life story, past achievements, or reasons why an Amazon business is the hottest business opportunity of our time. If this is the first time you are hearing from me, I highly recommend you check out the FREE Amazon video on my blog That will explain in detail why starting your own Amazon business is the FUTURE of eCommerce!

Module 1 – Starting Out

One of the keys to success in building a profitable Amazon business is starting out right. In the first module of the course, I’ll take you through the fundamentals of building a successful Amazon private-label products business from the ground up.

This includes critical lessons on business registration, the differences between various Amazon accounts, everything you need

to know about Value Added Tax, Amazon fees, the basics of accounting, and other topics related to getting started, so you’re not going in blind or getting hit with surprises down the road.
You will also receive an overview of the Amazon seller accounts and specific instructions on the next steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the second module.
We’ll cover topics like:
  • Amazon FBA Business Model – you’ll learn how FBA business works, the main advantages of this business, and WHY it is the future of eCommerce.
  •  Private Label Products – you’ll learn why Amazon Sharks is specifically based around private-label products, what exactly that means, and how ANYONE can take advantage of this concept to create unique, high-value products to sell on Amazon on a global scale.
  • Business Registration –  you’ll learn when to register with HMRC, which business form to choose, and why it’s important to make this decision before you even open your Amazon seller account.
  • Value Added Tax – in this video, you’ll learn in which situations you should register for VAT immediately and when you can wait until you reach the VAT registration threshold.
  • Amazon Account – you’ll learn what types of seller accounts exist, which one you should to sign-up for, and how to ensure your account doesn’t get banned after the registration and verification process is completed.
  • Amazon Fees – you’ll learn what fees are charged by Amazon, and how they differentiate based on the products you sell and what account type you have.
  • Seller Central Overview – a complete overview of the Amazon seller account and how to navigate around it, where to find the most important settings, and the best way to get in touch with Amazon when you need help!
  • Accounting – the Amazon Sharks course doesn’t go into great detail on how to keep accounts for eCommerce – it’s more focused on getting your business profitable—but you will find general advice on the best ways to take care of bookkeeping for your Amazon account, including the best tools and services available for this task.
Module 2 – Market Research
This module covers key topics like:
  • Buying Power – get this part wrong and you’re DONE before you even start selling! Knowing your buying power is crucial—it lets you identify the exact price range of products you can source directly from manufacturers while maintaining a healthy price and quantity ratio.
  •  Products to Avoid – you’ll discover that there are certain groups of products that come with many problems; they have high return rates, high defect rates and a whole range of other headaches. I’ve compiled a detailed list of products you should absolutely avoid, as well as information for more advanced students on how to exploit these high-risk product categories to your advantage. 
  • The Perfect Product – in this section, you’ll learn to identify the characteristics of a perfect product to sell on Amazon. You’ll follow these exact guidelines when completing your market research process to guarantee you select only the best and most profitable products.
  • Gated Categories – you’ll learn about gated categories on Amazon, how to deal with them, and why they matter. I share my personal advice and firsthand experience so you have the best chance of getting approved by Amazon to sell in gated categories.
  • Prohibited Goods – a quick overview of the products you actually can’t sell on Amazon, as well as those you can sell on but can’t use FBA for.  
  • Jungle Scout – you’ll get access to my detailed overview of the world’s most popular Amazon research software. In this overview, I cover all the key features in detail, as well as my advice on which tools and plans you should sign up for.
  • Finding Product Ideas – a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to use the various tools and product discovery methods to identify dozens (or hundreds) of profitable products to sell on Amazon!
  • Product Validation – you’ll learn the most efficient and practical way to filter out good product ideas from bad by quickly validating the product’s demand, competition, seasonality and other factors. You’ll learn how to identify whether a product has potential or not on Amazon in as little as 10 seconds!
  • In-Depth Research – in the final stage of the market research process, we’ll take a deep dive into manually researching your products, checking out your competition, finding ways to stand out, product improvement, bundling, and other ideas to ensure success!
Who Amazon Sharks is NOT For!?
Many people are not used to investing in their future and success. They’re happy to read dozens of cheap business ebooks and take free courses, but they never seem to actually take action to build the business they’ve been talking about for years. I would honestly say that if £99 per life-changing, business-building module feels high to you, this program is probably NOT a good fit and you should stop right here.

This comprehensive program fast-tracks students through the process of building their business, so I’m only working with students who are 100% ready to take action.
In my experience, the students that do best are the ones who are in a mindset of spotting opportunities that will create a return on their investment. If you’re not in a place where you’re ready to invest in building your business, you’re probably not suited to the Amazon-style business—after all, this business is all about learning to spot great opportunities that will create a massive return and jumping on them!

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