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Take advantage of upcoming product launches by ranking your video reviews at the top of YouTube and Google to get a massive flood of traffic, sales and email opt-ins.  This strategy is becoming very popular is making some marketers 10’s of thousands every month!


Start a full time career in affiliate marketing on YouTube by promoting other people’s products and services in your videos.  I’ll teach you how to research topics, set up your channel, find products, create videos, rank them and earn a recurring monthly income.  You can also get “LOADS” of free products from companies to test and review for free!


Want to grow your email list for promoting products and services?  Build up an authority YouTube channel and make videos related to your niche with then link to a landing page with your optin-form.  This is an AMAZING way to get 24/7 leads to grow your email marketing business.


Expand your business growth with an authority YouTube channel for your products and services!  People love to see product reviews and how products work.  Use your YouTube channel to show your visitors you’re an authority in your industry resulting in more sales, leads and followers.

The most in-depth and affordable affiliate marketing course for both beginner and experienced YouTubers!  You will learn everything from beginning to end on setting up your YouTube account to creating and ranking videos in both YouTube and Google as well as making big commissions!

Includes 8 Modules Of 44+ Videos
  • Getting Started and Researching
  •  Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
  •  Building YouTube Channel Authority
  •  Optimizing and Uploading Videos
  •  SEO and Ranking Videos in YouTube & Google
  •  Case Studies With Proof of Income
  •  Risky Buy Effective Ranking Strategies
  •  In-Depth Affiliate Product Research Methods


 What is Affiliate Tuber?
Affiliate Tuber is an online video course consisting of 44+ growing videos on showing you how to use YouTube to rank videos in YouTube and Google for affiliate marketing, lead generation and more.


 Do you offer refunds?
Yes, I offer a 7 day refund on the course if you’re not completely satisfied.

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