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Join the future of customer communication.

Step into the future with the firstMessenger Enabled
Auto Responder

Think about all the cool automations you can do with email… Now imagine doing the exact same thing on Messenger and reaching your customers on the two most used fronts of communication online. This is what you get with Market Hero!

Why Facebook Messenger?

Messenger is the #1 app in the US and Canada with over 1 billion active users.

It is the most engaging channel with average 80% open rates and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email. Your audience already uses Messenger everyday and your business should be a part of that conversation.

The DeepestRevenue Generating
Shopify Integration Online

Market Hero eats, sleeps and breathes Shopify. If you are on Shopify and are not using Market Hero you are actively choosing to make less money.

Not only does Market Hero allow you to segment and mail your customers but we automatically compile all your sales and get you the metrics behind your customers while automating abandon carts, upselling, down selling, and so much more….

Oh… And you also get a ROCKING T-SHIRT and the #HeroNation Community

Top of theIndustry delivery

Increase your business with increased inboxing from an autoresponder that takes care of your mailing

In depthMetrics

Know everything about your customers and your emails. Market Hero is the first auto responder that makes it beginner level easy to get your sales metrics and calculate exactly how much every customer on your list is worth.

Every membership comes with
an extreme email marketing / shopify / messenger mega course!

Our goal here is your success. That’s why our CEO (Alex Becker) has created a mega course to come with your membership. This course breaks down the exact email tactics he has used to build multiple multi million dollar companies.

  • Sales and behavior based automations.
    High ROI Email Funnels.
  • How to drastically improve Shopify sales with funnels, emails and messenger.
    Sales and behavior based automations
  • 7 Figure advertising
    How to get the absolute most out of market hero and your email business.

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