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My name is Matej Zuljan a.k.a. Pack warrior, some of you already know me, for my previous work and support on the Warrior forum. On this page you’ll see how I extracted the 7 Keys that every successful marketer follows.

My personal friend has been making a full time income online for years now and has slowly but surely risen through the ranks of internet marketers to the point of being labelled a Guru to some and mentor to others.

While you read every word on this page, you’ll learn the exact keys he told me I’d need to follow if I wanted to turn a few hundred a month income into thousands.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen reports and eBooks all over the place offering the key to success.

You’ve no doubt bought one or more of these – only to find that yes, the information was good, the content accurate and even eye opening……

Yet it Just Didn’t Bring You The Success You Were Hoping For

So off you go, more trial and error until you are pitched to buy yet another product that will surely be the key to your success! I followed a similar path for years – 5 years to be precise (In fact I often wonder how I lasted so long)

Then a couple of years ago I came across one of Mark’s eBooks, as usual I duly bought the product and began reading it…. Mark included so much good content that I found myself joining his forum.

Try to picture the scene – here I was still a relative newbie because the only thing I had so far learned was how to get out my credit card and pay for yet another ‘Key to Success’ that had failed to move me on.

Is that a hard picture to see?…. or do you find it easy to visualize because you’ve been there yourself?

Trust me I know how you feel, I felt let down and de-motivated myself on nearly every occasion.

But this time it did seem different, I found Mark to be approachable and active in his forum, along with some great members who all seemed to help each other.

Let me Fast Forward a Couple of Years

Having learned to accomplish some things online I was earning a few hundred a month and even helping out myself, offering my skills and services.

And this is what Mark has taught me, that delivering value to others is the key to internet riches, if you get to know Mark and listen to what he says over a period of time you start to realize that a lot of what he teaches is so simple, yet most people do things completely wrong. This was when I knew I had to find out more, and here we are today.

Can you imagine if you could just get someone like Mark to really open up in one fell swoop? Think about how much more quickly and easily you could achieve your dreams of a regular income of hundreds or even thousands of dollars online – if you could just find all the keys to successful marketing in one place!

Well after knowing John for a couple of years I gained enough respect from him, to have him open up to me. We even formed a relationship where Mark would hire me to do some of the work he outsourced, and it was during one of these tasks that I really got to chat about my future and how I could get myself on the right road to regular profits.

Here’s what happened…

I extracted the 7 keys to success from Mark that he follows religiously, and I put them to use. Net result – my list grew, my income grew and my online reputation grew!

And as Mark has seen the difference it made in me – he’s insisting we share this information with others. Those others include you – if you seriously want to get ahead online.

If you have dreams of seeing regular “Notification of Payment Received” in your inbox.

If you can picture yourself opening the door to success not with some fantasy single key – that never quite seems to fit the lock then allow me to introduce…

I’ve quizzed him time and again to draw out of him the why’s and the how’s that you need to follow, so that as sure as you’re staring at a computer screen to read this – you have the answers you need to guarantee your freedom.[/SIZE][/FONT]

By the time you have all the keys in place – there wont be any doubt in your mind or your account balance that you have what it takes … you’ll have the self same keys that every successful marketer follows and you’ll know exactly how to open doors with them.

So I Ask you?

Are You Ready to Start Opening Doors?

Do you have any concerns that these keys will be safe in your hands?
Let me assure you – once Mark had talked me through the 7 keys to Success, I went on to see increases in every area of my activities online….. put simply
They Work!
The question really is, will you put them to work for you?

I did, and as a sign of gratitude when Mark asked me to write it all up – I jumped at the chance.

I could have simply done yet another question and answer audio or transcript…. but instead I chose to make an effort to detail everything Mark had taught me because Mark sincerely wants to help others and he truly helped me.

Now I get to pay him back by helping make this the best I can so that together we can help you.

I’m hoping that will show Mark my thanks, Show you that if I can do this anyone can, and finally allow you to realize your dreams by handing you the keys to your future.

The choice is now yours – We’ve done our part in making this report for you.

So now it’s crunch time, where you try to guess the price of this report. I’m guessing you’re thinking it will cost you at least $47.00 and you may even think as much as $97.00

Well as an exclusive offer we have decided to price this report at:
An Amazing $5.00 For Warriors

The main reason we have priced this report so low is so it is within everyone’s reach. You really have no excuses for not discovering the Seven Key Elements to Online Success.

By now you must realize that you need to order now, to access the combination of keys that will lead you through the door to successful marketing, but if that’s not enough I’ll back up your purchase with a guarantee.

If you’re still not sure, Check out our testimonials section below!

Originally Posted by Graphix Marketing View Post
Hi, i’m glad you decided to put this out as a wso. $5 is so low for this information.
At the moment your the $5 man, this is worth 10 times the price.

James Tee

Originally Posted by Chika Nwoko View Post
Thanks for putting this together Mark

I just got this, as for $5, I reckon it’s a steal, and well worth it.

I will read this later on tonight and let folks know what I think of it.

Originally Posted by owey View Post
I’ve only been doing internet marketing for 4 months now and after reading this report i have found out where i have been going wrong.
I now believe that by following all 7 of these points i will become successful in the future.
Thanks for all the advice.
Originally Posted by Keith_Purkiss View Post
I bought the original version in 2007 and have been applying it ever since,
so I can recommend people make this small investment in their future, it’s
less than 72 cents for each key.

My advice to everyone who is struggling is to stop drifting around the WF buying
WSOs that you don’t use and just grab this one, read it, apply it, and finally
start getting the results you’ve been waiting for. There’s a lot of hidden value
inside this report which you don’t want to miss out on.



Originally Posted by Roonie View Post
Hey Y’all!

Just read the book, awesome read and very well written!

Very impressed!!

Thanks for this. Y’all did an awesome job!!

Now I just have to implement what I read…..


Originally Posted by MOCrendon View Post
$5. Are you kidding? How do expect us poor people to afford these deals you make? We’re not all as rich as you two!

Have you any idea how much food $5 will buy? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go without my burger and fries today… and probably every day you make crazy offers like these! LOL.

Nice one guys

Originally Posted by hangdala View Post
Hi, I really like your report. It can help many starters to fulfill her own online dream.

Every Key in this report is very true. At the same time very simple, and somehow you know all of them but… It is not very often, that you can see all these Keys laid down in such a nice order.

A very special value of this Guide is how it is organized.

You start always no matter what kind of endeavour you take on, at the Key #1.

As you did it, you will face of the necessity of applying Key #2.

As soon as this is settled you find the necessity of Key #3, and so on until Key #7.

This can guide you in every new or old project. You can have success with key #1-5, but if you want a lasting success with further growing, you must find solutions for Key #6-7.

I think, this guide will help everybody who is struggling in building up a new Online Business, or just wants to create an additional income stream.

I recommend everybody to buy, read and consider these Keys, and I am sure, if anyone follows these essential Keys, will be successful sooner or later, but surely.

Thanks, for giving these lessons to the new marketers, and who knows, they can become one day part of the circle of the successful ones!

I am very happy to know you from this guide, or from previous products bought from you.

Thumb up for this book, don’t hesitate, you need it, buy it, and apply it NOW!

Your Purchase is 100% Secure and is Guaranteed

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Remember! We have spent years and who knows how much money learning how to do things correctly. For one low price, you’ll get to benefit from ALL of our experience.

We’ll see you on the other side

Pack Warrior

P.S. – Don’t keep buying one key, Even if you find seven – they may not be the correct combination. Get them all right and save yourself time and money. Get them now and together they’ll show you the way through the door to success.

P.P.S. If you’ve tried to make money before and failed then it isn’t your fault. Let us teach you everything we know about the 7 Key Elements Every Marketer Follows so that you can avoid the pitfalls that others have to endure!


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