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4X Energy is the only thing on the market
that allows for long lasting, dominant
energy all day

  • Without putting annoying systems in place that just over complicate things..
  • Without having to resort to coffee and other dangerous stimulants that ruin your health..
  • Without being forced to take unnecessary naps throughout the day like you do now..
  • Without feeling burnt out, worn out, and bored after a few hours of working..
  • Without having to rearrange your entire life, this is your quick fix..

It WILL unlock hidden energy stores inside of you that you didn’t even know existed.

And just to make things more interesting..

Only 3 Team Capital Members
Have Seen This Footage Before

And they were at the live recording.

At the time of my writing this, less than a week has passed

Here’s what they had to say:

  • My life is going to be fvcking 4X better than I originally envisioned because of 4X Energy.


    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t interested in 4X Energy at first.

    I thought to myself: “I’m not even getting 1X Energy now”, so I didn’t pull the trigger but after EMR, I decided it was time to become a man. No more bullshit excuses, no more bullshit people.

    Just RESULTS.

    So I did just that, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve dedicated extra time to your trainings allowing me to finish projects for my music career that I’ve been holding off on, a client of mine just scored ANOTHER blog premiere on Noisey, and I’m well on my way to starting my own record label in 2017.

    Did I mention it’s been less than a month?

    That’s why you take action. That small, and I do mean small investment that I made on this training turned out to be a FVCKING WATERFALL of over delivery and environmental exposure.

    The paradigm shifts. The bad habits and OCD loops. The Dan Pena resources. The unleashing of every single of my energy reserves (which I feel opening up). The mental reference points. The 5 biggest energy killers. The finding of my “Magic Time”.


    I’m going to be the most sought after music producer in the fvcking world because of 4X Energy.

    I’m now even more free to do whatever the fvck I want to take me to new heights in all areas of my life because of 4X Energy.

    My life is going to be fvcking 4X better than I originally envisioned because of 4X Energy.

    You’ve be a fvcking sucker not to invest in this. Definitely ONLY for your top guys.

    Again dude, I absolutely cannot THANK YOU enough.


  • I immediately used 4X Energy to add ANOTHER $10,764 to our business (and it’s only been 3 weeks)

    “Before 4X Energy, my thoughts about energy were like taxes to an 8 year old kid..

    Remember what that was like? All those years, taxes would drain mom or dad’s income and although it was a pretty big deal for them, we didn’t have a clue.

    As we grew up, more and more people would complain about taxes, grown-ups warning us about them, but of course, we’re all guilty on some level of saying, “Yeah..but it’s not gonna be that bad for me..”

    It isn’t until the day you’re excited to cash in you first hard-earned

    Like the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it..”

    4X Energy was that freight train and I was SHOCKED about how behind I was from the Steve Aoki’s, the Arnold Schwarznegger’s, and Donald Trump’s in terms of energy, but here’s the difference..

    Unlike my first payday, you took my “energy paycheck”, fire-proofed it and added a couple zeroes to the end…

    Metaphors aside—fast forward less than a month later and today my personal income has literally—don’t laugh—gone up by 4X, I can easily crank out work for 16-18 and sometimes 20 hours straight if I want to, and in less than a week I learned virtually everything about this insanely complicated marketing tool that I knew NOTHING about and immediately used it to add another $10,764 to our business.

    Did I mention that it’s been less than a month since I went through it? (And admittedly, I haven’t even used HALF of the 4X Energy Boosters yet…I can only imagine what’s gonna happen when I use ALL of it.. )

    I hate clichés, but here it is Jason, “I was blind but now I see”

    Thanks so much for sharing this :slightly_smiling_face:

    Alexander Pullman

    P.S. That Grape Trick almost works too well…”

    Newport, California


  • I made $35,432 last month because of 4X Energy..

    Here’s my thing about 4X Energy…

    I don’t like to blatantly expose my personal income to the public but in this case I feel it’s important because I think it’ll drive the point about 4X Energy home..

    In the months before I was there to see the program with my own eyes I had suffered from some internal problems that I don’t even want to get into leading me to drop over $1,000 on blood tests so I could get to the bottom of this “energy situation”. I wanted to get it up to the level it needed to be so I could start making WAVES in my life instead of ripples.

    The fact is, I tried EVERYTHING…coffee, pills, the works and I just noticed I still felt as sh*tty as ever and on a day-to-day basis I wasn’t making much progress.

    After Jason brought me to that first live filming, that was it for me and I made $35,432 this month and I’m just getting warmed up.

    The more time you waste thinking about it, the more ripples you’re gonna fill your life with versus the waves you could be making.


Here’s more of what’s inside 4X Energy:

  • JC’s Energy Tool Box: 17 energy hacks from inside my treasure chest that no one else teaches about skyrocketing energy on YOUR own terms (and not the other way around).
  • Ben Franklin’s “21-Day Vigor Blueprint”. The tiny secret behind the man’s discovery of electricity, success, and the trick getting more done in a 10th of time it’d usually take.
  • My biggest 4 paradigm shifts revealed by an earlier mentor that QUADRUPLED my energy in a matter of minutes. The second and third ones will blow your fvcking mind.
  • Long lasting energy is only reserved for a certain number of hours, right? WRONG! That’s what the media wants you to believe and I’ll explain why in the first 5 minutes.
  • My famous “Contrast Principle Of Energy” explained. I’ve been paid thousands for this before, and today, it’ll give you a surge of energy through the day whenever you need it.
  • My sneaky trick you can use to find you “Magic Time” and hit your creative strut fast, personalizing your day to fit YOUR needs, and not the other way around (and if you’ve ever had a boss at work, you know what I’m talking about here).
  • Why having an end time is just as important as having a start time, and exactly how to find it so you’re not stuck wasting your time with minuscule tasks that don’t make money.
  • My “Ferrari Method Of Energy”. Used by all my top performers daily to get into INSTANT FLOW, from the second they wake up to when they decide to sleep (The key word here is “decide”. They can keep going, if they decide to. And after this, you’ll be able to too.)
  • The FOMO myth.. and how to stop priming yourself for the deadly trap of feeling left out of plans. We’ve all felt it, and after 2 minutes, it won’t even be on your radar anymore.
  • The 4 simple words guaranteed to rid yourself of the opinion of negative critics (thick stick in a gift of God, as Dan Pena says, and I’m going to show you exactly how to get it).
  • My 3 sneaky tactics I’ve used for years to increase my “emotional bank account” and how it’s directly grown the size and put cash deposits into my actual bank account.
  • How to rid yourself of time vampires without being a dick about it (the average person has 13 daily vampires that they’re falling prey to right now, what about YOU champ?).
  • My trick to creating endless momentum from the second you wake up, propelling yourself toward success with business and women starting first thing in the morning.
  • The JC Diet Explained. How the timing, types, and sequencing of foods matters, and how you can catapult energy without complicating things (takes a couple of minutes).
  • The Harvard 4-Step Power Pose. Scientifically proven to increase testosterone, flood your system with good emotions, pack on lean muscle, and increase productivity for you.
  • The Tony Robbins Method for incantations (you’re probably fvcking this up completely).
  • JC’s Famous 15 Food Rule. How you can simply your entire diet for increased energy, focus, and productivity (regardless of current restrictions, allergies, or intolerances).
  • My Illegal Substance X-Files. Two of my secret weapons when it comes to guaranteeing results, and the trick to using them correctly (it’s NOT what you think it is right now).
  • My Billion Dollar Song Ritual. The trick I used with Dan Pena to anchor high energy levels through the day (if it’s good enough for Billionaires, it’s good enough for you).
  • A full day of eating with JC. Your one chance to follow me for day to see what I eat, how I prepare it, how I eat, and when I eat for maximum energy. No one has seen this before.
  • NEVER eat these popular insulin spiking, creativity blunting, energy robbing foods, destroying your energy, promoting fat gain, and increase cortisol (what you don’t want).
  • My sneaky trick to ridding yourself of taking unnecessary, time wasting naps throughout the day. I haven’t taken one in years, don’t need them, and after this, you won’t either.
  • How to stop falling in the trap of putting projects off “until later”. You’re probably guilty of this, and I’m going to show you how to rid yourself of that, for good, in the first 7 minutes.
  • Do you have enough energy to hit the gym after work or would you rather continue to watch your health deteriorate instead? Here’s exactly how to fix that, step-by-step.
  • Why your energy levels right now are currently throwing cash away, destroying your opportunities with women and business, and exactly what we can do about it, together.
  • Relationship with your girlfriend or spouse suffering because of work? Work isn’t the problem; your energy is. Here’s how to keep up with the demands of life so she doesn’t leave you for someone who can (I’ve seen it happen before, it’s not pretty).
  • Adrenal fatigue? Nonsense. It’s because your caffeine needs are actually working against you, rather than for you. Here’s the secret to reclaiming your health and energy.
  • My secret to having laser like focus all day long (WITHOUT Adderall, mind you).
  • Here’s how do a quick audit of your surroundings and ensure your environment isn’t one that’s sucking away at your energy. And here’s the exact blueprint on how to fix it, too.
  • My secret to waking up excited and with an unmatched ZEST for life, not because you have to, but because you WANT to. Reclaim your youth now, even if you’re still young.
  • Jitter free energy. How to find it, harness it, and KEEP it for yourself, all day long.
  • How you can improve your concentration so that you can focus on work, travel, or just making day to day decisions without having to waste precious energy stressing about it.
  • How to finally be happy where your life is headed as a direct result of your newfound productivity and energy on projects YOU want done, not under someone else’s bidding.

There’s more. I could go on for ages. But you get the gist of it.

Now imagine what life would be like if even had ONE of these tools at your disposal..

Because more energy enables you to do the things you’re not doing right now that’s stopping you from being successful; I’m talking being able to stay up all night, approach that girl you’ve always wanted, and start on that side business you’ve been putting off for years now.

Imagine popping out of bed first thing in the morning filled with boundless energy, ditching the expensive coffee, instead ready to dominate every single moment of your day.

Imagine being able to finally get back to your hobbies, the shit you love doing (but never had the never-ending fuel to do so) because your energy and productivity aren’t limited anymore.

Imagine increasing your productivity 10, 20, or even 30X, what would that mean for you?

Imagine having so much energy and productivity to get shit done that your family, friends, and coworkers can’t seem to keep up, and have them BEGGING to know your secret.


I’ve Deliberately Made This Affordable

Because when I originally pre sold this program to a few lucky Team Capital Members at a live event, they SWARMED the back table with their credit cards already in hand, like bees to honey.

One guy even had the audacity to offer me 10K just to buy it outright, right then and there.

Considering this is the reason for all my success today, I’d be losing money by selling it for that.

But I’m not doing this for money, if I was, I’d charge a fvck ton more and still sell out, so naturally, I shook my head, and pointed him to the line forming behind the sales desk.

WIth that being said, you’re not going to be paying 10k today.

I won’t even charge as much as it would cost you to try and figured this all out on your own, put in YEARS of sleepless nights researching, tweaking, and testing and still get ZERO results.

In fact, you’re going to investing less than HALF of what everyone at the pre selling event paid.

So go ahead, click the button below and let’s 4X your energy and 4X your success, right now:

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