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From: The Office of John Thornhill
Re: Paid Traffic v Free Traffic

Have you tried paying for traffic? I have and I’ve lost money every single time. The main reason I have failed to make this work is because I had to pay on average well over $2 to have one person visit my site? While it may work if you are a Pay Per Click expert and are promoting an extremely high converting offer let’s be honest, most people can’t make a profit from Paid advertising.

And that’s before you go through the rigmarole of getting your ad approved! Have you ever tried to get an Ad campaign set up on Google? Most of the time your ads get rejected, or you have to pay crazy money to have an ad show, it’s as if Google doesn’t want your money, and they certainly didn’t want mine, allow me to explain …

… I was promoting one of my products via Google Adwords and one day I logged into my account and this is the message I was greeted with.

What the **** No emails to explain why this happened, no phone calls, no warnings, nothing. Google simply didn’t want my business. I had done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, no black hat techniques, nothing! I was merely trying to drive some legitimate traffic to my business.

After Google Where do You go? Facebook of Course

And that’s exactly what I did…

Once again I was back in the realms of PPC and buying traffic. Once again I purchased product after product and course after course to help me get the best from Facebook ads, and while I was now buying traffic at a cheaper rate I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I’m sure you can relate to this if you have seen the Facebook Ads interface. There are so many variables to choose from it can make your head spin, and don’t even get me started on getting ads approved. If you’ve used Facebook for ads you have probably seen this message.


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