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Here’s a staggering fact: 44 percent of emerging leaders feel unprepared for their role. And 87 percent wish they’d had more training beforehand.

With that in mind, The Leader’s Map is for anyone in a role where skilled leadership is critical for success, including:-

✔ First time leaders in your organisation

✔ Mid level leaders looking to improve their leadership capability

✔ Aspiring leaders soon to move into their first leadership role

✔ Leaders with little or no prior leadership training

✔ Leaders who are under performing or struggling with some aspect of their role

Provide leadership training and support BEFORE your leaders set sail, and you’ll not only increase their confidence and capability, you’ll improve the performance of their team too.


The link between learning programmes and leader quality is 46 percent stronger when technology is used heavily.

It’s flexible learning at its finest. Your leaders can study anywhere, anytime.

Compared with traditional learning, using an online component will save your organisation a significant amount of time and money. It follows the 70/20/10 rule of training, requiring your leaders to try out and practice what they’ve learnt, as they go along.

It provides you with easy, real time updates and feedback on their progress.

The best way to use The Leader’s Map is as a blended programme, where your emerging leaders do the modules individually, but supplement this with group reflection and learning. We’ll work with you on the best way to do this.


Absolutely! The Leader’s Map is fully customisable for your specific organisational needs. This includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

Company branding (logos, colouring, images etc.).

Inclusion and integration of relevant company material, such as strategy and corporate values “baked” into the content.

Tailoring of particular module material to reflect specific organisational language and concepts, as well as other leadership initiatives in your organisation.

Provision for leaders (such as your CEO) to record a ‘welcome message’ to the participants, or other short video leadership stories to increase relevance and connection with participants.

Linking of materials to your key business performance metrics.

Most businesses struggle to find leadership training that’s both cost effective and actually produces results. By choosing The Leader’s Map, you’ll be equipping your emerging leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to help you accomplish your strategy and vision.

Don’t leave your emerging leaders to sink or swim. Click here to contact Suzi and find out how The Leader’s Map could work for your organisation.


The Leader’s Map works on a licensing arrangement on a 12 to 36 month contract. This way, your organisation can get MAXIMUM results within the desired time-frame. Your organisation can purchase The Leader’s Map “as is”, or customise the training package to suit your unique and specific needs.

Below is our standard pricing, however there are discounts to login fees once you reach certain volumes. We will work with you to tailor a pricing package that works for your unique needs.


The Leader’s Map Accelerator Programme for Emerging Leaders has a number of key target managers. Who will benefit the most from The Leader’s Map? These types of leaders….

Emerging or ‘first time’ leaders within your organisation.

Mid level managers looking to improve or develop as a leader.

Aspiring managers or people soon to move into their first leadership role in your company.

Current managers who’ve already “cut their teeth” in leadership, & who are looking to develop their skills further. This may include managers who’ve had little to no prior leadership development.

People leaders who are underperforming, and struggling with certain aspects of their role as a manager.

Individuals who do not have direct reports, but are in cross-functional leadership roles without authority (e.g. key project management roles), where skilled leadership is critical to their success.

The Leader’s Map Programme includes: 8 modules, each with 

✔ Multiple lessons on a crucial leadership topic for emerging leaders

✔ Ability to track progress in real time

✔ Topical resources, quizzes and gamification for your participants

✔ Relevant blog posts

✔ Videos & articles on the module topic

✔ Video lessons

✔ Access to a closed support group page, where participants can help, connect, and learn from each other, 24 hours a day

You also have the option to access sessions with Suzi McAlpine for The Leader’s Map group within your organisation (*Note: extra fees incurred for this.)

✔ A Programme Manager Centre where the person charged with running the programme in your organisation is supported with tips, tools, and templates for success. You can also track progress and be involved in supporting them throughout the programme.

✔ Measurement, tracking and ongoing support. The Leader’s Map also includes the capability to track and assess the progress and effectiveness of the course.

They can do either. By adopting the licensed version of The Leader’s Map, it’s not 100% necessary to undertake the lessons in a linear fashion, but we do recommend this approach, merely because each module builds on the next. But by choosing the licensed version, your leaders can choose what module is applicable to them.

The pick and mix approach can be very useful for more senior leaders within your organisation who want to brush up on certain topics, or who have been identified as having development needs in that particular topic. For example, you may have a more senior leader who is struggling with delegation and time management. They can hop onto the membership site, go to Module Four and check out the materials, resources and lessons on delegation and managing priorities. They don’t have to do the whole course, just the ones that are applicable.

That’s the beauty of investing in the customised, licensing option. You have unlimited access for all your leaders. Our recommendation for most participants would be to work through the eight modules in linear fashion, but this is not a must do. By purchasing the monthly license, you have full access for any leader in your organisation to any of the modules. Even your senior leadership team can use it as a leadership development resource!

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