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The Done-For-You Agency
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Who is Tyler Narducci?

When I started my agency SobeViral in my rundown little studio apartment in Miami’s south beach back in 2014, I didn’t do it to make a bunch of money. I did it to break free of a series of nightmare job situations and bad bosses.

College was supposed to guarantee us all that amazing job with benefits and a great life right? Lol, no.
After college I was a flight attendant for 4 months and couldn’t pay my bills, then I worked for a sleep aid company doing social and was paid pennies while dealing with a super toxic work environment. I remember one time where one of the bosses literally threw a laptop across the room in a screaming fit. Another time when they laid off half of the staff in one day and everyone was terrified to “get the call” to come into the office.
After that, I worked for an energy shot company (ironically) that massively undervalued what I could do for them, and again, paid me very little. That is when I decided that I wasn’t going to let my fate be decided by someone other than myself. I decided to make my marketing agency SobeViral my main focus and break free.
I remember proposing to my boss at the energy shot company to become a SobeViral client, pay me HALF of my salary, for the SAME amount of work, but in the form of a retainer instead of a paycheck. No benefits, less compensation, and the SAME amount of work. Sounds like the deal of a lifetime? Lol nope. They were so offended that I would spend my time doing anything else other than work for them that they gave me an ultimatum. Continue working for them, in their office from 9-6pm every day and give up SobeViral… or quit.
I quit that day. Never looked back, and felt amazing doing it. And the best part? The energy shot company went bankrupt 4 months later and laid off everyone in a single day.
Since then I have been fully dedicated to growing my agency SOBEVIRAL and I have generated over 3 Million in revenue, earned my first Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award, and have more on the way,
SOBEVIRAL is now a multiple 7-figure/year company and still scaling.
Moral of the story?
Don’t give up on your dreams. Take control of your life. Don’t make excuses. And don’t work for bad bosses.
I built the Done-For-You agency program to allow new agency owners to skip all of the trial and error and painful missteps most make when launching their agency. So you don’t have to “learn the hard way”. You can just do it right and rapidly hit your first 6-figures.
Done-For-You Agency FAQs 
How much will I charge my clients and how much will I make?
DFY Agency member’s average 3-month packages are 11K. Most of them increase their pricing to this when they start the program. They charge 5K for Facebook ads or Google Ads setup and 3K/month retainers for Facebook ads or Google ads. If you want to offer both to your client, your setup fees will average 8K and retainers of 4K.
What role do I play?
As the agency owner, you will have the most critical role in growing your business. This program will give you your foundations (a lead generating system, a contracting team, and a sales closer) and we will teach you how to manage them and continue scaling.
In the Elite program, What commission rate will my closer cost?
The closer will take 25% of setup fees and 15% of retainers they negotiate for you.
For example, If they get you a 11K 3/month agreement that breaks down to 5K setup fee and 3K retainer for months 2 and 3. Their fee is 25% of 5K setup fee and 15% of 3K each month when the client pays.
In the Elite program, How many closers will work on my account? 
Included in the Elite package is access to 1 closer for your agency. If you would like to hire any additional closers you can do so through our sales recruitment partner.
When my closer sells a plan does the client pay monthly or all upfront?
Typically clients for an agency pay monthly.
Who does account management?
In the Elite program, we give you an account manager for every client that’s managed through our elite contracting team. In Starter and Coached levels, you manage your own accounts until you hire an account manager, this is one of your primary roles in your agency as well as bringing in additional leads from non-paid ads channels, and we show you how to do that.
Where do you target leads in terms of geography?
Where ever you want to get your clients. We recommend US, CA, UK, and AUS/NZ
What are the most common services your agencies are offering their clients?
Paid ads management (Facebook + Google) Website development, SEO, Copywriting, Design, and more.
Where are the contractors located?
We have them all over the world on the pre-vetted list. The primary language of them all is English.
Do you resell or reuse leads?

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