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Our Journey From 2016 – 2020

& How We Perfected The Ultimate
Method That Now Made Students MILLIONS.


Method Discovered, Made 6 Figures Alone
In 2016, Abdullah has discovered this unique, special, weird method to drive FACEBOOK ADS TRAFFIC to Adsense sites (super simple sites) and he made 6 figures with it the following months.


Madsense Reborn, Taught The Method (Facebook Ads + Adsense) – Massive Success.
In 2017, Abdullah and us teamed up to create a ground breaking method, reviving the Adsense money goldmine and teaching students how he made 6 figures.


Madsense Reborn 2.0, Big Changes To The Method Killed Many Marketers, We Adapted And Made Many Updates To The Method.
In 2018, all marketers including us took a big hit, Adsense became a little less effective, started banning accounts, and facebook ads became way too expensive.
We released an updated, almost revamped method and the results were INSANE..
But s**t hit the fan with Adsense, they started banning accounts and paying out less, earnings were a joke, and keeping your account was getting harder.
Because as soon as someone started making BIG money with Adsense, they had their sights on them..and the rest is history.


Madsense Revamped, Lost Faith In Adsense, Taught New Monetization Methods, Paid Traffic As The Source.
At this point, Abdullah knew Adsense was no longer as effective as it used to be, so he took on coaching from multi millionaires, did a lot of testing, achieved even bigger success, WITHOUT relying on Adsense!
Still used paid traffic though..which we knew, is a problem. Especially for beginners.
Most of our successful students had some budget to start with, but many didn’t..and their success rate was LOWER.
So we were looking for ways to increase success rate.
And that’s when we realized, it’s time to change everything.


In Fact, We Get 6 Figures In Traffic

And 6 Figures In Earnings 
…And It’s A Lot Easier Than You Think.
There’s proof all over this page, and also, the Madsense brand has been going strong for many years now, we don’t play the hype game, we get results and we deliver results, PERIOD.
And yes, it’s easy, and free to get started (except for the program asking price, which is currently at a 95% discount)


(Step by Step)

Madsense Revolution Is A Complete Program Delivered By Video Modules, DFY Elements, Materials, Resources & A Long Term + Short Term Action Plan.

Yes, You Can Make Money As Soon As Today AND Have A Plan For The Next 12 Months (Until The End Of 2021)
Let’s Start By Stating The Fact That There Is NOTHING Like This Out There.
There Is NOTHING That That Is Proven And Tested And Improved Over 4 Years, With Hundreds Of Thousands In Results To Show For And That Can Get You Results In Hours.

No Method, No Software, No Coaching And No Training,
Madsense Is Unique Because Of The Rare Combination Of
Free Rapid Traffic That Is Reliable, But Also A Reliable, Fast Paying & Proven Monetization Source
“This Is 100% Unique And BRAND NewNot A Refresh, Re-Launch Or A Rehash.”
It doesn’t take a genius to know that 90% of the products out there are not original.

We don’t play that game, we developed our own method, our own business model, our own everything, and perfected it.
And that’s exactly what you’re getting, a brand new spanking method that works and has little competition.
I Want You To Understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life.
  •  Anyone can do this and get fantastic results.
  • ​There is no risk at all. We even have a money back guarantee on the program.
  • ​ Start with no budget at all, we even help you take care of the website, and the traffic is free and fast.
  • No technical skills or experience is required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible, you just need to follow simple instructions.
  •  Unlimited potential, we are talking here about a multi billion dollar market with low competition and a no guess work, you start, you earn, you scale, you earn more, very simple and straight forward.
  • ​Leverage our tens of thousands in tests, all our data, knowledge and effort put into this, what we learned over 4 years, all the changes, our $10,000 coaching students feedback and more..and for you it’s a step by step system to follow. 

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