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Join the Email Marketing Automation MASTERCLASS and put your business on auto-pilot! Set-up and launch your Active Campaign email marketing software and upgrade to SWIPE MY FULL AUTOMATION SEQUENCES so that you can scale hard and get your freedom back, fast!

I remember when I was a complete prisoner to my business.  The more successful I became, the more trapped I found myself. Managing my email inbox, responding to the same queries over and over again, having to manually keep track on projects, remember to follow up with clients who had requested quotes or had to send me their project on-boarding information.

My online courses required regular manual check-ins, I tried my best to remember to blog regularly to ‘nurture my list; and eventually I burned out completely. It is IMPOSSIBLE to scale and rely on manual systems. The ONLY way to scale your business, increase your profits, provide exceptional customer experiences AND have complete FREEDOM, is to automate your business.

I knew that I had two choices. Put a cap on my potential, limit my client load and stifle my profits – OR – find another way of managing my business. It was 2015 when I first started implementing email automation software into my business and my life changed instantly.

Instead of manually sending people their lead-magnet goodies, I could do it automatically.   Instead of relying on expensive employees to do admin tasks for me, I could get some software to do it automatically.

I ended up replacing 5 full-time Australian employees who were costing me over $50,000 per month in salaries and taxes, with a few hundred bucks a month in software instead.  And you know what else rocks? Software doesn’t need paid holidays and maternity leave!

My customer service feedback increased because prospects were getting instant responses.   My sales beat all previous records because clients were now getting quotes instantly and being followed up daily. My student online course completion rate (and upsells) increased by over 400%.

I’ve been able to constantly grow my business year on year ever since and now work less hours per day than ever – and it’s all thanks to email automation. Are you ready to grow your business, make more money whilst actually doing less?  If so, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to change your life….

10 Part Welcome Sequence

Import and custom this done-for-you template based on my own high converting 10-part welcome email sequence.  This sequence has been designed to nurture your new subscribers and lead them to a paid product or service.

Online Course Sequence

Import and custom this done-for-you online course email sequence that will automatically welcome and regularly check-in with your students to keep them engaged with and logging into their training.

Quote Requested Sequence

Import and custom this done-for-you sequence to help you automate and systemise your process when you receive a request for a quote.  Better yet – hand the entire process over to your email software and a VA!

Quote Follow-Up Sequence

Import and custom this done-for-you the follow-up sequence that will ensure that you politely stay in touch with your prospects on auto-pilot.  Business owners who don’t follow up lose thousands of dollars.  This sequence will make sure your conversions and income go up.

Client Management Sequence

Import and custom this done-for-you client management sequence.  This sequence will automatically manage your client on-boarding when they start a project with you, and automatically follow up with them if they forget to submit any on-boarding information.

Quote Declined Sequence

First impressions count.  So do last ones.  This is a double bonus.  Import and custom my done-for-you ‘quote declined’ and ‘project completion’ sequences, each designed to wow your customers as their final experience with you.

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  • Done for you email automation – 10 part welcome sequence (Value $1,250)
  • Done for you email automation – Online course sequence (Value $1,500)
  • Done for you email automation – Quote request sequence (Value $997)
  • Done for you email automation – Quote follow up sequence (Value $1,500)
  • Done for you email automation – Client management sequence (Value $1,250)
  • Done for you email automation – Quote delined sequence (Value $997)
  • Done for you email automation – Project completed sequence (Value $997)

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