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Many YouTube “Experts” Are Teaching Untested Theories And One-Off Tactics

The sad truth is, most people teaching YouTube growth strategies are relying on untested tactics that maybe worked for one or two channels, but haven’t been proven to work time and again.

Here at Video Creators, we only teach strategies that have been proven to work with a broad variety of creators, in every type of industry.

There’s a reason we’re one of the first Growth Experts certified by YouTube, and ever since I posted my first video on YouTube way back in 2006…

I’ve been committed to cracking the code behind exponential growth on YouTube – working intimately with many of the top creators in the process.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

Why Some Channels Are A Magnet For Views And Subscribers While Others Get Lost In The Noise

Maybe you’ve heard some of these WRONG theories about how to grow on YouTube:

  • You need to do a bunch of keyword research and pack as many keywords in your titles, descriptions, tags, and closed captions as possible.

  • You need fancy intro music or expensive camera gear to look professional.

  • You need to post consistently, once a week, every week, FOREVER!

Well, I’m here to tell you – None of these things actually produce growth!

What you should be focusing on instead, is remembering that there’s a REAL LIFE HUMAN on the other side watching your videos…

And ever since YouTube changed their algorithm to focus more on watch time and audience retention in 2012…

I Created A System That ANYONE Can Use To Build A Highly Subscribable Channel In The Next 30 Days

After seeing so many creators fall into the same traps, in 2013 I compiled all the tips, tricks, and strategies I’d been using for years with my consulting clients…

And turned it into a step by step program called: 30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel

Where every day, over the course of 30 days, you’d not only learn a new YouTube growth strategy, but also have an action item to complete each day.

And since launching back in 2013, we’ve now sold over 10,000 copies of that original program, and I’ve been blown away by our customers results:

And Now We’ve Made It Even Better!

Of course, a lot has changed on YouTube since 2013.

There’s more competition than ever, and without a proven gameplan it’s near impossible to break through the noise.

On top of that, YouTube has depreciated a lot of the original features.  Like Top Fans, changes to privacy policies, and even removing comments from some family channels!

Which is why we’ve decided to completely overhaul the program:

  • Turning it into a video course – So it’s even more engaging and easier to see the concepts in action.

  • Ruthlessly cutting out any material that wasn’t absolutely essential – To save you time and make implementation as efficient as possible.

  • And adding some of our most potent growth strategies from our premiere $2,000 Video Labs program to give you everything you need to build a highly subscribable channel in the next 30 days.


      [Days 1 & 2] Setting Yourself Up For Success And Clarifying Your Value Proposition

First, I’ll give you a complete overview of the program and explain exactly how to get the most out of it.

Then we’ll dive right in using my “3 Step Drill Down” technique to help you pick your niche (or make sure you’re in the right one)…

And create clarity around your message so new viewers instantly know they’re in the right place and excited to subscribe.

We’ll also cover things like:

  • What a Value Proposition is and why you need one – And how top brands like Disney and top creators use this concept to build a stronger connection with their customers – So you can do the same with your audience!

  • How to separate your channel from everyone else, even in highly competitive niches – And get new viewers thinking, “Wow, this channel is exactly for me!”

  • Why VP + TA is the ultimate formula for YouTube Success – And how to use it to dramatically increase the number of viewers that turn into subscribers.

  • And how to become a trusted authority in your niche, even if you’ve never recorded a video before.

    [Days 3 – 9] Building A Highly Subscribable Channel For New Subscribers

    Did you know that nearly 40% of first time subscribers come from your channel’s homepage?

    Which is why, after clarifying your value proposition, next I’ll help you setup your channel to be as “sticky” as possible for new subscribers.

    You’ll learn how to design your header, what playlists you need on the homepage, and even how to optimize for mobile viewers!

    We’ll also cover:

    • The importance of your channel icon (It shows up in more places than any other asset on your channel) and what it should be so more people watch your videos.

    • My “Second Chance Trailer” strategy to captivate first time viewers and create an immediate emotional connection with them (Leading to a more engaged audience).

    • One video that you should NEVER monetize with ads – No matter how many views it gets!

    • A sneaky trick to add an extra subscribe button to every video – while subconsciously etching your brand in your viewers minds.

    • And the exact number of videos to put in each playlist to maximize user watch time (This is critical if you want to show up on people’s YouTube homepages!)

      [Days 10 – 12] Crafting Headlines And Thumbnails That Get More Clicks And Views

      Gone are the days of keyword research and just sitting around hoping your next video goes viral…

      Instead I’ll help you harness one of the most powerful “metrics” inside YouTube, your CTR (click-through rate) so you get more people clicking on your videos and having them become more discoverable.

      Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

      • How to create highly engaging video thumbnails that increase Click Through Rate and trigger the algorithm to show your videos to more people.

      • 15 Plug-and-Play High CTR Headline formulas you can use for your videos – Without being “clickbaity” or sacrificing your artistic integrity!

      • And how to uncover hidden growth opportunities in your analytics and duplicate what’s working to create more videos that you know your audience will love.

        [Days 13 – 16] Crafting Better Videos That Shoot Up The Ranks On YouTube

        Having a high click through rate is important, but if someone clicks on your video and it isn’t engaging or it’s misleading, the viewer leaves and all that hard work is wasted.

        So next I’ll show you how to make your videos more engaging, create a great first impression, and trigger all those great metrics inside YouTube to get your video popping up in more people’s suggested videos.

        You’ll also learn things like:

        • How to consistently create content you’re proud of and know with confidence your fans (as well as first time viewers) will find it entertaining and valuable.

        • The ideal length for videos to get maximum views AND ad revenue without boring viewers.

        • Scripting and storytelling secrets that get your audience hanging on your every word – And even more excited about future videos!

        • And why every video you put out needs to have a specific end goal – and how it leads to significantly higher watch time (YouTube loves this).

          [Days 17 – 25] Turning Viewers Into Highly Engaged Subscribers Who Like, Comment, And Share Every Video You Put Out

          And then, once you know how to create more engaging videos, it’s time to turn those viewers into highly engaged, loyal subscribers!

          Many of these concepts are taken from our high end Video Labs Program which costs upwards of $2,000 to join.

          But we’re holding nothing back in this training, and I’ll show you exactly what you need to build a highly addictive, personality driven channel.

          You’ll learn things like:

          • Simple techniques to let your personality shine through (even if you’re just starting out) which gets people addicted to your content and begging for more.

          • Why trolls and haters are actually a good thing – And how they can actually help your channel grow!

          • Answering the question: Do I need a branded intro video? (The answer is – It depends – I’ll show you why, and what to include in it).

          • Why subscriber number doesn’t actually matter – And what you should be focused on instead if you want a thriving community around your channel.

          • And how to use YouTube to drive more traffic to your website – even if you haven’t created the site yet – so you can sell your own products and services.

            [Days 26 – 30] Jump-Starting Your Channel Without Relying On “The Algorithm”

            Then in the final section, now that your channel is completely optimized for YouTube, it’s time to jump-start your growth (or ramp it up if you’re already growing) by leveraging platforms outside of YouTube.

            You’ll learn things like:

            • How to reach out to other creators in your niche, and setup up collaborations and speaking engagements with them (Without coming across needy or weird!)
            • My favorite way to use trending news topics to pop up in people’s suggested videos more often (This one is great for new channels!)
            • How to use YouTube LIVE Streams to dramatically increase your channel’s engagement – Leading to more subscribers and new viewers
            • The best way to leverage Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to push more people to your content – With case studies showing you word for word how to do it
            • And all sorts of bonus “Wrap Up” videos covering everything from: Default upload settings, to InVideo Branding, to Channel Keywords and much, much more!

            Give Me 30 Days, And I’ll Give You A Better YouTube Channel With More Views AND Engaged Subscribers (Who Love Every Video You Put Out)

            Imagine how much more excited you’ll be to record, edit, and release your videos…

            When you know, with confidence, that every video you put out will be seen by your ideal audience – who regularly like, comment, and engage with your channel.

            Whether it’s inspiring people to live a better life, giving them a break from the day to day grind, or even setting yourself up to turn YouTube into a full time career and breaking free from the 9-to-5 rat race…

            When you join 30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel today, you’ll be well on your way to a better YouTube channel by this time next month!

            Here’s Everything You Get When You Join 30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel Today

            When you join today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire 30 Day video program, housed inside a private members area.

            The course is broken down into 30 easy to digest modules, with entertaining, insightful videos walking you step by step through every phase towards upgrading your channel.

            With tasks to complete on your channel at the end of every day, and added resources if you want to go deeper into any topic.

            To get started now, click the big red button below, and join me inside 30 Days To A Better YouTube Channel today!

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