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  • Is Breakthrough for Newbies Only?

    It’s for Newbies as well as seasoned marketers who want to add some new marketing tools to their arsenal!

  • Can You Show Me Proof That You “Practice What You Preach” in Breakthrough?

    Yes indeed! I show proof of some of my results, using the techniques and tips found in Breakthrough.

  • Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes. If you are not satisfied within 7 days of purchase you can get you money back.

  • Does this Work Good for Any Niche?

    While Breakthrough focuses mainly on the MMO Niche, you can use the methods for any Niche!

  • Hey James Will You Help Me If I Get Stuck or Need Assistance With What You Cover in Breakthrough?

    I certainly will. Just contact me at the email I provided and let me know how I may help you.


    You may not know it yet, but you can be a super affiliate.

    It just takes the right steps to get there.

    We’ve put together this essential guide to help you along the way.

    First, we’ll break it down by telling you all about affiliate marketing.

    Then, we’ll get into the 10 steps that’ll help you become a super affiliate, plus a special bonus section.


    Let’s get you on your way to being a super affiliate now!

    By the end of this article, you’ll know what you need to be one of those rich affiliate marketers everyone is jealous of!

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    At its core, affiliate marketing is getting paid to promote products.

    The key here is that – unlike traditional marketing – it’s not your own products that you’re promoting.

    Your marketing (possibly through an affiliate network) should result in sales.

    Then, you’ll earn a commission from each sale the company makes through you.

    This is a form of revenue sharing.

    It allows companies to get help selling their product while providing an incentive for affiliates to do so.

    Affiliates get to promote products they believe in without having to create a whole new product themselves.

    There are always 3 or 4 parties involved in affiliate marketing:

    The creator or merchant, the affiliate, and the customer.

    An affiliate network may be considered a fourth party in the relationship.

    The merchant can be anything from a large corporation to a single person with a product to sell.

    An affiliate can be an individual or a whole company.


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