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Work Smart Business: Lessons Learned from HYPNOTIZING 250,000 People and Building a MILLION-DOLLAR Brand

How can a HYPNOTIST help you grow your business?

Work Smart Business will share with you the tested principles and proven strategies to turn your business ideas into a successful reality.

This eye-opening book will give you a road map to reset your business mindset to WORK SMART. It will give you tested, proven strategies to turn your ideas into business success. You will discover methods to create a sustainable business that easily scales itself year after year.

“This book will inspire you to think differently about success. It’s full of practical, real-world strategies to discover powerful ways to scale your business.”

– Michael Matthews, Best-Selling Author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

Perhaps you’ve heard that most small businesses fail. Maybe your marketing or advertising attempts did not produce the results you expected. Many people create a business that is successful on paper, yet you struggle to maintain a work/life balance. Too many entrepreneurs end up living as if they’re paycheck-to-paycheck or contract-to-contract, wondering if opening their own business was the right decision.

Don’t become another statistic. Become your own success.

WORK SMART BUSINESS busts these myths and solves these challenges by encouraging you to think hypnotically about your success. This isn’t just “Law of Attraction.” This book is about taking action. You will discover specific WORK SMART principles and strategies to ignite your entrepreneurial adventure.

“Work Smart Business inspires us to be better business owners. When we understand the how and the why behind our business efforts, we can rapidly and effectively scale our business success. The more crowded your marketplace, the more competition you have, the more you will get from this book!”

– Geoffrey Ronning, CEO of StealthSeminar

This book will guide you to:

• Overcome scarcity thinking to discover abundant business opportunities
• Harness momentum by leveraging each success to another
• Virtually “print money” as you tap into new markets, products, and services
• Inspire genuine business relationships to never again be positioned as a commodity
• Design systems for success so your business can run as if by push-button ease
• Tap into your best habits and behaviors to create balance in your work, life, and health

“Jason Linett has something special. He has the smarts, the goods, and most important, the integrity I look for in any coach. Integrity is everything. This book will teach you how to build what he has built. You must read this book. It will save you from reading 50 other books.”

– Catherine Hickland, TV Star, Author, and CEO of CatCosmetics

You will also discover strategies to:

• Launch new products or services without going into debt
• Convert your clients into raving fans
• Harness hypnotic communication to ethically influence your audience to take action
• Master your own state management to “get in the zone’ when it’s business time
• Consciously reprogram negative self-talk into a positive action
• Have fun growing your business

Follow the advice in this book and you will clear away the confusion and frustration of growing a business to create a powerful brand that moves you toward financial freedom while improving the lives of your customers.

What’s stopping you from starting up that business you’ve been dreaming about for years? What’s holding you back from scaling up your success to a much larger audience?

“Jason Linett clearly knows what he’s talking about. Hell, he quotes me in his book, and I have no idea what better recommendation YOU think there is available to an author…”

– Kevin Pollak, Actor, Comedian, Podcaster, Author
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How can a HYPNOTIST help you grow your business? Jason Linett has hypnotized more than 250,000 people. He used the principles of rapport and modeling to track what top business performers and professional athletes do differently to build his own million-dollar brand.

As a master of the micro-niche, he speaks to groups around the world and offers hypnotic-success- coaching to share how people in business can put his WORK SMART principles and strategies to use.

“It’s going to slow your first year. Most small businesses fail.” The worst business advice made Jason Linett an instant success. He developed his WORK SMART strategies and principles to immediately tap into systems for success to rapidly build several six-figure-income businesses. Now, he shares them with you.

Jason is a featured TEDx speaker. He was honored as the “Hypnotist of the Year.” He is invited to travel the world sharing the methods that have not only made him successful but also have been duplicated by others to create their own financial freedom. In addition to coaching private clients, Jason’s programs have been downloaded more than a million times worldwide.

Rather than just “hypnotize” you to become more successful, he will help you de-hypnotize the misconceptions, fears, doubts, and ineffective strategies that are holding back your business success.

Don’t let the word “hypnosis” scare you. The more successful you become, the more likely you will discover you’re already doing this. Perhaps you just call it something else? Whether it’s “getting in the zone” or “achieving your peak performance state,” Jason will show you how to duplicate your best entrepreneurial and personal success with purpose, focus, and intention.

The process isn’t magic, though the results can be magical.


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